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Test 1

Test 1. Step 1 Look at the following statements. Which one does each sentence 1-5 refer to? For each sentence, mark one letter A, B, C or D.

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Test 1

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  1. Test 1 Step 1 Look at the following statements. Which one does each sentence 1-5 refer to? For each sentence, mark one letter A, B, C or D. A . North Korea announced that it had begun to change the fuel at a nuclear reactor at Youngbyon without the presence of international inspectors, a move that is contrary to international agreements. B. The Khmers Rouges claimed to have captured the town of Mongkol Borei, in north-western Cambodia. As King Sihanouk prepared to leave for China to resume cancer treatment, he said he had lost hope of resolving the Cambodian conflict. C. Japan's main opposition party, the Liberal Democrats, said it would try to bring down the minority government of Tsutiomu Hata once the budget is passed by parliament in mid-July. D. The Philippines refused a demand by Indonesia to ban a conference in Manila on East Timor, provoking the worst dispute between the countries for several years.

  2. 1. The government didn't want to cancel a meeting in its capital. 2. This country did something that went against the international agreements. 3. The king declared that he was unable to stop the civil war. 4. A fierce quarrel broke out between this country and its neighbor. 5. A national budget is going to be approved by the parliament some time in July.

  3. Step 2 Read the following passage and statements that follow. Choose the best answer from the choices. • Too much to read! It's impossible to find time to read today's top business books-and thousands are published each year. Yet not keeping up with those books could be a serious-and expensive mistake. Often the ideas and insights they contain are available nowhere else. But how can you even...1...which titles are worthwhile-let alone find time to read them?

  4. Fortunately, there's a ...2...: Soundview Executive Book Summaries. It really...3...In fact, it's ...4...to work. It is ingenious and essential. Every month, you ...5...two or three quick reading, time saving ...6...of the best new business books. Each contains all the key points in the ...7...book. The big difference, instead of 200 to 500 pages, the summary is only & pages. Instead of ...8...five, ten or more hours to read ,it takes just 15 minutes.

  5. Of the thousands of business books ...9...annually, only a ...10...are really worth reading. To save your time, our Editorial Board goes over them all ...11...90%. Our standards are ...12...,and the criteria rigorous. • When a book meets all our tests, we prepare a Summary, instead of a review or a digest. You get a skillful distillation that preserves the content ad spirit of the ...13...books. The titles cover every...14...of concern to business people today. There's ...15...else like Soundview Executive Book Summaries.

  6. 1 . A. see B. know C. ask D. answer 2. A. answer B. solution C. question D. problem 3. A. works B. costs C. sells D. buys 4. A. guarded B. granted C. guided D. guaranteed 5. A. pay B. send C. receive D. buy 6. A. titles B. summaries C. names D. prices 7. A. original B. first C. same D. another 8. A. spending B. costing C. taking D. sitting 9. A. publicized B. polished C. published D. popularized 10. A. dozen B. little C. handful D. couple 11. A. choosing B. eliminating C. writing D. publishing 12. A. high B. low C. expensive D. cheap 13. A. entire B. tired C. entering D. old 14. A. word B. subject C. sentence D. idea 15. A. something B. anything C. all D. nothing

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