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High S chool Stereotypes PowerPoint Presentation
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High S chool Stereotypes

High S chool Stereotypes

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High S chool Stereotypes

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  1. High School Stereotypes

  2. The Jock The term jock is a classic stereotype of a male athlete. The term is attributed mostly to high school athletics participants who form a significant youth subculture. This term is based on the belief that a jock is muscular, yet slower in the brain and cannot carry a conversation on any topic other than one relating to weight lifting or sports. The concept of a jock has become ingrained in American culture as a negative stereotype of athletically-oriented males. This dichotomy has been referenced to as themes in movies, TV and books.

  3. The Cheerleader • The cheerleader stereotype is that of a small-frame, beautiful hair, feisty attitude, and overall beautiful. They are generally portrayed in the media as the mean girls of the school, perfectly complimenting the jocks. Cheerleaders sport the most expensive clothing brands and handbags and throw the best parties. They too, like the jocks, are known for not being very bright. Cheerleaders usually get away with everything, as they use their good looks to get out of trouble.

  4. The Goths • Heavy metal and scream music is what they are known to listen to. In movie or TV shows they are known to cut themselves. They wear outrageous outfits consisting of: black fishnets, link chains, spike bracelets and necklaces, heavy eye makeup, and generally black garments.

  5. The Nerds • The nerds do not go out on the weekends, but stay indoors playing video games or chess instead. Their social lives are constricted and they dress in plaid shirts and high waisted pants. Many nerds have glasses or braces, and sometimes both. They get picked on by the Jocks and dream of someday being able to get with the cheerleaders.

  6. The Surfers/Skaters • The skaters and surfers are known to miss class on a regular basis. They are involved with drugs such as marijuana and idolize the signer Bob Marley. They spend their days skateboarding, snowboarding, or surfing, depending on the weather. This stereotype is characterized by long blonde hair and baggy garments. Their vocabulary consists of the term "Dude”.

  7. TV Shows • Television stereotypes of high schools have often promoted a “typical American school” as football games, fashion, flirting and not much dedication to academics or studying. • The teen sitcom “Saved by the Bell” features a typical group of high school stereotypes. • You have Zack Morris, the class clown • A.C. Slater, the popular and good looking jock • Screech, the nerd • Kelly Kapowski, the beautiful cheerleader • Jessie Spano, the feminist • Lisa Turtle, a superficial fashion princess

  8. Movies The movie “Mean Girls” is an example of high school stereotypes portrayed in the media. In the movie there are groups such as try-hards, wannabes, burn-outs, sexually active band geeks and art freaks. All the girls in the school want to be part of the plastics group, which consists of the popular, wealthy, beautiful girls who are catty and judgmental.