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The Nature 2000

The Nature 2000. What is the Nature 2000?. The Nature 2000 is the program of creation the common system (network) of areas covered with protection of the nature in the European Union countries.

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The Nature 2000

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  1. TheNature 2000

  2. WhatistheNature 2000? The Nature 2000 is the program of creation the common system (network) of areas covered with protection of the nature in the European Union countries. The grounds of this program are two Union directives: The Birds Directive and The Habitat Directive.

  3. Tasks and goals of this program The aim of this program is to keep types of natural habitat and species which are considered valuable and endangered all over the European area. Common action to protect the natural heritage of Europe on the grounds of unified law aims optimization of costs and enhancing the effects beneficial for the environment. Unified law ought to make easier cooperation of many institutions working on protection of the environment constantly and those ones for whom it is only the aside action. On the areas included in the Nature 2000 network the member countries are to maintain the preserved benefits in not worsened state, which does not mean excluding their industrial usage.

  4. Structure of the program TheNature 2000

  5. TheNature 2000 in Europe – therules of determination of areas 1. Each member country ought to prepare and submit to the European Comission the list of the most valuable areas located within their territories (from the natural point of view) following the demands of the Birds and Habitat Directives on the field of species and habitat. 2. After the submission of the list, there is official approval of the area as a component of the network. 3. The European Comission approves the area naming it The Area of relevance to the community.

  6. Directives The legal grounds of the Nature 2000 program are two legal acts: 1.The Birds Directive, passed on 2nd April 1979 and next modified. 2. The Habitat Directive, passed on 21st May 1992.

  7. The Bird Directive • The Birds Directive aims: • Protection of the birds species, • Management of them, • Regulation of their numbers. • It also includes the rules of admitted usage • of those species. • Aiming more effective protection of birds • the directive uses the following methods: • It introduces numerous bans for actions directed to birds, • It orders protection of birds habitat, • It limits introduction of alien species, • It establishes rules and limitations concerning industrial and recreational usage of birds, • It postulates introduction of necessary regulations in the state law.

  8. The Habitat Directive The aim of The Habitat Directive is securing biological variety on the European territory of member countries by maintaining of natural habitat and species of wild flora and fauna in the state conducive to their protection. The main instrument for the protection of the environment would be creation of the protected areas network of the Nature 2000.

  9. Thecontent of a Habitat Directive The Directive imposes and promotes such a management of the areas that can maintain ecological cohesion of the network. It concerns ecological corridors (e.g. river valleys), ponds and foliages of the forest character. The member countries are expected to maintain monitoring of the state of habitat and species protection.

  10. TheNature 2000 in Poland Preparations to introduction of the Nature 2000 network in Poland started at the end of the 90’s. There were completed introductory analyses of the resources of habitat and species requiring protection in the network. There were held negotiations on the Union regulations.

  11. Evolution of theNature 2000 in Poland In May 2004 the Polish government presented in the European Comission a very simple concept of the Nature 2000 habitat areas network comparing to the basic project. In July 2004 there was a released the regulation designating important birds areas of similarly simple list of the areas. Till the end of 2008 the Polish Government designated in the regulation 141 areas of special birds protection.

  12. Theareas of theNature 2000 inthe Gryfice ForestInspectorate • The Trzebiatów – Kołobrzeg coast belt • The important bird area on the Pomeranian Bay • The important bird area in Golczewo • The Rega basin

  13. The Sowno moor • Near Gryfice there is the Moor Reserve Sowno. • On the area of the reserve there is protected the vegetation of the moor – rare species of fauna and flora and also peat deposits.

  14. Theprotectedspieces Ledum palustre Frangula alnus

  15. Drosera rotundifolia Epipactis palustris

  16. Dicranum scoparium Entodon schreberi

  17. Crowberryforest It appears In a narrow belt along the sea coast belt, covering about 50km2 of area in Poland. In crowberry forest occur species met in otherpine forests and a special group of distinguishing species, appearing particularly often and in great number. Empetrum Nigrum

  18. In crowberryforestappear: • Empetrumnigrum • Carexarenaria • Goodyera regens • Listera cordata The layer of fleece is poorly coherent, particularly in dry places. Dominating shrubs are: • Cranberries and heather • Erica Tetralix • Deschampsiaflexuosa • Pinussylvestris • Sorbusaucuparia and Salix arenaria

  19. Empetrum nigrum Carex arenaria

  20. Goodyera repens Listera cordata Moneses uniflora

  21. The Rega valley as an element of theNature 2000 In Nov 2009 the area of the Rega valley covering among others the areas located in the Gryfice Commune was included in the Nature 2000 program. The Rega is one of the longest rivers of the Western Pomerania, it belongs to the direct conglomeration of the Baltic sea. The Rega valley is distinctive because of great variety of rare and endangered species of animals. The river and its tributaries are a perfect place for spawning migration of the Atlantic Salmon and other species of Salmonids.

  22. The Rega basin There is spawning migration of the sea troat along the Rega and due to this fact the Rega place an important role of an ecological corridor. The Rega is one of few Polish rivers where salmons migrate for spawning. In the Rega we can see: • Minoga • Salmonides • Cyprinidae

  23. Review of chosenspiecesappearing inthearea of theNature 2000 program in Poland Lycopsida (club moss) Orchid

  24. Turk's cap lily Cypripedium calceolus

  25. Cormorants Eagle-owls

  26. ThankYou for attention!

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