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Biology. JEOPARDY!. Life Processes. Cells. Energy. Biochemistry. Reproduction. Round Two. Guess. Genetics. Botany. Misc. Ecology. Round One. END. CELLS FOR 100. Cells with a nucleus. CHECK YOUR ANSWER. CELLS FOR 100. What are eukaryotes? . Back. GAMEBOARD. CELLS FOR 200.

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  1. Biology JEOPARDY!

  2. Life Processes Cells Energy Biochemistry Reproduction Round Two

  3. Guess Genetics Botany Misc. Ecology Round One END

  4. CELLS FOR 100 Cells with a nucleus. CHECK YOUR ANSWER

  5. CELLS FOR 100 What are eukaryotes? Back GAMEBOARD

  6. CELLS FOR 200 Control center of the cell; houses DNA. CHECK YOUR ANSWER

  7. CELLS FOR 200 What is the nucleus? Back GAMEBOARD

  8. CELLS FOR 300 This cell organelle is the site of protein synthesis. CHECK YOUR ANSWER

  9. CELLS FOR 300 What is the ribosome? Back GAMEBOARD

  10. CELLS FOR 400 Diffusion of water across a semipermeable membrane. CHECK YOUR ANSWER

  11. CELLS FOR 400 What is osmosis? Back GAMEBOARD

  12. CELLS FOR 500 The site where glucose is turned into ATP. CHECK YOUR ANSWER

  13. CELLS FOR 500 What are mitochondria? Back GAMEBOARD

  14. BIOCHEMISTRY FOR 100 The four main organic molecules. CHECK YOUR ANSWER

  15. BIOCHEMISTRY FOR 100 What are Carbohydrates, Proteins, Lipids, & Nucleic Acids? Back GAMEBOARD

  16. BIOCHEMISTRY FOR 200 Four elements common to all living things. CHECK YOUR ANSWER

  17. BIOCHEMISTRY FOR 200 What are carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen & oxygen? Back GAMEBOARD

  18. BIOCHEMISTRY FOR 300 A solution with a pH less than 7 and a solution with a PH greater than 7. CHECK YOUR ANSWER

  19. BIOCHEMISTRY FOR 300 What is an acid? What is a base? Back GAMEBOARD

  20. BIOCHEMISTRY FOR 400 The building blocks of proteins. CHECK YOUR ANSWER

  21. BIOCHEMISTRY FOR 400 What are amino acids? Back GAMEBOARD

  22. BIOCHEMISTRY FOR 500 A translucent spot on a brown paper bag is a positive test for this CHECK YOUR ANSWER

  23. BIOCHEMISTRY FOR 500 What is a lipid? Back GAMEBOARD

  24. LIFE PROCESSES FOR 100 A cell’s ability to maintain its internal environment despite changes on the outside. CHECK YOUR ANSWER

  25. LIFE PROCESSES FOR 100 What is homeostasis? Back GAMEBOARD

  26. LIFE PROCESSES FOR 200 Lowers the activation energy CHECK YOUR ANSWER

  27. LIFE PROCESSES FOR 200 What is an enzyme (catalyst) Back GAMEBOARD

  28. LIFE PROCESSES FOR 300 Structures in related organisms that have different functions (i.e. wing of bat, flipper of whale, arm of human). CHECK YOUR ANSWER

  29. LIFE PROCESSES FOR 300 What are homologous structures? Back GAMEBOARD

  30. LIFE PROCESSES FOR 400 The chemical equation for photosynthesis CHECK YOUR ANSWER

  31. LIFE PROCESSES FOR 400 What is Carbon dioxide + water yields glucose + oxygen? Back GAMEBOARD

  32. Daily Double The formula for cellular respiration. CHECK YOUR ANSWER

  33. Daily Double What is O2+C6H12O6 CO2+H2O? Back GAMEBOARD

  34. ENERGY FOR 100 The process of food production by capturing sunlight energy. CHECK YOUR ANSWER

  35. ENERGY FOR 100 What is photosynthesis? Back GAMEBOARD

  36. ENERGY FOR 200 An organism that absorbs energy from sunlight for use in making food. CHECK YOUR ANSWER

  37. ENERGY FOR 200 What is an autotroph? Back GAMEBOARD

  38. ENERGY FOR 300 The ultimate source of energy for all living things. CHECK YOUR ANSWER

  39. ENERGY FOR 300 What is the sun? Back GAMEBOARD

  40. ENERGY FOR 400 In order to produce the energy required by most living things, these two processes form a continuous cycle. CHECK YOUR ANSWER

  41. ENERGY FOR 400 What are photosynthesis and cellular respiration? Back GAMEBOARD

  42. ENERGY FOR 500 This energy storage molecule is responsible for storing all of your body’s energy. CHECK YOUR ANSWER

  43. ENERGY FOR 500 What is ATP? Back GAMEBOARD

  44. REPRODUCTION FOR 100 Reproduction with one parent; reproduction with two parents. CHECK YOUR ANSWER

  45. REPRODUCTION FOR 100 What is asexual reproduction? What is sexual reproduction? Back GAMEBOARD

  46. REPRODUCTION FOR 200 The cells used by animals to produce other animals like themselves. CHECK YOUR ANSWER

  47. REPRODUCTION FOR 200 What are gametes (sex cells)? (egg and sperm) Back GAMEBOARD

  48. REPRODUCTION FOR 300 Nuclear division that results in the production of two diploid daughter cells. CHECK YOUR ANSWER

  49. REPRODUCTION FOR 300 What is mitosis? Back GAMEBOARD

  50. REPRODUCTION FOR 400 The fertilized egg that results when a sperm and egg unite. CHECK YOUR ANSWER

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