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Stress Survival Guide PowerPoint Presentation
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Stress Survival Guide

Stress Survival Guide

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Stress Survival Guide

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  1. Stress Survival Guide These are demonstrated to improve the quality of your life and help you resist disease. 1.) Exercise 20-30 minutes daily: Find the time. Mix it up (aerobics, weights, swim, run, basketball, yoga, tai chi, power walking. Walk up the stairs instead of use the elevator. Only a Type A would hire a trainer. YOU MUST ENJOY DOING IT. 2.) Have a religious experience: Believe in something bigger than you. Meditate or pray regularly. Cardiovascular effects that could add a few years. Help you find the answers to challenges. 3.) Drink far less if at all: Eat much better and less of it: Smaller portions. Cut out deserts except special occasions. Don’t eat or drink before bed time. 4.) Develop a positive outlook: Learn to wait; to be patient. It’s not about how much money you make. Find self worth in being a good person, a good parent. Find the joy around you. 5.) GET MORE SLEEP! Reinhold Niebuhr: The serenity prayer. Lord, grant me the grace to accept with serenity those things I cannot change. The courage to change the things which should be changed and the wisdom to distinguish the one from the other.

  2. Change or Stress Out ! You might not be able to fix all the stressors in your life; at least not all at once. You must fix them though or adapt to them to improve your quality and quantity of life. If you leave stress in your life, in your employee’s lives, you will be less productive, have more illnesses and weaker morale. If you fix the stresses and develop a positive attitude, you will add years to your life and to the quality of your life. Your employees will work better and like doing it. Start out right away. You need to exercise 20-30 minutes every day. Try these exercises just to reduce fatigue when working. Go up stairs, avoid elevators. Take the scenic route when walking. Live long and prosper.