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Survival Guide

Survival Guide

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Survival Guide

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  1. Survival Guide By Brecht Allen

  2. How To Make A Shelter • First you find material to make the shelter you can use sticks or grass to make the shelter • Then you build the shelter up in a half circle with sticks with some of it on a tree for support • When you have the base done you cover it with grass to make it whethertight

  3. How to make a Fire • You find wood • Then you make it in a circle • Then take one stick and put it in the middle then twist it • When a spark catches in the fire blow on it

  4. How To Keep Animals Out Of You’re Shelter • After you have you’re base done take smaller twigs and fill then in until you cant put you’re fists cant go though the gaps • Then you make filling in the front where you get in make a door you take small twigs where pests cant get in make it able to open and close • Then you take a small twig and put it though a gap to lock the door

  5. How to store food • First you find a stable a good place to put so animals cant get it • Then you put you’re suppilies there • Cover you’re food with grass or something to put over top of it • How to store fish find some big rocks then you put them in a circle • After you killed a fish put the skin in the circle make a little door so they can come in but not get out

  6. When You Encounter a Mosse • You don’t want it to charge so you walk very slowly and don’t make it charge • If it does charge and you get hurt play injured or dead and move when its not looking at you • If you do get hurt take some food out of you’re storage until you get better

  7. What To Do When A Tornado Strikes • Get under you’re the stirdest part of you’re shelter • After the tornado done look for pieces of you’re shelter you can use those pieces to make a new shelter • You may have to go to look for more wood

  8. If You have to Survive Without a Shelter • If you find a cave don’t go in it to you make sure its safe if you were going on vacation and you still have a camera and its night you have no shelter take a picture and see if anything is in there it is safe to go in • If there is not a cave get under a tree and stay awake to see if anything happens

  9. How to Signal a Rescue Act • If you have wood make a fire to signal a plane/helicopter • If you have a camera and there are snaps left in the camera take a picture of the plane/helicopter at night to see if it sees the flash

  10. What Type Of Animals and Plants • Gut cherries were turned into jelly. • The nut bushes were fool birds hid were hazel nut bushes The 2 kinds of rabbits were snowshoes and cottontail The Fishes were bluegills sunfish and perch The fool birds were roughed grouse

  11. Survival Guide Power Point • I got my information from websters