welcome to new hope international school n.
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Primary Schools In Abuja PowerPoint Presentation
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Primary Schools In Abuja

Primary Schools In Abuja

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Primary Schools In Abuja

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  1. Welcome To.New Hope International School

  2. About Us At New Hope International School our main goal is to provide a warm and safe environment where children are given the best possible chance of succeeding. Our fully trained staff are committed to helping every child achieve their full potential.

  3. Schools in Abuja Education is not just to read and write , but to make use of it for their own advantages and to utilize the knowledge for their growth. The youngsters of today are leveraging up to become adult inhabitants of tomorrow. The growth is equivalent to the future of our country , addressed through the quality of the present education system. Thus a school must stimulate curiosity in the young , impressionable minds and equip them with the tools to be better human beings. It is through school education that children will cultivate a healthy thought process and groom cognitive abilities. Are you looking for the best schools in Abuja for your children ? Our schools in Abuja are reputable institution of learning and offers value added and quality educational services. We establish an efficient learning atmosphere offering an apparent consideration that makes children active participants in their own learning.

  4. Primary Schools In Abuja Our primary schools in Abuja ensure the broad-based development of pupils by ensuring that all the pupils are able to develop their cognitive , social , emotional , cultural and physical skills to the best of their abilities , preparing them for their further school career.We adopt an outcome-oriented approach and the students’ performance is regularly evaluated.At , New Hope International School , we focus on giving pupils the qualification,skills and experiences necessary for them to take charge of their destinies.

  5. Schools in Nigeria Learning experiences are not just restricted to ,our classroom activities.We always ensure that there is a beautiful mix of indoor and outdoor learning.Our schools in Nigeria offer high quality , inspirational and innovative teaching and learning practices through which all the children are challenged to achieve their best in all areas of school life.

  6. Contact Us Contact Details :- NEW HOPE INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL PLOT 97, KUCHIYAKO 1 LAYOUT, KUJE, FCT-ABUJA, 23400. State – FCT-ABUJA City- KUJE Country :- Nigeria TEL: +2348171333133, +2348173368001 EMAIL: URL: