china s child laws n.
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China’s Child laws PowerPoint Presentation
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China’s Child laws

China’s Child laws

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China’s Child laws

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  1. China’s Child laws By: Katelyn Nelson

  2. What are child laws? • In China, there is a huge population of about 1.3 billion. • They have to enforce laws about how many children one family can have. • The legal limit in China is one child per family, and at the most of two if the family lives in the country.

  3. Why do they have this law? • Because of the growing population, they had to make that law. • There is many children starving in China which a good reason they started the law. To help prevent hunger there needs to be less people in China • Another factor is there isn’t enough space for everyone in China. It is very crowded already and with more children in the world being born, the population will continue to grow rapidly.

  4. Can they get away with a 2nd or 3rd child? • Since the rule is enforced, people are good at obeying the law. However some people do tend to break this law. • About 76% of the Chinese residents supports this law.

  5. People living on the streets

  6. In China people would rather have a boy because that boy can grow up and work to help the family with making a living. • Girl’s are often treated as garbage because of their gender. They believe that girls are useless. • In the book I read the main character named, Chu Ju was a girl and was born into a family that wanted a boy. Because she was a girl, her family named her “Chu Ju” which means mistake child in Chinese.

  7. China • Since there is a child policy in China, some families get caught with having more than one child. These families have to pay a big fine. • Most of the time, the family does not have the money to pay the fine so they have to sell their kid to an orphanage. • The parents tend to think that their children are going to an orphanage but when they get there they could be used for work, hard labor, or many difficult jobs instead.

  8. Grandparents • The families in China usually have grandparents to take care of. • When the mom or dad’s parents become brittle, their parents come to live with them so they can help them. • Now the mom and dad have children to take care of and their parents, so space is a problem in China. • There often can be big families living there and they are of all ages. • Grandparents are honored in China, because they are wise people.

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