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  1. By Cameron Bell SYRIAN PROTESTS

  2. The current situation • In Syria at the moment there are many anti-government protests and the government have responded to this through the use of military force • The government have sent tanks which shoot citizens and snipers are shooting people who come out of their homes

  3. The cause • It began in mid-march • The cause of these protests are thought to be because of two teenagers who were arrested for spray painting a wall with an anti-government slogan • Although this action was made in the southern city of Deraa protests have been found all over the country

  4. Something that doesn’t help • Another fact that doesn’t really help the president of Syria is that he is part of a minority • The majority of the population are Sunnis while he is Alawite

  5. The severity • The military forces have invaded into more than 9 cities and have used tanks and snipers as well as multiple of the forms of weapons in order to control the public • There has been videos from civilians which show soldiers firing guns and other firearms • So far there has been a total of 1,600 deaths and tens of thousands more injured and arrested

  6. Examples • On the Muslim festival of Eid al-Adha (one of the holiest days for them) 27 people were killed • In a neighborhood called Baba amr in the city of Homs (one of the most effected areas by the protests) during the first week of protests nearly 100 people were killed

  7. Leaving the country • There are many people who are leaving the country and going into Turkish refugee camps. • They seem to be leaving a lot more near the Turkish border where it is easier to cross

  8. Aid • Multiple different organizations are trying to help out Syria • Turkey is considering sending in some of its own military forces into Syria • Although the UN are trying to help they still have not reached a proper decision for what they should do about the problem

  9. All video evidence • All of the video evidence that BBC has got has been filmed by the protesters themselves as no journalists are allowed into the country.

  10. BBC program • • This is a short part of a news report that BBC did on the events happening in Syria

  11. Sources • BBC website :,,,