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Woodstock Elementary S chool

Woodstock Elementary S chool

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Woodstock Elementary S chool

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  1. Woodstock Elementary School Orientation for School-Affiliated Volunteers

  2. Title I Distinguished School • Current building established in 2004 • Enrollment – 1,097 students • Demographics • African American: 13% • American Indian: 2% • Asian: 1% • Caucasian: 59% • Hispanic: 20% • Multi-Racial: 5% • The student population is equal in regards to gender. Presently there are 50% of the students that are female and 50% male. For the last four years, the trend in the student population has been a higher percentage of males as opposed to females. • 50%+ of students qualify for free/reduced lunch • School Improvement Plan (SIP) About Woodstock ES

  3. To provide guidance and encouragement to students. • To share knowledge to help enrich a student’s academics • To follow all protocol regarding procedures in house and adopted county guidelines • To be consistent and committed • To have fun! Purpose of School Volunteer Program

  4. Thank you for volunteering your valuable time to help make our school a better place for teachers to teach and for students to learn. The following guidelines will hopefully make your stay a pleasant and productive experience. • 1. If you promise to be here on a certain day and time, please don’t let us down. We really do need you! • 2. Tell us what you really enjoy doing and what skills you have to contribute. We want you to enjoy your visit here. • 3. Always wear your volunteer tag. We require our staff to challenge anyone who is not a staff member and/or who is not properly identified. • 4. If you see or hear students do or say things that are obviously inappropriate, let a teacher or administrator know who the students are and what they did. Please do not attempt to correct the problem yourself! • 5. If you are stationed in the Main Office, always identify yourself as a parent volunteer when addressing visitors or answering the phone. • 6. If there is a school problem, refer it to someone on the school staff. It is our job to solve school problems. • 7. When you volunteer to work in the office, remember that you must respect every student’s and parent’s right of confidentiality. • Volunteers who work in the office will invariably become aware of situations in which a student is there for disciplinary reasons. If this happens, we insist that the student’s name not be discussed with anyone inside or outside of school. • 8. If you are volunteering to work in the classroom, make sure your presence is as unobtrusive as possible. Teachers need help, but a volunteer who doesn’t follow directions becomes an added burden rather than a support. • 9. If you have concerns after a visit, make sure you either discuss them with the administrator, or counselor or, even better, write your concerns down and give them to the principal. • 10. Have a good time! A school filled with happy volunteers is a better place to teach and learn. • 11. Understand that under current GA Law (O.C.G.A § 19-7-5), school-affiliated volunteers are considered as “mandated reporters” of suspected child abuse. Should you gain information as it relates to a suspected case of child abuse through a verbal/written communication, direct observation, or some other manner, you must report this information to your school’s administration immediately. It will become that administrator’s (or designee’s) responsibility to then report the suspected abuse to the appropriate state or local investigative agency. Our common goal is to have the best schools possible. Together we can make it happen! Guidelines for Volunteers

  5. CHILD ABUSE AND NEGLECT REPORTING • School District employees and school-affiliated volunteers are required to immediately report suspected child abuse and neglect to the appropriate authorities and/or to the Principal or designee of the school in which the student is enrolled. • “Any child under 18 years of age who is believed to have had physical injury or injuries inflicted upon him or her, other than by accidental means, by a parent or caretaker or has been neglected or exploited by a parent or caretaker or has been sexually assaulted shall be identified to a child welfare agency providing protective services where the child lives and having been designated to the county’s Department of Family and Children Services by state law and the Georgia Department of Human Resources.” • In order to meet legal responsibilities, reports of suspected child abuse and neglect are to be made in good faith, and the education of School District personnel and school affiliated volunteers in the identification of child abuse and neglect shall rest with the School District. This reporting is legal under Section 99.31(a)(5) and 99.36 of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act and does not constitute a violation: if the disclosure is to appropriate parties in connection with the a health or safety emergency and knowledge of the information is necessary to protect the health or safety of the student or others. Mandated Reporter

  6. Mrs. Kim Montalbano – Principal • Ms. Andrea Puhy – Assistant Principal • Dr. Tom Usry – Assistant Principal • Dealing with disciplinary-based incidents • Addressing school-related/class-related concerns • Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) • Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) • Employee-based Information Administration

  7. Crisis Team • Monthly Fire Drills • Code Red Drill • Evacuation Maps School Safety Components

  8. Camp Learnalotta • Beta Club • Green Team • Social Studies Fair • Reading Bowl • Spelling Bee • Young Authors Fair • Kids Art (offered in ASP) • Youth Sports Instruction (offered in ASP) • Guitar Club (offered in ASP) • Bits, Bytes, and Bots (offered in ASP) • YMCA Youth Fit for Life (offered in ASP) School Programs

  9. Please visit the Woodstock Elementary School website for event dates throughout the school year. • CCSD School Year Calendar is available on our website. • Bell Schedule: School Calendar/Events

  10. Woodstock Elementary School 230 Rope Mill Road Woodstock, GA 30188 Phone - 770-926-6969 Fax – 770-924-6332