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  1. Goal! Setting your goals for the future Week FOUR Ring Toss, DAPPS

  2. Last Week • Values • Auction • The Alligator River Story • Card Sort • Homework • Journal: Values

  3. Write Your Obituary/Perfect Career • What is an obituary? • It is a death notice of a person • Remember this is just an exercise • When you are writing, think about: • Values you have • What accomplishments you have done or would like to do • Roles you play in life and the purpose of the roles • How you made a difference • How you want people to remember you Workbook – page 36-37

  4. Ice Breaker Ring Toss

  5. Agenda • Goals & Motivation • What are goals? • Why are they important • Research at Yale University • How do you reach your goals? • How do you motivate yourself?

  6. “We…believe that one reason so many high school and college students have so much trouble focusing on their studies is because they don’t have a goal, don’t know what all this studying is leading to.” Muriel James & Dorothy Jongeward

  7. Research at Yale University Researchers asked members of the class of 1953 if they has specific, written, long-term goals. Only 3% did. 20 years later, the researchers contacted the same graduates to see what happened to them. The 3% with goals had lives that were measurable better that the 97% without goals. The 3% who has set specific goals had accumulated more personal wealth then the other 97% put together On Course 4th Ed, Skip Downing

  8. How to set a goal To be effective, a goal need five qualities Remember: “DAPPS” rule “DAPPS” is an acronym (word form from initial of names) Dated Achievable Personal Positive Specific On Course 4th Ed, Skip Downing Workbook – page 40

  9. D - Dated Effective goals have specific deadlines Short term goal usually has a deadline within a few months or less Long term goal usually has a deadline of a year or more (sometimes 5-10 year) As deadline approaches, your motivation typically increases. This energy help you finish strong. If you don’t meet you deadline, you have an opportunity to examine what went wrong and create a new plan Without deadline, you might stretch the pursuit of a goal over your whole life time On Course 4th Ed, Skip Downing Workbook – page 40

  10. A - Achievable Effective goals are realistic Example Running the marathon… Practice 1 week before the marathon by running around the block Practice 1 year before the marathon with someone that have done the marathon Set your limit: not too high and not too low Ask your self: “Can this be done?” On Course 4th Ed, Skip Downing Workbook – page 40

  11. P - Personal Effective goals are your goals, not someone else’s Ask yourself if your current goals contribute to your personal dreams On Course 4th Ed, Skip Downing Workbook – page 40

  12. P - Positive Effective goals focus your energy on what you do want that on what you don’t want Translate negative goals into positive goals Example Negative: I will stop being late to class Positive: I will arrive on time to every class Negative: I will stop eating junk food Positive: I will start eating healthy food On Course 4th Ed, Skip Downing Workbook – page 40

  13. S - Specific Effective goals state outcomes in specific, measurable terms Example Good: My goal is to do better this semester Better: I will achieve a 3.5 GPA or better this semester Good: My goal is to play better at basketball Better: I will achieve at least 80% or better on the basketball court On Course 4th Ed, Skip Downing Workbook – page 40

  14. Dated: specific deadlines for goals Achievable: realistic goals Personal: effective goals are your goals, not someone else’s Positive: focus your energy on what you do want rather than what you don’t want Specific: effective goals state outcomes in specific, measurable terms How to set a Goal: DAPPS Rule On Course 4th Ed, Skip Downing Workbook – page 40

  15. Life Roles A life role is an activity to which we regularly devote large amounts of time and energy For example: College student Parent Significant other Athlete Etc… What roles do you play? On Course 4th Ed, Skip Downing Workbook – page 40

  16. Life Dreams We have dreams in each life role Example College student – to get a bachelor degree Parent – to raise and support my children Significant other – to have a happy and health relationship Athlete – to participate in the Olympic On Course 4th Ed, Skip Downing Workbook – page 40

  17. Committing to your Dreams Do not doubt yourself, doubting discourages creative energies to develop a plan. A clear plan helps you stay on track and motivates you to reach your goals. Visualization will help motivate you to see the end results. Visualize your dreams then make them a reality. On Course 4th Ed, Skip Downing Workbook – page 40

  18. Lets Visualize

  19. “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” ~ Eleanor Roosevelt

  20. Creating Your Life Plan Your Life Roles College Student Your Dreams in Each Role Registered Nurse (Associate Degree) Your Long-term Goals for Each Dream To become a RN by Spring 2014 Your Short-term Goals for Each Long-term Goal Pass all my classes this semester with a 3.5 GPA or better (Fall 2010) Register for Credit at Mt. SAC by Winter 2011 Register for all my classes that I need to get into the Nursing program by Fall 2011 Get a 3.5 or better in ANAT 10A, 10B, MICR 22 and English 1A (Fall 2011) See a counselor to put together Educational Plan by Fall 2010 and every semester after that Workbook – page 40

  21. Team Presentation Select groups for Student Services Presentation All Groups will present on Week EIGHT Rules & Guidelines Workbook – page 41

  22. Presentation Topic Admissions & Records Assessment Center Associated Students Bridge Program Career Placement Counseling/Advising Department Disabled Student Programs & Services Extended Opportunity Programs & Services Financial Aid Office Health Services Learning Assistance Center Re-Entry Center Student Life Center Do you want to do a campus tour next class? Workbook – page 44

  23. Homework • Journal: Goal • DAPPS Worksheet