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Adventure Training Group

Adventure Training Group

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Adventure Training Group

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  1. Adventure Training Group Looking for a way to get more out of your “hill days” Why not let our Mountain Rescue Dogs make the difference. Even the least enthusiastic groups find our free spirited working border collies irresistible. The dogs quickly bond with the group, in a relaxed friendly manor, while keeping an ever watchful eye on what their new pack is up to. • Although every session is uniquely tailored to • the group a typical day often includes • Welcome and introduction. • Overview of day aims and objectives..... safety brief. • Do’s and don'ts when interacting with dogs. • Head for the hills. • Morning break.... pack behaviour, instinctive and taught. • Demonstration of dogs search and find en route. • Lunch..... dogs exceptional sense of smell & how its used • Afternoon break dogs are used operationally. • Chance to try your hand at hide and seek with the expert. • Finish walk, debrief and questions. • We also aim to cover many of standard hill day topics. What will the group get out of the day A fun day in the hills with extra special memories and hopefully Sense of achievement Improved self confidence Importance of respect Leadership and teamwork Importance of body language Hands on search dog training AND MUCH MORE.................

  2. Adventure Training Group were every one can enjoy an outdoor adventure Pricing and booking arrangements Freelance rates £130/day additional sequential days £110/day (Inclusive of travelling expenses) What do you get Mountain leader Qualified Instructor CRB checked, first aid trained, minibus driver (MiDAS) An active member of Mountain Rescue and SARDA England Public liability insurance £5m covering all activities At least one Mountain Rescue Dog To make a booking or find out more why not contact us at Tel 01434679249 and 07805874751 Email Peter Thompson Adventure Training Group Blackhall Mill Bungalow Steel, Hexham Northumberland NE47 0LF Participating in adventurous activities entails some risk of injury. All ATG staff are trained and qualified to lead the activity. Their overriding priority is the safety and wellbeing of the group. Participants need to accept that injury may occur. How do dogs turn the hill day in to something very special Autistic Groups....... Have a natural affinity with our dogs and with a little basic coaching on dog communication they quickly build a relationship with the dogs. Disruptive Groups.....Who may be disrespectful of their adult cares will often respond positively to dogs visible concern over disruptive behaviour. Special Needs Groups.......Our dogs respond positively to any interaction however and wherever it comes from. Groups with a positive approach to the out doors......... Are often intrigued by the dogs ability to locate human scent and how this is used in practise to locate people in need of help. Practical demonstration are in fact training exercises for the dogs so the groups are making a positive contribution to the ongoing training of the dogs.