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Introduction to the SAP Learning Hub PowerPoint Presentation
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Introduction to the SAP Learning Hub

Introduction to the SAP Learning Hub

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Introduction to the SAP Learning Hub

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  1. Introduction to the SAP Learning Hub Tom Wilder California State University, Chico

  2. Agenda Curriculum Available for your Courses • SAP Learning Hub, academic edition • Data Sets and Courses The Role of the Faculty Coordinator How to order from the UCC • Getting an Account • Ordering your clients • Trouble shooting on the technical side

  3. SAP University Alliances | SAP

  4. SuccessFactors: Home The SAP Learning Hub is built on a SuccessFactors platform. This allows for multiple views and easy access to learning content and collaboration. The Learning Rooms link will allow you to download materials and post questions.

  5. Home Navigate to the University Alliances Learning Room

  6. SAP University Alliances Learning Room - Overview In the Learning Room you will have access to teaching content. Also, in the lower section of the page, you will be able to view and join in on discussions on the different materials that are available.

  7. Curriculum Programs Curriculum programs are centered around the areas that you may want to teach. In each section there are collections of content for that specific topic area.

  8. Enterprise Management In the Enterprise Management area, curriculum is divided by delivery method. The UA material is designed for the classroom. GBI is the UA data set that most instructors use, and what we will cover in this course. There are two main courses listed, Introduction and Configuration.

  9. SuccessFactors: Learning Content Once you click on Assign to Me, the course is assigned to your area. You can also proceed directly as the link has now changed to Start Course. Or you can click on the Start Course link. This will move you to the next screen.

  10. SuccessFactors: Learning Content Click on the material link to start the download

  11. The downloads may be a single file or a collection of files. For the Introduction to ERP using GBI 3.1, the materials are separated into working files. Notice the different modules. You may not want to use all of the modules, so the materials are designed as stand-alone, you can use whichever module you like in which ever order you like. I recommend using chapters 1 – 3 to start any course you are teaching.

  12. 03_Case_Study 04 SD This come is both Word and PDF formats. There are Notes, Data Sheets and the Case Study for each chapter. Looking into Chapter 4, Sales and Distribution, you can see there are 3 files. The Slides file will contain the presentation materials in both Power Point and PDF format. The Exercises are shorter versions that don’t take as much time to complete. The Case Study is more in-depth material on the topic.

  13. SAP University Alliances Learning Room – UCC/ACC There is a navigation link to take you to the UCC’s on the Learning Room Landing page. The University Competence Centers (UCC’s) are your link to SAP systems. Each global UCC hosts SAP instances to support your teaching requirements. You will log into your hosting center to order the SAP products that you need.

  14. SAP University Alliances Learning Room - Events You can always find out when and where the next training session will be held. All SAP UA training sessions are free to attend, you just have to cover your travel and expenses.

  15. openSAP Courses Open SAP offers MOOC courses for more education opportunities. These courses are also available to students. Go to to learn more There are a wide variety of courses, all are free of charge. You can get a record of completion for any current course. Archived courses are still available to take, and for a fee you can receive the record of completion.

  16. ERP-SIM • ERPsim games are an innovative “learning-by-doing” approach to teaching ERP concepts. Using a continuous-time simulation, students are put in a situation in which they have to run their business with a real-life ERP (mySAP ECC 6.0) system. Teams of four students are tasked with operating a company; be it a bottled water distributor, a   • make-to-stock cereal manufacturer, or a Dairy company depending on the version, and must interact with suppliers and customers by sending and receiving orders, delivering their products and completing the whole cash-to-cash cycle.

  17. Homework • Identify which classes your institution would like to have implement SAP as a tool • Search the UA library for curriculum to see what is available • Download the curriculum to make sure the concepts match or can be arranged to meet your specifications • Next up: • We will look at the role of the faculty coordinator, then we will see how to order classes on the UCC site • Later, we will see how to log onto the system

  18. Faculty Coordinator Role

  19. Role of the University Alliances Faculty Coordinator Support faculty members teaching with SAP • Receive and distribute communications from University Alliances • Help faculty select University Alliances workshops and SAP events for their discipline • Assist faculty in UAC access, downloading curriculum, installing SAP GUI, posting on the Collaboration Workspace • Foster a cross-disciplinary University Alliances program to expand opportunities for students to gain SAP experience

  20. Role of the University Alliances Faculty Coordinator Support students with SAP opportunities • Career center on UAC • Annual SAP Scholarship program • SAP Student Interest Group Student Certification Academy(TERP-10) “SAP Certified Associate – Business Foundation & Integration with SAP ERP 6.0 EhP5 certificate”

  21. SAP Student Recognition Award SAP University Alliances recognizes ( insert student’s full name here, bold font ) for satisfactory completion of a program of study supported by the SAP Product Portfolio as offered by (insert school’s name here) For SAP University Alliances: Director, North America Program

  22. Role of the University Alliances Faculty Coordinator Support SAP customers seeking partnerships • Curriculum advisement • Recruiting • Classroom speaking opportunities • ASUG chapter meetings

  23. Role of the University Alliances Faculty Coordinator Approved Enforce SAP policies • Press releases must focus on enhancing education, not “SAP Training” • Program/course titles and course descriptions may not begin with,nor emphasize, “SAP” • Members may only use the University Alliances logo, not SAP logo • Students are not allowed access to the private area of the UAC Not Allowed

  24. Role of the University Alliances Faculty Coordinator Support your University Competence Center (UCC) • Encourage faculty in appropriate use of UCC support staff (systems support, not curriculum help desk) • Ensure faculty accurately enter course and student information when ordering clients • Monitor client usage to remain within contract requirements • Ensure ongoing funding and timely payment of annual hosting fee to maintain access

  25. Ucc hosting centers

  26. Hosting Centers When you become an SAP University Alliances member, you will be assigned to one of two hosting centers. California State University, Chico Directors Tom Wilder and Jim Connolly University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee Director Ross Hightower Host centers run your servers Requests for courses and course set-up These requests will go through your curriculum director located at your school You may be asked to request your own system

  27. If you are hosted at Milwaukee….. • • Register on the site • Request your SAP clients • An e-mail will be sent when the request is filled • It will also show under your Customer > Assigned Client screen • Check the Curriculum Library for datasets and client matches

  28. If you are hosted at Chico….. • • Register on the site • Request your SAP clients • An e-mail will be sent when the request is filled • It will also show under your Customer > Assigned Client screen • Check the Curriculum Library for datasets and client matches

  29. This screen builds as you go

  30. Cursor does not change to pointer when over the link, but you can still click on it!

  31. Much more available on the UCCSS (Self-Service) site • Your UCC’s provide the clients, users and support for the systems • They do not create or maintain the curriculum • While the tech teams can help with curriculum issues, this should be your last resort for that type of help • Post issues on the Learning Hub, and see if your issue has already been addressed.

  32. Up Next: More fun with GBI • Learn how two bicyclists from two countries merge their respective companies together to form Global Bike Incorporated