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Technology in Primary Schools (TiPS) Inc.

Technology in Primary Schools (TiPS) Inc. The Challenge …. Healthy eating is important for children of all ages. Grains play an important part in a healthy diet. They are tasty, nutritious and easy to make into delicious meals and snacks. Stage 3:

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Technology in Primary Schools (TiPS) Inc.

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  1. Technology in Primary Schools (TiPS) Inc.

  2. The Challenge… Healthy eating is important for children of all ages. Grains play an important part in a healthy diet. They are tasty, nutritious and easy to make into delicious meals and snacks. Stage 3: ...design an advertising campaign, aimed at primary students ...to promote at least 4+ serves of grain-based foods every day as part of a healthy diet. Stage 4: ...design a food product and/or promotional strategy ...to communicate the ‘4+ serves a day’ message.

  3. Coogee Public School– 5B • Discovery: …from our survey results Although a lot of kids already thought grains were healthy and delicious, they needed to know… …what a serve is and to eat 4+ serves a day.

  4. Coogee Public School– 5B • The campaign: Comic Strip with our cute characters Grain Boy, Milly Millet, Oliver Oat… … with the option of more comics. Prototype: A goody bag because kids love free stuff. Catchy jingle and slogan: “grainalicious!”

  5. Coogee Public School– 6R • The campaign: Prototype: TV ads Element 1: magazine ads Element 2: radio ads Slogan:Grains, full of energy Characters:Captain ToastGrain Girl and ManGary McJell!

  6. Kegworth Public School – 5M • The campaign: Prototype: packaging that includes all our campaign elements Jingle: Barley, rice Oats and wheat They’re the grains that you should eat! With a munch and a crunch For breakfast, tea and lunch… Characters, cartoons and video storyboards!

  7. Kegworth Public School– 6M • The target audience: - all those kids who eat lots of junk food • The campaign: characters, billboards Prototype: TV ad storyboard

  8. Killarney Heights PS– Ennis • The campaign: Prototype: TV ad storyboard • PLUS: • Mascot:DJ da Grain! • Toy giveaways

  9. Killarney Heights PS– Inishmore • The campaign: TV commercial and posters featuring: Sammy the sandwichHilda the wholemeal breadRic the rice Samantha the spaghetti Prototype: a radio commercial – using the song “Absolutely EVERYGRAIN” [Absolutely Everybody]

  10. Killarney Heights PS – Portmarnock • Discovery: We asked the students if they knew what grains were - barely any of them knew! • Campaign objective: To let children know that grains are delicious foods to eat.

  11. Character/logo Killarney Heights PS – Portmarnock • The campaign: Prototype: Television advertisement Catchy jingle: Go grains, grains, grains, grains, grains Everybody knows that you need four serves of grains, To give you really big brains. They make you big and strong With grains you can’t go wrong!

  12. Prototype: Television advertisement Killarney Heights PS– Shannon • The campaign: Slogan and posters

  13. Posters: kids like to look at bright colourful posters Killarney Heights PS– Youghal • The campaign: Comics page in a kids’ magazine Prototype: Television advertisement because we have found that children aged 5-12 watch more television than listen to a radio.

  14. Lilli Pilli Public School– 5M • The campaign: Prototype: Cookbook We chose the slogan GO 4 GRAINS THEY’LL GIVE YOU BRAINS - because it’s easy to remember and it is true.

  15. Lilli Pilli Public School – 6B • The campaign: GO 4 GRAINS RADIO AD SCRIPT Grain Brain: Daniel Ollie Oat: Tom Ricky Rice: Jason GB: Hey Ollie oat, what are you having for lunch? OO: Oh, just a chocolate bar Grain Brain. GB: That’s not good Ollie; you’re working against the grain. Why not eat grains like me. I’m having a sandwich made from whole grain bread. OO: Yeah that’s cool! GB: If you eat four plus serves a day of grain based food, like a whole grain sandwich, you can be as strong, healthy, smart and as energetic as me. Prototype:Radio advertisement Element 2: Badge Element 3: Poster Slogan: Have you had your 4 serves of grains today?

  16. Macquarie Fields PS • The campaign: Prototype:Stop frame animation – TV ad Element 2: Stuffed Toys Element 3: Pamphlet

  17. Penshurst West PS – SC • The target audience: 10-12 year olds- Celebrities and “hero” types are very appealing • The campaign: CartoonsPosters • Prototype: Rap • very popular with the target group • we liked using words and sounds to convey the message ...

  18. Penshurst West PS – SF Jingle/chant Cartoon characters for collectables Posters: featuring cartoon characters • The campaign: Slogan: ‘Join the Go4Grains Brigade – 4+, 4 us’

  19. Penshurst West PS – SH Prototype: Memory game Television advertisement Storyboard • The campaign: PLUS:Billboards Radio ads Newspaper ads…

  20. Penshurst West PS – SW • The campaign: • posters, jingles and picture books based around superhero characters. • aimed at K-2 Jingles

  21. Mouth-Watering Delicious Strawberry Panzanella Bran Muffin Canley Vale High School • Food product:

  22. Canley Vale High School • The campaign: Element 1: Posterdisplayed around the school and in the school newsletter Element 2: Short movie to be shown on monitors around the school Element 3: Jingleto be played on school radio

  23. Hills Grammar School– Gp1 Passionfruit slice • Food product:

  24. Hills Grammar School– Gp1 • The campaign: • Elements: • Website [prototype] • The product itself • Word of mouth • Games & HOT promoters

  25. Hills Grammar School– Gp2 • Food product:

  26. Hills Grammar School– Gp2 • The campaign: There's something new in the canteen.... • Website • Posters[prototype] • Point-of-sale (ppt) to run in canteen

  27. Northmead High School Ham and Vegetable Pizza • Food product:

  28. KDC: Purposeful real world learning Since 2005: over 4,500 students, 185 teachers Links to the real worlds of science and of technology Active learning for a purpose Student-centred – emphasises what kids do, rather than just the knowledge they have to acquire Connects students to industry practitioners Demonstrates the role and work of real people in the community.

  29. Technology in Primary Schools (TiPS) Inc. Go 4 Grains Kids’ Design Challenge Congratulations!

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