the pendulum clock n.
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The Pendulum Clock PowerPoint Presentation
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The Pendulum Clock

The Pendulum Clock

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The Pendulum Clock

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  1. The Pendulum Clock By: Kayro Mondragon 10/12/10 Think Tank 1

  2. Intro • This presentation is going to tell you about a invention that is from many years ago and that has developed. This is a an invention called a pendulum clock. I will tell you all about this invention with this presentation. So SHHH!

  3. How the pendulum clock was made and by who • The pendulum clock started by the man known as Galileo Galieli. He started to make the plans, but he never got to build the devise. • Then a scientist named Huygens made the first working pendulum clock but his clock had a error it was minute less then a day. • The n Huygens had made a another pendulum clock this one had a another error but it was 10 seconds less a day.

  4. How long did it take to get a working pendulum clock • These mistakes weren’t fixed till around the early 1900’s. This man was named W. H. Shrott. His clock was called the Shrott clock and this clock was one of the most famous clocks known to the world. This clock also replaced Rieflers Clock. • This clock was one of the famous ones because this clock didn’t have any errors and you would not have to fix daily the pendulum clock.

  5. How Galileo Galieli thought of the Pendulum Clock • Galileo thought of this idea in a palace watching it move side to side. Then he noticed that the motion of the chandelier. That it took a amount of time to swing in the opposite direction and that it also moved in a certain amount of time with how much it weighed.The n he started to make the design of the pendulum clock but before he did he died.

  6. How the pendulum clock has advanced • The pendulum clock has been advanced from at least tw0 thousand years ago. The first two pendulum clock had a failure this clock was the first two pendulum clock ever made. It was built was on the year 1671. Then a man named Siegmund Rielfers, his penedulum clock was a free motion but you would to fix it daily. So the n a man named W. H. Shrott made one of the great the greatest pendulum clocks his clock had 2 pendulums that didn’t need any mechanical issues daily.

  7. How the pendulum clock works. • The pendulum clock was by a series of gears and weights. First the gears work by a weight at the end of a metal rod that swings back and fourth. • Every time it swings the gears start moving and a gears and start moving the second hand and so it starts to start moving the rest of the hands. • Some pendulum clock have a sound every hour so they can tell you every however that passes and it works by a gear that has a gear that is connected to a certain machine and every time a gear passes it.

  8. Conclusion • Even though this clock is thousands of years old it has devolped sense when it was originally invented. This clock started of as your free pendulum then started involving grand farther clocks. So then sense history is passing this clock will be involved even more in the future.

  9. Where I got my in formation • • • • •