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  2. Sonadezi Collegeof Technology and Management

  3. SONADEZI COLLEGE • Established in accordance with Decision No. 2979/QĐ-BGDĐT-TCCB dated on 1st June 2005 of Minister of Education and Training. • Invested and managed bySonadezi Corporation.

  4. OBJECTIVES • Developing high quality human resources with comprehensive knowledge and good skills. • Graduates with high adaptive capability to working environment, meeting recruiting demand of companies. • Organizing in-deep research activities in cooperation with businesses in the neighborhoods.

  5. TRAINING ACTIVITIES Mainstream educational programs • The college has 5 Faculties with 14 different training majors • Faculty of Textile and Garment, Leather and Footwear: - Textile and Garment: 02 majors • Textile/Garment Production Management • Industrial Production Design - Leather and Footwear: 02 majors • Footwear Production Management • Industrial Production Design

  6. TRAINING ACTIVITIES 2. Faculty of Management: 04 majors • Business Administration • Finance-Banking • Accounting • Business Accounting (Secondary Level) 3. Faculty of Foreign Languages: 02 majors • Business English • Business Chinese 4. Faculty of Construction Engineering: 02 majors • Construction Engineering • Civil and Industrial Construction (Secondary Level) 5. Faculty of Information Technology: 02 majors • Software Development • Network Management

  7. TRAINING ACTIVITIES Non-mainstream educational program: 03 majors Business Administration Accounting Business English Second Degree program: 03 majors Business Administration Accounting Business English Transfer programs from secondary to college: 02 majors Accounting Construction Engineering

  8. TRAINING ACTIVITIES Soft skills training courses: Group working skill, Communication skill, Presentation skill, Plan making and time management skill,…. English requirements for graduation: TOEIC 350: Textile and Garment, Leather and Footwear, Construction Engineering TOEIC 400: Business Administration, Finance-Banking, Accounting, Information Technology TOEIC ≥500: Foreign Languages

  9. Scientific workshop on Construction (24 May 2013)

  10. TRAINING ACTIVITIES • Cooperation Training:Working with Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) – Thailand to provide postgraduate training: • International Executive Masters of Business Administration (iEMBA) for managers and leaders: 83/103 students graduated, calling application for the 5th entry (tentatively opened in Oct 2013) • Professional Masters of Management (PMM) focusing on HRM: calling application for the 1st entry (tentatively opened in Oct 2013)

  11. Opening Ceremony of the 4th Entry of iEMBA Program at SCTM (Vietnam) Graduation Ceremony at AIT (Thailand)

  12. Tailor-made training courses for businesses in the neighborhoods: Intensive training or re-training for laborers Improving working skills, management and leadership for workers and managers Improving language and IT skills for workers and training Vietnamese language for foreigners TRAINING ACTIVITIES

  13. Short course on “Communication Skills” at Sonadezi Long Binh Company (May 2013) Short course on “Diplomatic Reception” at SCTM (Oct. 2012) Short course on “Organizational Culture” at Sonadezi Long Binh Company (Mar. 2013)

  14. TRAINING ACTIVITIES • Tailor-made training courses for businesses in the neighborhoods: • Find solutions to increase labour productivity and product quality in garment/shoe companies. • Collaborate with University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City to open CEO/CFO and stock market courses: • Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Course: 115 graduates, the 5th course will start on 22 June 2013. • Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Course: the 1st course started on 25 May 2013. • Stock Market Course: 3 courses were held sucessfully with 74 graduates

  15. Closing Ceremony of the 4th CEO course (Jan 2013) Opening Ceremony of the 1st CFO course (May 2013)

  16. Associate with overseas universities to organize seminars: TRAINING ACTIVITIES Prof. C. Visvanathan, SERD (AIT, Thailand) was speaker at a seminar

  17. Located on an area of 21 hectares within Bienhoa 2 Industrial Park. Construction is in progress and basic training facilities have been completed: Study rooms, laboratories for IT and language study. Library, professional laboratory and workshops. Dormitory for students and accommodations for lecturers and specialists. Stadium, recreational center, canteen. BASIC INFRASTRUCTURE

  18. Main meeting hall

  19. Library Electronic Library

  20. IT Lab

  21. 2 workshops:01 for garment/textile and footwear01 for IT and construction engineering

  22. Garment Workshop:

  23. Lab for garment design:

  24. Footwear production line:

  25. Lab for footwear design:

  26. Dormitory with canteen for students

  27. Standard football stadium

  28. Villas for lecturers and specialists

  29. TEACHING STAFF • The College has 104 full-time lecturers. • Applying advance and effective teaching methods. • Staff with postgraduate degrees from overseas and domestic educational institutes occupy for more than 50% - 14% of teaching staff pursuing Ph.D - 18% of teaching staff pursuing M.A. • Teaching staff of Textile/Garment and Footwear majors were trained in France within bilateral cooperation programs.

