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Primary schools in Kenya | PowerPoint Presentation
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Primary schools in Kenya |

Primary schools in Kenya |

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Primary schools in Kenya |

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  2. Our school is in legal and institutional terms, "school and is called KARIBU MARIA SCHOOLS In agreement with the EFSP ( Education Fund Support Program) and under their patronage, we have chosen this form of support because it is the only one that guaranteesinclusion in the Nursery and Primary School. The school is open all days and teachers are always present. It seems obvious but in Kenya it is not. Often, public school teachers are either absent or on strike and this is why the Karibu Maria Schools prefers community, because they are always followed, from 8am to 4pm Teachers wage is € 180 monthly for a teacher and € 200 for the Director (we have 8 of them since January 2018 and they are paid full salary during the months), while services people wage is € 100 each. Karibu renounces its share of management expenses by 20% on each donation so donation comes in Kenya just as we receive it.

  3. My name is Popi FABRIZIO. I am stubborn and when I think and I want something I really want it and I go ahead as a mule, insensitive to prudence, to reasoning, proud to face the challenges. I love children, the weak, the helpless and I would like to give myself for them, but often it is not possible, this society does not allow it anymore. But I keep trying. This African adventure is an example and has a special charm because it happens at the moment of the so-called "maturity", even if I prefer to call it the moment of reflection, of the sums. However I feel that Africa and this project are training my body and my spirit to something special. This choice of life is replacing, in the right order and in the right dimension thoughts, emotions, dreams, behaviors, values, hopes and certainties.

  4. After 10 years of serious and professional commitment, KARIBU ONLUS has decided to launch a new kind of solidarity. So, starting next January 2018, Karibu will propose a series of projects with primary goal of raising funds to finally develop Kibora trades and profitable activities for the KIbora Community and also for those who support it In the KARIBU CHAKAMA the project has been planned for this project. I have preferred to focus all these forces on the community of Kibora, the School. Today is a splendid reality show, eight classrooms between Nursery and Primary, 370 children, 8 teachers qualified by the ministerial organ and official recognition of the Ministry of Education. All thanks to the generosity of ordinary people and some enlightened entrepreneurs who believed in us.

  5. Mr Clark makes a donation for the purchase of a tractor At the end of the year he receives his first award Mr Clark does not take it but he still invests the sum for the construction of the stables At the end of the second year he receives two awards, one for the tractor and the one for the stables. Mr. Clark decides to invest both awards, one for land acquisition and the other one for a new classroom. At the end of the third year, Mr. Clark receives four awards, tractor, stables, land and classroom. And so it will be for each subsequent year until the end of the project. Even if at a time Mr Clark stops investing For its part Karibu will have a number of ready investments for each new project. The Community will benefit from productive structures and safe work.



  8. There is a small corner of the world in the heart of Kenya where we are growing together with a small community. It is called Chakama and if I say to grow together it is because while we help the community grow economically, they, without even knowing it, help us grow spiritually day by day. We do not want to change Africa, no one can do it except the Africans. Along with them we just want to make a different meaning to our lives, a development necessary for both. And, believe me, we leave Chakama getting richer, even though we come with the money, with the Iphone, with the Ipad and the suitcases full of things to give, things that are often old or merely useless. On our way back, our suitcases are heavier because they are full of great novelty, love, simple but genuine and deep love, and within our eyes and heart we bring the memories of a very long time in which even we, most likely, were like this.




  12. SIMPLE METHOD TO HAVE 20 EURO AND SUPPORT TO CHILD IN A SCHOOL How to make a monthly donation of 20 euros 1-Have a small piggy bank 2-Put it on the bedside table in the bedroom 3-Put in the piggy bank 1 Euro every night of working days (No Sat-Sun) 4-Remember to do it every night and also say a prayer 5-Empty piggy bank at the end of the month and send the donation. We give you the piggy bank, the hospitality for MINIMUM two weeks in our center in Kenya, a unique and wonderful experience in real Africa and, moreover, you will have the satisfaction of embracing the child you support and know our reality. Does it seem so difficult and complicated? Of course, in all things in life it takes a bit of effort so everything becomes possible.

  13. Phone and Fax – 00393889782864 Email -