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Fall Rally 2013 PowerPoint Presentation
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Fall Rally 2013

Fall Rally 2013

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Fall Rally 2013

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  1. Fall Rally 2013 Victoria Lai, Governor

  2. Save the Date! • Fall Rally NORTH Fall Rally SOUTH Saturday, November 9th Six Flags Magic Mountain 9:00am - 8:00pm 4 Rally Sessions Saturday, October 19th Six Flag’s Discovery Kingdom 12:00pm-10:00pm 2 Rally Sessions

  3. Details • Before Event Day • Fundraise as individual clubs • Fundraise as a division • SEND checksto the District Office • Made to CNH Key Club • Identify PTP and the division you serve in the memo (funds sent in by check prior to FR will go towards division totals to be used during the auction)

  4. Details • Event Day: When the park opens • Regardless of your rally assignment…report immediately to the rally area • You will receive a debriefing in regards to the logistics of event • Submit money to be processed • We do NOT want anyone walking around the park with PTP money • Money can be submitted more than once and at any time • It makes it easier for US to provide YOUR TEAM an updated balance sheet if the money is dropped off earlier rather than later… so help us help you!

  5. Details • Auction • Report backstage at least 30 minutes beforeyour session • Have two representatives from the division to bid • Random order • Keep the money coming…. • During the rally, another division representative can drop off any additional money submissions • BEE spirited! Show off how proud you are of the division you serve. HAVE FUN!

  6. Details • What if… • You bid more than you have—DON’T • You get “bought” by another division • Spend 1 hour with this division • Document your time together (aka…PICTURES!) • Meet new Key Clubbers • Have fun!

  7. Preparation • Purchase spirit items and have members make a donation for them • i.e. ThunderSticks, PomPoms, t-shirts, etc. • BEE Creative! Not all things need to be store bought • ADVERTISE, ADVERTISE, ADVERTISE • Fundraise for the Pediatric Trauma Program! • Create new division cheers • Make sure that the division is pumped up

  8. Money • You ARE encouraged to hold fundraisers for PTP • You ARE encouraged to hold fundraisers to help lower the cost of Fall Rally (transportation) • You ARE encouraged to purchase spirit items for the attendees • However, under no circumstances should you ever have to handle money! Communicate with your Region Advisor and use the money handling form to identify procedures.

  9. Handling money is something that should always be done by an adult… always! If you are distributing spirit packs or anything else in return for a donation: Prepare a list so that you know who has paid Have an advisor collect the money while you distribute the items Only accept money from one person at a time to limit confusion If someone tries to give you money, direct them to your advisor

  10. Reminders • We’ve got spirit, yes we do! We’ve got spirit, how ‘bout you? • Fall Rally is a time to show off your • So… go ALL out because it is for a GREAT cause! DIVISION SPIRIT

  11. Questions? Ask away!