  30. INTERNATIONAL COOPERATION • Rhône Alpes Region – France • French Textile and Apparel Institute (IFTH) • Footwear and Leather Technology Center (CTC) • Asian Institute of Technology in Vietnam (AITVN) • School of Management of AIT • School of Engineering and Technology of AIT • APEC Digital Opportunity Center (ADOC)

  31. INTERNATIONAL COOPERATION Representative of Rhône Alpes Region – France visited SCTM

  32. Signing Memorandum of Agreement with ADOC INTERNATIONAL COOPERATION

  33. Establishing ADOC Center 2.0. INTERNATIONAL COOPERATION

  34. Voluntary students of National Taipei College of Business visited SCTM INTERNATIONAL COOPERATION

  35. ADOC provided 30 computers for computer lab at ADOC Center 2.0 INTERNATIONAL COOPERATION

  36. INTERNATIONAL COOPERATION Thai billionaire Vikrom Kromadit – Chairman of Amata Corp. Public Co. Ltd. visited and presented his books to SCTM students.

  37. LOCAL COOPERATION • 23 companies which are members of Sonadezi Group • Banks in Dong Nai province: Vietinbank, Vietcombank, DaiA Bank, DongA Bank, BIDV… • Dong Tien Joint Stock Company • Protrade Garment Co., Ltd – Binh Duong Province • Rostaing Vina Co., Ltd • Armapex Co., Ltd • Binh Tien Dong Nai Imex Corp., Pte., Ltd (Dona Biti’s) • Tae Kwang Vina Co., Ltd. • NamYang Int’l VN Co., Ltd. • Pou Sung Vietnam Co., Ltd. • Hwaseung Vina Co., Ltd. • Other enterprises in many industrial zones in Dong Nai, Binh Duong, Hochiminh City

  38. Cooperating with Taiwan Business Association – Dong Nai Branch to hold “Sonadezi Job Fair 2012” LOCAL COORERATION

  39. LOCAL COORERATION Mr. Luu Phuoc Dung, Rector of SCTM receive scholarships from sponsors

  40. INITIAL RESULTS • Setting an information exchange network with local businesses • Businesses made their opinions and recommendations integrated into the college training curricula • Business received students in their internships and after graduation • So far, 5 batches of students with a total over 2.000 students have graduated. Most of students majored in Textile and Garment, Leather and Footwear, Business English, Business Chinese and some students majored in Management have stable jobs with good salaries. • In 2012, the first entry students of IT Department graduated and 50% of them have found suitable jobs.

  41. Mr. Luu Phuoc Dung, Rector of SCTM granted Graduation Certificates for students of the 5th batch INITIAL RESULTS

  42. INITIAL RESULTS Graduation Ceremony of Batch 2009 - 2012

  43. LOOKING TO THE FUTURE • Developing to be a multidisciplinary university with good reputation in the province in 2014. • Cooperating with international education institutes for teaching staff training, student exchange and transfer programs from college to university. • Collaborating with enterprises in application research and production implementation.

  44. LOOKING TO THE FUTURE • Continue considering to open new majors to meet the demand in labor force of businesses in Dongnai province and neighbor provinces: • Business Japanese • Industrial Electrical Engineering • Electronic Engineering • Mechanical Engineering • Working with Bretagne Region (France): - To establish Faculty of Food Technology with 2 majors: Husbandry Technology and Food Processing Technology


  46. CONTACT INFORMATION Sonadezi College of Technology and Management: No. 1, 6A Street, Bien Hoa 2 Industrial Zone, Bien Hoa City, Dong Nai Province Tel: (+8461) 3994 011/012 Fax: (+8461) 3994 010 Email: Website: Working hour: Monday to Friday, 7.30 am to 4.30 pm (GMT+7) Rectorial Board: Mr. Luu Phuoc Dung – Rector Tel: (+8461) 3994 011/012 – Ext: 202 Email: Department of International Cooperation and Business Relations: Ms. Nguyen Thi Dung – Deputy Head Tel: (+8461) 3994 011/012 – Ext: 201 Email:,