welcome to the minibeast group adventure n.
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Welcome to the Minibeast Group Adventure PowerPoint Presentation
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Welcome to the Minibeast Group Adventure

Welcome to the Minibeast Group Adventure

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Welcome to the Minibeast Group Adventure

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  1. Welcome to the Minibeast Group Adventure All images used were retrieved from Clip Art

  2. Poo this stink beetle really is stinky Introduction Hi there Year 6 class, I am Sara Bugles and I need your help. I can tell you anything you need to know about Minibeasts. Because I know a lot, I travel to schools to spread my knowledge with other students like yourself. At the moment I am touring in other countries to tell them all about the Minibeasts found only in Australia, and I need your help while I am gone. I was invited to speak to your class and cannot make it, so I would like you and your group to make some posters and do the presentations for me.

  3. Task Outline Over the term, and working together in your team, you will need to: • Read one of the Minibeast books provided by your teacher • Catch your Minibeast at the Bug Catcher website • Gather information using the websites in the ‘Research' page; and put this information into a poster • Put together a presentation that is interesting, yet full of detail, using Educreations on your Ipads and present it to your teacher and class. • Presentation must be five minutes long

  4. Challenge One • One of my special friends Ken is the curator at Museum Victoria. He has invited you all, and would love for you to take a look around his cabinets. • Click on this link to go to the Bug Catcher. • Once there, type in the name of the people in your group • Once you are in the collection store select 'Bug Explorer' • Choose a drawer in the cabinet and find your Minibeast from the selection • Click on your Minibeast and select 'Field Guide' • Write down any important information you can find on the attached Minibeast Information Page • Using the Research page, look up the provided links to find additional important information on the life cycle of your Minibeast • Save the Minibeast Information Page to your groups folder • You can also use the magnifying glass to zoom in! • Make sure everyone in your group is paying attention

  5. Challenge Two By this stage your team should have researched the selected Minibeast, and filled in your information sheet with as many facts you can think of. • Design an informative Minibeast A3 poster using images taken from your garden walk or provided on the research page. • Prepare a draft for your presentation compiling all of the information on your Minibeast. • Discuss between your group who will cover which part of the presentation • Design a draft Educreations presentation and email the draft to your teacher for checking • All team members must then meet with the teacher to discuss everyone's contribution to the group and how your team will present in week 9. • Once you have met with your teacher and finalised your plans, your team will create the finishing touches of your presentation by using , a voice recording of your presentation and the final imaging artwork.

  6. Use these links to find images and facts about your Minibeast Research • Images and facts based on Western Australian Minibeasts; • A website all about Australian Beetles; • Pictures and Videos on the National Geographic website for kids; National Geographic Website – images and videos. •

  7. Assessment You and your team mates will be marked according to this rubric. Make sure you check it out to see if you're on the right track. Any questions? Ask your teacher. Your teacher will be looking for: • Excellent team work and communication skills • Beautifully presented artwork • Completed work sheets • Good presentation skills • Interesting and relevant information found

  8. Thanks for all of your amazing help. I’m sure you will work hard and I will be able to add your presentations to my collection. Conclusion • After all teams have made their presentation, your teacher will be placing digital photos of your team, your artwork and a sound recording of your presentation on your class wiki - so you can access it at anytime, and you can even show your parents!