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Cartoon Analysis

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Cartoon Analysis
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Cartoon Analysis

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  1. Cartoon Analysis Year 10 2012 Leaning objective: To write an analytical introduction for a cartoon analysis essay.

  2. Know these terms: • Context • Purpose/Message/Contention • Target Audience

  3. Leunig Cartoon Discuss and take notes: What is the context of the cartoon? What is the issue Leunig is responding to? Who is the target? In other words, who is Leunig cartoon criticising? For what purpose has he created the cartoon? What does he think about the issue?

  4. Sample introduction context The debate over whether childcare is a healthy way to care for babies, is the subject of Leunig’s cartoon. Leunig is critical of working mothers who rely on creches. The cartoon puts forward the view that babies left in creches are unhappy and unstimulatedand implies that mothers who send their children to creches are selfish. target message purpose

  5. Ways to explain context in your essay (Insert name)’s cartoon is a response to debate surrounding(insert issue or event) the current election, the recent increase in interest rates, match-fixing allegations in Pakistan. or Recently, (insert event or issue), has raised debate in the media.

  6. Ways to explain purpose/message/ artist’s contention... (Insert name of cartoonist) argues that.... (Insert name of the cartoonist) asserts that.... (Insert name of the cartoonist) puts forward the view that...

  7. Ways to explain audience. People who are __________ would be persuaded by this cartoon…. This cartoon is targeted at…. This is designed to persuade people who…. This cartoon would appeal to….

  8. Practice writing Using one of the following cartoon, write an introduction using some of the prompts if you need.

  9. What’s the likely caption? “Some day, son, …”

  10. What’s the likely caption? “Some day, son, …” • … you’ll have a job here! • … all this will be your problem! • … this will make you rich! • …you’ll thank me for this!

  11. What’s the likely caption? What clues indicated this quote? Well, the gas masks are a big hint!!! The father is clearly aware of the problem… but still in his suit and tie, maybe running the business.. What does that tell you!!?

  12. Vocabulary • Facial expression • Body language • Layout • Shading • Attack • Mockery • Positioning and size of objects • Caption/text

  13. Cartoon Analysis Guide • Use this guide to identify the persuasive techniques used in cartoons.

  14. Select one of the cartoons from your pack of cartoons and write your opening paragraph.