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WPS EDI Medicare EDI Gateway PowerPoint Presentation
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WPS EDI Medicare EDI Gateway

WPS EDI Medicare EDI Gateway

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WPS EDI Medicare EDI Gateway

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  1. WPS EDI Medicare EDI Gateway

  2. About this PowerPoint… • This presentation is not intended to replace the Medicare EDI Gateway user guide. • The purpose of this presentation is to give a brief overview only. • Your screen views and use of Wizard may vary from what is presented here.

  3. About the Medicare EDI Gateway • The Medicare EDI Gateway allows for secure transfer of information for EDI trading partners via a Network Service Vendor (NSV) or over the secure AGNS network directly to WPS. • All transfers via this network will connect to one server. • WPS does not allow any form of unsecured FTP.

  4. Network Service Vendors (NSV) • WPS is working with the NSV to ensure there is no disruption in service to electronic providers; • Your current connectivity through an NSV will remain in place, therefore, connectivity via bulletin board system is not required; • You can use your current submitter IDs for J8.

  5. Connecting Via NSV • From your computer, open your web browser. • In the address bar, enter the address • You may be presented with a similar certificate message. • Click “Continue to this website”; then “OK”.

  6. Your Username is your Submitter ID. In most cases, this is a 4 to 9 digit alpha numeric or 5 digit number. Your Password was assigned by WPS EDI Staff. Once you’ve entered your Username and Password, click “Sign On”. If this is the first time you’ve connected, you’ll be required to change your password. Enter your new password and click “Change Password”: Sign On Screen

  7. Changing Initial Password

  8. WPS Password Requirements • Your initial password will have been provided by WPS EDI Staff. • Passwords expire every 60 days. • All passwords must be at least 9 characters. • All passwords must contain at least one UPPER CASE letter. • All passwords must contain at least one lower case letter. • All passwords must contain at least one number. • All passwords must contain at least one special character (i.e. #, $, @, &, etc.) • Passwords will expire after 60 days. You must change your password before it expires. • Passwords cannot be changed more than one time within a 24 hour period. • 24 passwords are ‘remembered’ and cannot be reused until 24 others have been utilized. • Account is locked after 3 unsuccessful login attempts within 60 minutes. The account will remain locked for 180 minutes.

  9. Home Page

  10. Uploading EDI Files Using the Upload Wizard • NOTE: If this is your first time connecting to the Medicare EDI Gateway, then the Wizard is NOT enabled. Clicking “CLICK HERE to Launch the Upload Wizard” (bottom of the screen) will download the wizard and install it. • If you are using Internet Explorer, you may choose to use an ActiveX or Java version of the Wizard. • If you are using a different browser, the only option you will have is to install the Java Wizard.

  11. Select A Folder Drop Down • Select Test-Send to send test files; ISA15 = T • Select Prod-Send to send production files; ISA15 = P

  12. You can add files to this box via two methods Click “Add File” to bring up a file dialog box where you browse to the folder that contains your files. Selecting your files will list them in this box. If you have files in several locations, repeat this process until all files are listed in the box. You can drag and drop files into the box (the white portion). Click “Next >”. Add File

  13. This box gives you the option to upload your files individually, or have them zipped into one file. Zipping a file(s) can greatly speed up transmission time as typical claim files compress to about 10% of their original size. If you choose to zip your file(s), the screen changes to include an “Upload As:” field. This field is used to enter a filename for your zip file. A default filename of “” will be entered. WPS highly recommends that you choose your own unique filename! Adding Files

  14. Recommended File Naming Conventions • Your File Name Should Be Your Submitter ID (User ID) Followed By ".Dat" Or ".Zip". • For example, if your User ID is 99999, you should key <99999.DAT> or <> (for multiples 99999a.dat,, etc...) • When your upload is complete, the box will disappear.

  15. Downloading Files

  16. Select Directory to Download to

  17. Transferring with sFTP (SSH FTP) • For users who would like to script their files transfers, an sFTP client will be required. • An sFTP Client is NOT provided or recommended by WPS. • WPS does not provide technical support to sFTP users. If you decide to use an sFTP client, you’ll need the following information. • Establish a connection via a Network Service Vendor (NSV) • Point your SSH FTP client to the following IP address: • Test files should be uploaded to /Home/Test-send/ • Production files should be uploaded to /Home/Prod-send/ • Files waiting to be downloaded will be in your personal home folder /Home/[UserID]

  18. WPS File Naming Conventions ID Line Of Business. Transaction; • 90001.ccyymmdd.hhmmss.nnnnnn.TLOB.trans - or- • 90001.ccyymmdd.hhmmss.nnnnnn.PLOB.Trans Examples: • 90001.20120507.204240.2522892.PINB.277CA • 90001.20120507.194416.2521904.PMIA.999 • 90001.20120508.032902.PJ5B.5010-835 • 90001.20120508.130830.1259042541253.TMNB.5010.REJECT • 90001.20120508.032902.PJ5B.5010-835.RESEND

  19. WPS EDI Sites Main: • Medicare: • J8: • 5010 Readiness: • EDI ACTs: •

  20. Network Service Vendors (NSV) • For a current list of Network Service Vendors (aka connectivity vendors) visit our web site: •

  21. Contacting EDI • EDI Hotline (8-4:00, cst): 866-503-9670; •; •; • • Reminder: when contacting EDI via email, CMS prohibits the sending of Protected Health Information (PHI) over the internet. Do not include PHI in email correspondence.