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  1. Goal: Reduce project delays and missteps by communicating upfront expectations and requirements to all team members.

  2. ADDIE Write Instructional Design Documents Review Instructional Design Documents

  3. Basic Documents Task Analysis Design Document Storyboard

  4. Storyboarding Template Toolbar (Macros) Storyboard Template

  5. Accessibility – Content Graphics If the graphic contains information that does not appear in the immediate content, include the missing content as alternate text. You should strive to fully incorporate graphic content in the instructional material. Alternate Text: Total: 1996 is 20% 2006 is 30% <32: 1996 is 35% 2006 is 45% 32-33: 1996 is 30% 2006 is 40% …

  6. Accessibility – Content Graphics (Cont.) If the graphic is a picture of a job aid, form or other lengthy content piece: • Alternate Text: State what the picture is as long as the individual understands the concept.Alt: Picture of Form XXX-101 • Make the graphic a link to the form or to a perceivable version of the content. The link will still contain alternative text.Type: Graphic with External Link Link to Form XXX-101

  7. Accessibility – Cosmetic Graphics For graphics that do not contain information… Do not want extraneous information if it is not DIRECTLY relevant to the topic. Picture of woman with a clipboard and pen.The woman appears to be in her mid 20s and has black hair and is wearing a gray coat.

  8. Accessibility – Cosmetic Graphics There is no universally accepted answer to the cosmetic graphics question. • Two most cited answer: • Do not include Alternate Text for cosmetic graphics. • For reasons of social inclusion, put a minimal amount of alternate text. Alt: Picture of woman with a clipboard.

  9. Basic Links Blind and Extreme Low Vision: • Assistive technologies such as JAWS will usually announce a link within the content. • Assistive technologies such as JAWS can pull the links out of context.

  10. Basic Links – Out of Context SAFE: The link must be able to stand alone, out of context. TEST: Read the links independent of the content. Bad Example: Click here for Form A. Click here for Form B. Click here for Form C. Click here Click here Click here

  11. Basic Links – Out of Context (Cont.) For a more comprehensive list of NVDA shortcuts, see our list of NVDA keyboard shortcuts.

  12. Basic Links – Out of Context (Cont.) • The NVDA User Guide is available, but has very minimal documentation. • You can download NVDA for free (Windows only).

  13. Contact Information: Hiram Kuykendall