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How Company Culture Impacts Branch Office Management PowerPoint Presentation
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How Company Culture Impacts Branch Office Management

How Company Culture Impacts Branch Office Management

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How Company Culture Impacts Branch Office Management

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  1. How Company Culture Impacts Branch Office Management Canstar Restorations Art Johnson, CR, WLS

  2. Meager Beginnings

  3. Today’s Numbers • 150 Personnel • 70 vehicles • 50,000 square feet in 5 locations • Water, Contents, Construction, Hazmat. • Esporta • Fireline • Water Out

  4. Our Five Locations

  5. Canstar belief: Finding the Right People Starts With us! Are we attractive? • Your management style • “Good to Great’s” Level 5 leadership • It’s in your blood with passion. • Who Says Elephants Can’t Dance? Lou Gerstner • Level 1 to 5 • A clear vision and mission based on values. • What does the future hold for the company?

  6. Rule #1Where are we going? “Begin with the end in mind.” Stephen Covey

  7. Must be structured like a franchise

  8. Develop a strong culture. "I used to think culture was part of the game. Now I realize it is the whole game." Lou Gerstner CEO IBM 1993-2000. Individuals that you hire to run your branch office must realize this also.

  9. CANSTAR’S CULTURE:MISSION STATEMENT • To be recognized by our clients, our competitors, our peers, our suppliers, and ourselves as being the best in the industry and continually moving toward excellence in everything we do. • Also, it is well communicated that Canstar’s goal has never been to be the biggest but instead the best in customer service and as an employer.

  10. We will smile for our team, our clients, and ourselves. We will answer the phone in a timely and courteous manner. We will ensure no project is so urgent or important that we neglect safety. We will recognize ourselves as “Ladies and Gentleman” serving “Ladies and Gentleman”. We will recognize the strengths in each individual. We will own every problem until a solution is found. We will strive to understand and be understood, before we act. We will base all of our decisions our values; what is best for our Clients, our Team, and our Company. We will create “cheerleaders”, not simply “satisfied customers”. We will know the team and the company standards have been met when the tick list items are complete. We will stay committed to the security, growth, and goals of each other. We will reflect our mission statement in everything we do. Our Credo

  11. A Culture of Respect • According to one Stat, • 1 percent die • 3 percent move away • 5 percent develop other relationships • 9 percent leave for competitive reasons • 14 percent are dissatisfied with the product • 68 percent go elsewhere because of the poor way they were treated by employees of the company, do you think our employees know this? Posted everywhere.

  12. “CREATE A CHEERLEADER AND EVERYTHING ELSE TAKES CARE OF ITSELF” • Rules of the Game! • Consistency & repetition, consistency & repetition. • Know the language • Cheerleader customers = Someone that goes out of their way to say good things about your company. • Customer eyeglasses = Look at everything that you do from the view of the customer. Always ask yourself, “How would the customer view this?” • Moments of truth = Anytime that anyone comes into contact with your company and forms an opinion, whether consciously, or unconsciously. • Value added service = Appearance, attitude, or actions that exceed the customers expectations. • Baseline expectations = The minimum acceptable level of performance that the customer will accept. They are neither, satisfied nor dissatisfied. • Emotional bank accounts = The place where moments of truth are deposited. It takes twelve positive moments to make up for one negative. • Internal company = A company that exists for the benefit of the organization and the employees of that company. A state that occurs due to entropy, which is the natural tendency for things to turn inward. • External company = A company that exists for the benefit of the customer. They organize their systems and procedures around the convenience of the customer. • Service circles = Each individual activity in the company in which the customers experience is managed. • Service systems = A system that connects each service circle and creates a seamless hand-off between each circle. • Hand-offs = A system for transferring a client from one circle to another. • You are actors on a stage play and the customer is always watching – make sure they see your best performance. • Always ask the question – how would the customer view this? Become an external company that focus’ on the customer! • Become obsessed with service – Homework assignment: find a positive or negative moment of truth at home, the store, on the road, at work, etc. • Create a Cheerleader and everything else takes care of itself! • Paradigm shift – you are now part of a team that produces customer cheerleaders. You are part of an exceptional service company that manages the customer’s experience. • Remember the three A’s – Appearance, Attitude, Actions

  13. Secrets to a Strong Culture • The world's most successful companies live by a clear set of core values. • Put your core values in writing to ensure that everyone is on the same page. • Keep your core values clearly in front of your people and customers at all times, and find ways to make them real. • Your core values should reflect what makes your company unique and distinct. • There’s no magic number of core values you need.

  14. Secrets to a Strong Culture • Implement ways to hold everyone accountable to following and preserving these values. • Make certain that every business decision is guided by your core values. • Come up with a way to reward those employees and teams who best exemplify what your company stands for. • A key tenet of your core values should be a commitment to give back, in both time and money, to the communities in which you operate. • Your core values should include such ideals as listening to your customers, having an open door, rewarding hard work, creating a fun and friendly place to work-in, and making customer service a way of life.

  15. Culture of Respect • Our culture goes well beyond our clients: If you take care of your internal customers everything else looks after itself • Orientation • Gung Ho • Instill value in our team and our work, it’s worthwhile • We train well and then respect them to do their job, given the right tools. • We cheer them on. • Crestcom management training • Q12 surveys

  16. The Right Branch Manager They must: • Share the core values and vision of the organization • You can’t make or create them • Scorpion • You must find and expose their core values • Opened ended questions and surveys. • They must pass the mars test: • Would they carry on the core values wherever they go?

  17. To maintain the Culture Forever! • Choose right • Orientate thoroughly for buy-in • Give them the tools and structure they need • Visit them often • Support them and their programs • Involve them at the home office • Keep them in the loop • We live up to our culture by striving to be the best.

  18. Thank you Art Johnson CR, WLS Canstar Restorations