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System Overview

System Overview

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System Overview

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  1. KX-NS1000 System Overview

  2. Introduction • This material refers to the KX-NS1000 PBX system, and details the systems basic concepts and features. • The Module comprises of the following sections; • NS1000 – Overview (System) • NS1000 – Overview (Capacity) • NS1000 – Overview (Activation Keys) • NS1000 – Overview (Expandability) • NS1000 – Overview (Terminals) • NS1000 – Overview (DECT) • NS1000 – Overview (Unified Messaging) • NS1000 – Overview (Mobility) • NS1000 – Overview (Applications) • NS1000 – Overview (Maintenance) • From following this course element, participants will be gain an understanding of the capabilities of the PBX system • Further information about feature implementation and specifications, may be found in the associated Installation Manual, Feature Guide and User Manual.

  3. NS1000 – Overview (Concept) Expandability Terminals Networking Backward Compatibility Unified Communications Maintenance • The NS1000 Unified Communications server :- Scalable up to 640 SIP terminals New range of SIP terminals Up to 16 sites Use of NT series IP Terminals Built in Unified Messaging Web based program tool for anywhere maintenance Up to 256 SIP trunks Existing IP terminals Voice Mail to the desktop Centralised Upgrades for UT terminals Mobility solutions Fax to the desktop Centralised activation keys for networked devices DSP monitoring to ensure peak performance • Flexible configuration using SIP/IP Trunks and Terminals • New high quality voice terminals • Integrated Unified Messaging • Fax and Interactive Voice Processing • Multiple site deployment • Application rich

  4. NS1000 – Overview (Capacity) • A single NS1000 unit can support the following Trunks and Terminals DECT 64 IP Cell Stations 512 Personal Stations Trunks 256 SIP 48 H.323 30 ISDN Terminals 640 SIP 128 IPPT • A ‘One-Look’ deployment of up to 16 NS1000 units will support: • 600 Trunks (256 SIP / 480 ISDN) • 1000 Terminals (SIP / IPPT) • 128 IP-Cell Stations / 512 PS

  5. NS1000 – Overview (Activation Keys) • The NS1000 provides full pure-IP functionality utilizing the Activation Key service. In this way, a user can optimize their system efficiently and cost effectively. • Activation keys are used to activate the following features: Customized System Activation Keys Basic Configuration IP/SIP Expand IP/SIP Capacity Master Slave IP-NET W/Pre-Installed Activation Key Network Function Slave Unified Messaging CA/CTI Functions The NS1000 System has Pre-Installed Activation Keys for basic functions (IP Trunks, IP-PTs, UM and CA Basic) and time limited Activation Keys for trial use of other features

  6. NS1000 – Overview (Expandability) • There are three different methods of system deployment; 1. Stand Alone All Option cards (DSP, Trunk, Door-phone etc) and terminals are connected to a single unit. 2. Networked (QSIG / H.323) Multiple systems can be networked together via TIE Lines to expand the overall system capacity. Each system is managed individually and have their own options and terminals. TIE TIE 3. One-Look system Slave Units Master Unit IP Network Max 15 ・・・ ‘One-Look’ is anetworked system where multiple KX-NS1000s work together and provide PBX features as though they areone PBX. System maintenance is also managed centrally. The ‘Master’ unit provides all the call control, the ‘Slave’ units provide system capacity expansion.

  7. NS1000 – Overview (Terminals) • New SIP Based Terminals (UT Series) KX-UT113 Basic Terminal 1 Ethernet port KX-UT123 Basic Terminal 2 Ethernet ports KX-UT133 Standard Terminal 2 Ethernet Ports 3 Line LCD KX-UT136 Standard Terminal 2 Ethernet Ports 6 Line LCD High quality wideband voice combined with quality and reliability. Existing IP Terminals (NT Series) KX-NT366 KX-NT321 KX-NT343 KX-NT346 For specialist applications and backward compatibility Up to 128 KX-NT series terminals can be linked to the KX-NS1000

  8. NS1000 – Overview (DECT) • Integrates Wireless DECT handsets with the NS1000 over IP. 8 Channel DECT Cell Station NS1000 IP Network KX-NCP0158 DECT Handsets KX-A405 DECT Repeater (Range Extender) WT-115 TCA-275 TCA-175 TCA-364

  9. NS1000 – Overview (Unified Messaging) Fax to email as a .TIFF attachment for incoming faxes*. • Full voicemail function/features and IVR function/features • Optional Fax Server module is available • Built-in Unified Messaging with 2 Channel / 2 Hours as default (Max: 24 Ch / 1000 Hrs via Activation Key) • Centralized Unified Messaging function is available in one-look network Print to Fax directly from your PC applications* • Built-in • Voice Mail • Auto Attendant and IVR function/features • Activation Keys • 2 channel / 4 channel • IMAP4 / email • 2 way recording • 2 way recording control Unified Voice, FAX, Email Email Server (IMAP/POP3) Playback messages via Toolbar Outlook Plug-in *Using Optional FAX Interface

  10. NS1000 – Overview (Mobility) PSTN Ext 201 Ext 201 Ext 210 Ext 211 • A Mobile handset can be ‘paired’ with a desk phone. The system will route calls to the mobile device. Several software applications are available to enhance the integration. Mobisma • Supports Mobile phone integration for: • Java • Symbian • Blackberry • Android Mobile Network Smartphone Paired Bria – SIP Softphone Activation Key Required Complements existing SIP Desktop terminals

  11. NS1000 – Overview (Applications) • Call Assistant – a software application which simplifies the use of key telephony, messaging and presence features. • Key features include: • Intuitive PC based Point-n-Click telephony • Real-time visibility of Presence & Availability • Microsoft Outlook® and Exchange Calendar Integration • Visual voice messaging, team collaboration, audio conferencing • CRM Integration • Other Certified and Partner Applications are available: Panasonic Certified Applications Panasonic Partner Applications

  12. NS1000 – Overview (Maintenance) • The NS1000 supports a Web based maintenance console. • This provides a convenient method of maintaining and configuring the system, whether it is a stand-alone unit, or a One-Look system of up to 16 units. • There is no need to install proprietary programming tools onto your PC and all features can be programmed using a single common interface (including firmware/Activation key management and UM backup) • Network Management Tools. • The NS1000 also supports; • Email notification of system status • Automatic update via FTP • SYSLOG • SNMP (v1 and v2) Enterprise and MIB2) • DSP Resource management tool • Centralised Activation Key Management