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Survival Guide

Survival Guide

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Survival Guide

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  1. Survival Guide English II with Ms. Stallsworth Plus some not-so-subliminal messages about reading

  2. READ!

  3. English II: World Literature • Origins of Thought and Belief • Global Perspectives • Cultural Conflict • Breaking Barriers • Archetypes • Common themes and experiences

  4. English II: Literary Analysis • Novels • Myths • Short Stories • Nonfiction: Articles, Letters, Memoirs • Theater

  5. READ!

  6. English II: Writing • Research Writing • Literary Analysis • Creative Writing • Poetry • Grammar Skills • Vocabulary Upgrades • You will want to check out my wiki, under Writing Tips, for oodles of info, strategies, and reminders to help you plan, research, organize, execute, and edit quality writing.

  7. English II: EOC Prep • Text Analysis • Annotation • Reading Tricky Questions Correctly • Constructed Response Writing • See my wiki, under Review Guides, for tips on the EOC (as well as review guides for course tests as the semester progresses).

  8. Grading Policies • We use the same grading scale as the rest of the county; see my wiki if you don’t remember it. • Per AK policy, formal assignments constitute 70% of your grade; informal assignments comprise 30%. • Late work (grrrrrrrrrrr!) • Not turned in? It’s a zero. • One day late? 10% off assessed grade • Two days late? 20% off assessed grade • Later than that? (Seriously?) 50% off assessed grade

  9. Power School and Human Frailty • I keep Power School as updated as possible: most assignments are in within a day or two. That said, essays take me considerably longer, so please be patient as I try to give each of you all the feedback you need. • I am an English teacher. What does that mean? It means numbers and I have a difficult relationship. For that reason, please check your grades in Power School. If you have any questions or it looks like I’ve made a mistake, check with me! Me. I struggle with math.

  10. Remind 101 • Find which block you are in and text 704-893-8730 the following message to subscribe and get all the class updates and reminders. • 1st Block~ @mrsstallsw • 2nd Block ~ @36bc • 4th Block ~@b57e5

  11. Extra Credit: I don’t generally deal in extra credit. That said, I do offer optional assignments. Optional assignments are NOT extra credit. You will not receive "extra" points. Instead, you will have the chance to have an additional assignment added to your average. See my wiki, under Optional Assignments, for more information and for a list of assignments that are available.

  12. READ!

  13. Expectations: Respect and Courtesy • This means paying attention in class.

  14. Expectations: Respect and Courtesy • It also means waiting your turn to talk.

  15. Expectations: Respect and Courtesy • It means courtesy and kindness to everyone.

  16. Expectations: Effort • This means completing all assignments, because grades aren’t free!

  17. Expectations: Effort • It also means studying!

  18. Expectations: Effort • A word on absences: effort means YOU find out what you missed and YOU make plans to make it up. This may involve scheduling a time to meet with me, checking my wiki or the calendar for assignments, or talking with your classmates. If you are absent and you miss an assignment, that’s on YOU. I will not chase after you. Also important: if you are absent the day a long-announced, major assignment is due, that assignment needs to reach me on the due date. Otherwise, it is late.

  19. Expectations: Honesty • My biggest pet peeve? Cheating—and this includes plagiarism. In fact, this isn’t really a pet peeve. That’s not a strong enough word. This is more a source of volcanic fury barely containable by the admittedly penitentiary-like walls of this building.

  20. Expectations: No Excuses! • There is no excuse for disrespect. • There is no excuse for a lack of effort. • There is no excuse for missed work (there may be reasons,though they are rare and few will be accepted). This means I don’t want to hear about your printer, your dog, or aliens.

  21. READ!

  22. Required Materials: General Supplies • Flash/jump drive • Binder (see next slide) • Pens and #2 pencils • Highlighters • Paper • 1 manila folder • 1 box of tissues

  23. Required Materials: Notebook • Your notebook: a 3-ring, 2-inch binder, divided as follows: • Data/EOC prep • Writing and Grammar (This includes your printed writing tips from this wiki, as well as drafts and prewriting activities you are working.) • Ancient Greece: Birthplace of Heroes and Cradle of Civilization • Africa: Kingdoms and Conquest • The Middle East : Ancient Wisdom, Sin and Atonement • Asia, Europe and Latin America: Wisdom and Poetry, Fantastic Journeys • Shakespeare and The Merchant of Venice • Novel materials • Daily warm-ups should be completed in the sections to which their content applies in each instance.Each notebook entry should be dated and titled.The daily objective and lesson-essential questions must be entered each day.There will be periodic notebook checks.

  24. Required Materials: Books/Novels Standard Novels/Plays/Books to Purchase: • The Kite Runner OR A Thousand Splendid Suns, both by Khaled Hosseini • The Merchant of Venice, by William Shakespeare • The Stranger, by Albert Camus • Vocabulary Workshop, Level E, published by Sadlier-Oxford Honors Novels/Plays/Books to Purchase: • The Kite Runner OR A Thousand Splendid Suns, both by Khaled Hosseini • Till We Have Faces, by C.S. Lewis • The Merchant of Venice, by William Shakespeare • Vocabulary Workshop, Level E, published by Sadlier-Oxford • How to Read Literature Like a Professor, by Thomas C. Foster (This is not a required purchase, but it is recommended--you will use it again in AP Literature, and it's a fantastic resource all the way through high school and college.)

  25. Just a reminder… Specifically, the test will happen on Tuesday, September 2. I hope you’ve read!

  26. READ!