how to eat healthy and stay active over the holiday n.
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How to Eat Healthy and Stay Active over the Holiday? PowerPoint Presentation
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How to Eat Healthy and Stay Active over the Holiday?

How to Eat Healthy and Stay Active over the Holiday?

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How to Eat Healthy and Stay Active over the Holiday?

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  1. How to Eat Healthy and Stay Active over the Holiday? University Health 115

  2. The average American gains at least five pounds during the six-week winter holiday period. • Weight gained during the six-week holiday period accounted for most of a person’s total weight gain over a year’s time.

  3. FACTS • Most people consume 6000 calories per day, three times more than the daily recommended calories

  4. Tips to Avoid Weight

  5. Always eat a healthy meal before going to a party to keep from snacking on fattening food. • If you do eat at a get-together, choose fruits and vegetables if available and put them on a napkin instead of a plate, which is more likely to be filled up.

  6. Limit yourself on alcoholic beverages. • Eat a healthy breakfast, it will provide nutrition and help control cravings later in the day.

  7. Plan to make quick and easy meals so that in a pinch, fast food is not the only resort. • Keep plenty of healthy snacks stored in the front of the refrigerator or pantry so they are the first thing seen.

  8. Eat slowly. You’ll likely find you’re full and don’t really want seconds. • Go easy on the holiday cookies and cakes. Have one special dessert or split one with a friend.

  9. Tips to Stay Active

  10. Talk time out for yourself. Set aside 30 minutes to 1 hour a day to relax and get some exercise. This will enable you to maintain your activity routine if you have one or even start a new one. • Go for a walk with your friends and family members. View the holiday lights, look for a tree to cut, visit the nativity scene at a local school or church, or walk with the family to visit a friend or relative.

  11. Go sledding! Get a group of friends to go – just because you’re not 10 anymore doesn’t mean you can’t act like it sometimes! • Shovel the driveway. It may seem like work but shoveling snow is actually a great way to get some exercise in. It’ll also give you some time to clear your head and enjoy the winter scenery.

  12. Go cross-country skiing or skating. It’s inexpensive and, a lot of fun, and great exercise! • Parking at one end of the mall and walk to the other end and back. • Pick up your walking pace while shopping at the mall.

  13. Source Eating for Health

  14. Submitted by Thanh Nguyen, a 2nd year resident assistant at Ohio Wesleyan University