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Facing HIV/AIDS at work - Levi Strauss & co. employee HIV/AIDS program PowerPoint Presentation
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Facing HIV/AIDS at work - Levi Strauss & co. employee HIV/AIDS program

Facing HIV/AIDS at work - Levi Strauss & co. employee HIV/AIDS program

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Facing HIV/AIDS at work - Levi Strauss & co. employee HIV/AIDS program

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  1. Facing HIV/AIDS at work - Levi Strauss & co. employee HIV/AIDS program XIX International AIDS Conference Workshop Session: What is the Current Role of the Business Sector in the Response to HIV/AIDS? July 24, 2012 Paurvi Bhatt Senior Director Strategic Health Initiatives

  2. A Pioneering SPIRIT FOR 30 YEARS Levi Strauss & Co. has been a leader in the business response to HIV/AIDS for 30 years. Pioneering Then: • When HIV/AIDS surfaced in 1982, a grassroots movement of Levi Strauss & Co. (LS&Co.) employees and leaders – spearheaded by then CEO, Robert D. Haas – led a workplace and community effort on HIV/AIDS education and prevention. Pioneering Now: • LS&Co. and the Levi Strauss Foundation (LSF) have contributed more than $60 million in response to the pandemic, championing critical issues impacting the spread of HIV/AIDS, such as stigma and discrimination.

  3. Reaching Employees: LS&Co. Employee HIV/AIDS Program HIV/AIDS workplace education coupled with access interventions are critical to ending HIV/AIDS. Our Goals: • To improve access to HIV/AIDS prevention, treatment and care for our employees and their families worldwide • To share best practices Our Employees: • Enthusiastic about LS&Co.‘s legacy in HIV/AIDS and eager to contribute • Reside in locations and countries with different HIV/AIDS levels • Need adequate coverage for HIV/AIDS services based on variations in health system strength and local benefit coverage due to insurance exclusions • Vary in HIV/AIDS knowledge, but are uniformly concerned about workplace confidentiality and discrimination 2

  4. Our Dilemma: Ensuring HIV/AIDS education and Access globally Local partnerships strengthen our effort to ensure global equity and overcome hurdles impacting HIV/AIDS workplace education and access to HIV-related services for employees worldwide. Hurdles to Education: • Few companies have in-house expertise in HIV/AIDS • Many companies do not frame HIV/AIDS workplace efforts to reach retail segment of the business • Global HIV/AIDS workplace education is rarely designed to reach all employee populations Hurdles to Access: • HIV/AIDS services are more commonly offered in “on-site” clinics in factory settings • Improving access to HIV/AIDS services is challenging for companies without clinics • Local private and public health systems are essential to ensure service availability • Unfortunately, local insurance providers exclude HIV/AIDS in many locations

  5. Our Compass: Global Principles • Focus on affordability, availability and/or acceptability • Ensure equity • Deliver locally adaptable programs • Address HIV/AIDS uniquely while integrating with wellness • Proactively manage expansionwith keen focus on results • Enforce workplace policy that supports anti-stigma, non-discrimination and confidentiality • Deliver employee education and benefits • Leverage partnerships to strengthen the local infrastructure • Capture lessons • Determine best practices

  6. Our Program components: policy, education and access Our program is anchored in our global workplace HIV/AIDS policy, and supported by components to ensure education and access.

  7. Our Results: HIV/aids Workplace education Since 2008, we reached employees in over 40 countries by executing a global approach, leveraging partnerships with local NGOs. In HIV/AIDS workplace education we: • Trained over 10,000 employees by end of 2011 • Partnered with over 30 local NGOs worldwide to provide face-to-face HIV/AIDS in the Workplace trainings • Expanded our reach through self-service website,,and web-based animation • Reached retail employees in over 675 stores in our global network with manager cascaded campaigns 6

  8. Our results: Access to HIV/AIDS Services Vibrant and inclusive health systems and insurance markets are essential for business to truly improve access and subsidize HIV/AIDS services. When required, we create new HIV/AIDS benefits and raise awareness of insurance limitations. Globally – Employee HIV/AIDS Benefit Plan: • A stop-gap benefit plan to ensure confidential reimbursement for HIV services In the USA – HIVConnect: • A toll-free HIV/AIDS referral phone line (1-855-HIV-LEVI) for all U.S. employees In South Africa – HIV testing, treatment and care: • Voluntary HIV testing rates increasing and new HIV infections declining In Mexico and India – Local health insurance reform: • LS&Co. championed improved local HIV/AIDS benefits in health plans 7

  9. Our Impact: Employees more engaged and less concerned Globally, employees are motivated, know where to go for HIV/AIDS services, and are less concerned about discrimination, stigma and confidentiality. • But, more needs to be done to improve HIV/AIDS knowledge and workplace support. 8

  10. Our Top 10 Lessons • Follow the Compass: Ensure alignment with guiding principles • Work the Data: Insurance coverage only tells part of the story • Assume Nothing:Ask employees what they need • Equity Matters: Proactively address access issues for all employees • Focus on Prevention (again):Integrate HIV/AIDS into wellness • Engage Employees: Employees want to learn and eager to participate • Align Outcomes:Keep sharp focus and track key results worldwide • Ensure Authenticity:Connect internal effort with external CSR initiatives • Use the Brand:Use marketing tools and the brand to engage • Embrace Innovation: Off-the-shelf solutions are not always available

  11. Our Best Practices: Sharing Lessons at XIX International AIDS conference Join us at our LS&Co. poster presentations!

  12. Thank you If you want to learn more: • About our Employee HIV/AIDS Program: • About Levi Strauss & Co. and our commitment to end the spread of HIV/AIDS: