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The Pendulum Project PowerPoint Presentation
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The Pendulum Project

The Pendulum Project

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The Pendulum Project

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  1. The Pendulum Project By: Alexander lee Jones Due:10-21-10

  2. Who Made The Pendulum In 1637 a man named Galileo had blue prints for the pendulum In 1649 his son tried to make the pendulum clock . But neither of these two men lived to finish the pendulum clock.

  3. Who made the pendulum clock continued • Then in 1965 a man named Christian Huygens made the pendulum clock successfully by 1966 . • Christian Huygens was a Dutch scientist • He was very successful in his life and made at least half a million dollars off of his style of the pendulum clock

  4. How the pendulum clock was made • The pendulum clock has five main parts. • 1 the power source which is the weight that turns the pulley. • 2 A wheel that pushes the power speed.

  5. How the pendulum clock was made continued • 4 An escapement which gives precise time impulses to the pendulum in order to keep it swinging. • 5 the pendulum and an indicator that records the amount of times the escapement rotates which equals the amount of time that has passed.

  6. How the pendulum was used The pendulum clock was the standard time keeper throughout the world for more than 250 years. In 1927 the quarts clock was invented and replaced the common pendulum clock. However the pendulum clock date down to the millisecond and is still used in many households and businesses around the world

  7. How the pendulum was used continued • Refinements led in 1889 To Sigmund Riffles clock with nearly a free pendulum which had an accuracy of a hundredth a second a day. A true free pendulum clock was introduced by R.J.Rudd about 1898.

  8. About the pendulum clock • The pendulum on the pendulum clock swings back and forth between a period of time that is equal to the square root of its length. • This moving can be adjusted by moving the pendulum up or down on the rod.

  9. About the pendulum clock continued • Find adjustments can be done with a small weight on the pendulum rod or a small tray that is located on the rod where a small series of weights are placed • The pendulum clock is the most accurate time keeper threw history .

  10. About the pendulum clock continued • The pendulum clock is stationary as any motion can effect the pendulum. • Which can cause the time on the pendulum clock to become invalid • Today the pendulum clock is found in homes because of its appearance and antique value.