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Thesis Writing

Thesis Writing. Week 1 By Peiling Hsia. Areas to master English. Vocabulary Grammar. 1. Basic Foundation 2. Accent 3. Conversation 4. Slang / Idiom 5. Speed 6. Numbers. Pronunciation Sound change Linking Reduced form Stress Intonation.

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Thesis Writing

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  1. Thesis Writing Week 1 By Peiling Hsia

  2. Areas to master English • Vocabulary • Grammar 1. Basic Foundation 2. Accent 3. Conversation 4. Slang / Idiom 5. Speed 6. Numbers • Pronunciation • Sound change • Linking • Reduced form • Stress • Intonation

  3. English Teaching / Learning -Get to know English • One word multiple meanings • One meaning multiple words • Same word different sounds • Same sound different words

  4. Sound Change s + c, k, p, t = [ g, b, d ] score skin sport stop

  5. Linking what’s up? keep in touch check it out take a break a box of pick it up • Consonant + vowel • Vowel + vowel go away can you see it? I can do it

  6. Reduced form A contraction is a word that is formed by combining two or more words which often occur together in speech. In the process of this combining, one or more segments (i.e. vowels and/or consonants) of the component words are phonetically altered, reduced, or omitted entirely.● Dictionary-recognized contractions do not → don't we would → we’d ● Informal contractions / reduced form (not in most dictionaries) going to → gonna want to → wanna. got to → gotta

  7. Practice - Reduced + Linking • because • How are you? • What do you want to do? • Give me • Let me • I don’t know • What is the matter kuz howarya whaddaya gimme lemme I dunno wssamatta

  8. Stress 1. Acronym • Compound nouns • 2-syllable nouns IBM MTV NBA FBI CIA VIP AIDS PDA restroom bus stop basketball alarm clock firefighter pet shop kitchen window mother

  9. Intonation • I am sorry. vs I’m sorry? • Come in vs. Coming • I can. vs. I can’t. • I have fruit, cake, juice, and candy. • I have fruitcake, juice, and candy.

  10. English sounds The English alphabet has 26 letters but has more than 40 sounds. The sounds of English consist of vowels and consonants. • Same letter, different sounds. • Same sound, different letters. • Letters representing no sound. • More letters than sounds • More sounds than letters hat, all, art, orange, aim, any, above see, sure, busy, Asia baby, steak, rain, they, may, veil right, island, bomb, know, design, hour, wrong knee, night, office, though fix, extra, taxi, exit

  11. How to improve English writing skill • Vocabulary • Grammar • Reading • Translation • 5 W + 1 H • First sentence (topic sentence) • Main idea • Explaining / supporting ideas • Examples • Crafting

  12. 論文種類 • 研討會論文 • 期刊論文 - SSCI (Social Science Citation Index) - SCI (Science Citation Index) - EI (Engineering Index) - TSSCI (Taiwan Social Science Citation) - others

  13. 英文論文寫作基礎要點: • 選定題目 • 選定期刊 • 論文的格式及排版 / 投稿格式 – APA / MLA / CMS • 規劃全文大綱 • 摘要 (abstract) • 關鍵字 (keywords) • 簡介 (introduction) / 結論 (conclusion) • 參考文獻 (reference) • 附錄 (Appendix) • 圖解插圖編排 • 全文修辭與潤飾 • 審閱 • 追蹤省查

  14. 論文寫作內容與文法要點: • 人稱的使用 • 時態 • 句子組合及句型架構 (補語 片語 子句) • 代名詞 • 數字表達 • 大小寫 • 主詞動詞的ㄧ致性 • 中式英文問題 • 選字考量 • 句子與句子的連接與順暢 – transitional words • 內容排列與組合 – first sentence and examples • 標點符號

  15. Course syllabus

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