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PIONIER/POZMAN NOC flash presentation

PIONIER/POZMAN NOC flash presentation. TF-NOC meeting Ljubljana, Feb 2011. Metropolitan Area Network - POZMAN. Since 1993 220 km of own Fiber Optic Cables in the city of Poznań 105 connections to R&D institutions & Univ. Migration to new technologies 1993 - FDDI 1995 - ATM

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PIONIER/POZMAN NOC flash presentation

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  1. PIONIER/POZMAN NOC flashpresentation TF-NOC meeting Ljubljana, Feb 2011

  2. Metropolitan Area Network - POZMAN • Since 1993 • 220 km of own Fiber Optic Cables in the city of Poznań • 105 connections to R&D institutions & Univ. • Migration to newtechnologies • 1993 - FDDI • 1995 - ATM • 2000 - Gigabit Ethernet • 2005 - 10 Gigabit Ethernet • 5 Juniper routers, 1 Cisco router, 44 switches • Similar Metropolitan Area Networks in other Polish Academic Cities

  3. National Research and Education Network - PIONIER PIONIER 4Q2010 MAN ETH 1 Gb/s CBDF 10Gb/s CBDF 4x10Gb/s 2 x 10 Gb/s (2 ) CBDF 10Gb/s (under construction) • 5854 km of own fiber infrastructure in Poland • 763 km of fiber in Germany • 6617 km of fiber in total • Consortium PIONIER with leading role of PSNC • 2 NOCs: main in Poznań PSNC, IP NOC in Łódź • Since 2003 • 4 Juniper routers, 10GEth switch in each Academic City

  4. Network What services are your organization offering and maintaining? • Inernet Service Provider + Peering • Fiber lease • Transmission/corporate networks/L2 VPNs • IPv6 • eduroam Which tools are you using to manage/monitor the network? • HP OpenView, TTS (own), MRTG, SmokePing, LambdaMonitor (own), MediaWiki, WhatsUp Gold, Dude

  5. NOC structure – staff & responsibility Operators Parttimeworkers, oftenstudents Try to fix the problem following the procedures In case of failure – dispatch the event to the administrators Documentall the events in TTS Fulltimehighlyqualifiedexperts and specialistsinvolvedalso in otheractivities Allabove + Create, update and maintain the procedures (usingMediaWiki) MaintainNMSs (HP OV) Maintain network statistics (MRTG, SmokePing Prepare network reports Test and deploynew management applications Administrators local remote

  6. NOC structure - staff 8:00 16:00 22:00 Workingday 8:00 16:00 22:00 Weekend and holidays

  7. Front end What types of users are using your network and services? Universities, academic and research institutions, commercial institutions How does the SLAs or agreements you have with your customers look like? Parameters in SLA: bandwidth, attenuation, guaranteed fixing time, financial penalty, notification period before planned maintenance, contact methods Formal contact (financial cases) Technical contact Which tools are used to communicate with and keep track of users? Telephone, Fax, TTS

  8. Inter-NOC communication IP NOC PSNC TTS, mail, phone OTHER NOCs TTS, mail, phone TTS, phone, mail, skype NOC  TTS, mail, phone PIONIER users Phone, mail Fax, phone, mail POZMANusers PIONIER services

  9. Documentation What information do your NOC document? Events: connection lost/restored; temperature threshold, power lost/restored, intrusion alarm, contacts (or just tries) from/to administrators/clients/providers, actions and observations (TTS) Agreements: ID, parameters, contact data; Customers: full name, address, technical contact, IP addresses, links to the statistics; Procedures: how to proceed with different event types, how to use the tools (eg. TTS labeling), responsibility of the administrators, map of supercomputers rooms (MediaWiki) Reportsmonthly & yearly (MS Word + Excel)

  10. Thank you for your attention http://noc.pionier.gov.pl http://noc.man.poznan.pl

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