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Survival Guide

Survival Guide

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Survival Guide

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  1. Survival Guide RHET 3603 By Lynn Andrews

  2. Helpful Hints- #10 Research is key: always keep the materials you need at hand.

  3. Helpful Hints- #9 • My Grades • This is where your grades show up. • The information here is key: • Details- brief descriptions of assignments • Last student activity on assignment • Last instructor activity • Grade • Points possible • Feedback/comments from instructor

  4. Helpful Hints- #8Blackboard Chat Common Room The Virtual Lounge • In this room you are able to have chat sessions with fellow students. • To utilize this Virtual Classroom you must be able to use Java • In this room you are also able to chat with fellow students.

  5. Helpful Hints- #7 When in need to get out and stretch those legs, visiting the Campus can help boost the confidence of young and adult students to know we are not the only ones out there….

  6. Helpful Hints- #6 SafeAssign Dropbox • This is the area where you attach your assignments. • Go to the assignment and click on View/complete and you will have an area to • 1. assignment area- • 2.your files and comments- this is an area that will allow you to give comments to the instructor and to attach the assignment by files if you wish. • 3. Submit assignment

  7. Helpful Hints- #5 Media Library • Utilize the Media library for ideas and helpful hints for assignments. • In some cases they may have tidbits of funny stuff

  8. Helpful Hints- #4 Module Folders • This is the Assignment Area: • The assignments are in file like folders; that are folders that give you the assignments and overview of what is to be done. • Each instructor can use the folders to put in daily breakdown of what could be done or important information for the weeks work. • There is a breakdown of two screens-one for the assignment and one for the information given.

  9. Helpful Hints- #3 • Work with the Discussion board. They are called Forums. • Forums are made up of individual discussion threads that can be organized around a particular subject. Create Forums to organize discussions. • The discussion board consists of using Threads: They are a way to make the discussions easy. • You can edit content and get the information for the discussions on the Forum/discussion page • Get to know the other students, sometimes email works but the discussions can be very helpful in online classes.

  10. Helpful Hints- #2 • Keep in contact with the Instructor. • It is very helpful to use the knowledge of the instructor, they have the ability to make or break you, it is difficult enough taking online classes, keep COMMUNICATION OPEN!

  11. Helpful Hints- #1 • Take the online Orientation Quiz • There is a video that goes along with the Quiz, work with it if you can watch it while taking the quiz it is very helpful (could mean using 2 computers). • This quiz can be very helpful with navigating the New Blackboard!

  12. Conclusion Don’t be discouraged by online classes. Use the tools available and remember instructors are Key to making the class a huge success.