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Uses of PowerPoint in Primary Schools

Uses of PowerPoint in Primary Schools. Pat Cunnane Coláiste Mhuire, Marino. Why use PowerPoint?. PowerPoint can be used as a presentation aid for teachers PowerPoint can be used as an outlet for children’s creativity and productivity. Some teacher uses of PowerPoint.

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Uses of PowerPoint in Primary Schools

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  1. Uses of PowerPoint in Primary Schools Pat Cunnane Coláiste Mhuire, Marino

  2. Why use PowerPoint? • PowerPoint can be used as a presentation aid for teachers • PowerPoint can be used as an outlet for children’s creativity and productivity

  3. Some teacher uses of PowerPoint • Avoid ‘PowerPointlessness’ • Bulleted information presentations for primary school children are generally inappropriate • Curriculum Principles • Activity and discovery-based learning • Problem-solving • Environmental-based learning etc. • Instead use PowerPoint as a teaching aid • How?

  4. As a ‘Hub’ for your resources • Why not use the IWB? • PowerPoint can show or play a huge variety of resources • PowerPoint can be published as a ‘Package.’ The resulting folder contains all the resources from the PowerPoint • PowerPoint can quickly create a large ‘Photo Album’ • Enables you to show/ use resources on computers that don’t have your IWB software package • Allows you to animate your slides • Text-based slides (e.g. tasks/ worksheets) are quick to create and have lots of layout options • You can import PowerPoint content into a flipchart but you can’t import flipchart content into a PowerPoint • What kind of resources could you put in your ‘Hub’

  5. Show visual aids

  6. Suit €100 T-shirt € 10 Skirt € 15 Jeans € 30 Socks € 1.50 Shoes € 40 Set tasks • As a last effort to get rid of the goods, they are marked at 25 per cent off. • How much do you save?

  7. Interactive tasks • If you don’t have interactive whiteboard software, use PowerPoint for interactive tasks How many ways can you put 10 cent in this bag?

  8. Show data instead of using handouts

  9. Focus children on key questions and tasks • SPHE discussion • Question: What steps can our school take to help prevent bullying? • Roles: • Chair- Ensures everyone in your group has the opportunity to speak • Time-keeper- Allows ten minutes for the discussion and give minutes for the recorder to summarise the group’s suggestions • Recorder- Records the suggestions of your group • Reporter- Reports your group’s suggestions back to the class

  10. Summarise • Place the stations of the cross in the correct order

  11. Manage and resources for a unit of work • Uganda • Maps: Posters • Images: Posters or handouts • Music: CD + CDplayer + handout • Video footage: TV +DVD + DVD player • Music activity: Handouts + CD player

  12. PowerPoint Maps instead of posters

  13. Uganda

  14. Siya Humba Lyrics Siya humba ku ken yeni kwen kos Siya humba ku ken yeni kwen kos Siya humba, Siya humba, Siya humba ku ken yeni kwen kos. • Power Point for music activities instead of CD + CDplayer + handout

  15. PowerPoint for Images instead of posters or handouts

  16. PowerPoint for interactive music task instead of CD + CD player + handouts: Match the instrument with the sound

  17. PowerPoint for video instead of DVD + TV + DVD Player

  18. Let’s learn how to make a PowerPoint • Open ‘How to make a PowerPoint’ in your PowerPoint folder on your CD or click this link

  19. Some pupil uses of PowerPoint • Presentation aid- oral language lessons • Practice/ reinforce learning • Project work • Presenting project work, e.g. Granny project • Can assemble text, pictures, video, audio etc. for the pupils

  20. Oral language presentation aid • Rettendon Primary School • School Council give a presentation at the Meeting of the Governing Body

  21. Practical tasks to practice/ reinforce learning • Example • Using keys to identify plants and animals in the local habitat

  22. Pupil uses of PowerPoint- Ongoing writing project • ‘South-Enders’ by Osbaston School, Wales (Year 6) • Weekly soap opera • Digital camera used to source images • Ends on a cliffhanger • Different group produces each week

  23. All about minibeasts Our book of invertebrates by Primary 4 GlamisSchool http://www.ltscotland.org.uk/literacy/ictinliteracy/literacyandpowerpoint/minibeastsandpowerpoint.asp

  24. Spider • Trap-door spiders hide in a burrow with a trap door at the entrance. • This spider is waiting for a fly to go in its web. • Spiders have oily feet so they don’t stick to their webs.

  25. PowerPoint supporting creative writing • Animated Stories • Example • Early years creative writing

  26. Presenting project work • Presentation on school life in Rettendon Primary School for twinned school on Little Caymen • http://www.jonathansblog.net/taxonomy/term/19 • Ideas for children using PowerPoint • http://www.cobbk12.org/sites/literacy/fetc/ppt/ppt_index.htm#gameshows

  27. Summary • PowerPoint can be used in a multitude of ways in a primary school context without resorting to lecture-style presentations • This presentation highlighted just a few examples • Imaginative and resourceful teachers make effective use of this resource in many other ways • Using PowerPoint can save the teacher time and energy • Preparation of resources • Management of resources • PowerPoint can contribute to children’s learning and enjoyment of learning

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