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“Inside a Brick House”

“Inside a Brick House”. Inside a Brick House. Brick House Partners LLC is a boutique marketing & advertising focused search firm that connects companies and great marketing/advertising talent based on fit. Inside a Brick House. Background Business founded 2008 by Ralph Cutcher

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“Inside a Brick House”

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  1. “Inside a Brick House”

  2. Inside a Brick House Brick House Partners LLC is a boutique marketing & advertising focused search firm that connects companies and great marketing/advertising talent based on fit.

  3. Inside a Brick House Background • Business founded 2008 by Ralph Cutcher • Marketing career with senior leadership • Client – CMO level marketing roles at Bob Evans, Sherwin Williams, Newell Rubbermaid • Agency – Lowe & Partners, Brokaw • Consultant (Agency search & relationship) – The Rojek Cutcher Group • Reputation • Results • Energy • People instincts • High ethics

  4. Inside a Brick House Background • Average tenure for a CMO currently is 28 months • Will this ever approach levels of other C-Suite roles? • Marketing has some of it’s lost luster and influence in executive quarters • Only 7% of most highly compensated executives have marketing in their title • Marketing budget levels reduced • Unlikely to return to historical levels • Agency client relationships average 2 years • AOR?...assignments carry client-agency relationships now • Big reviews for new business (except media) dramatically reduced • New business has gone underground and organic • Marketing and agency staffing levels have reduced to historical low ratios • Teams are built in zero base fashion

  5. Inside a Brick House What Does It mean? • Backdrop for marketing and advertising has shifted permanently – we are not returning to historical levels of anything…now it’s about leading & managing change • Great work = ideas that impact a business quickly • The ground is leveled between assorted sized communications resources -assignments based on best ideas • Digital capability is assumed and now integration is at a premium • Additions to staff will be more stringently viewed, created and vetted by: • Relationship to revenue • Creating new/changing capability • Cultural fit • Effectiveness in change management • One person with great talent who fits will make more of a difference – these are transformational players

  6. Inside a Brick House Build a Better House Questions? • Can there be stronger, more impactful relationships between organizations and talented marketing & advertising people which address these issues? • Can talent search help?

  7. Inside a Brick House Build a Better House Yes - If talent search re-orients toward enduring issues • Focus on fit • Track record and skills and values • Transition from “This is what we do” to “This is what we believe” • Focus on transformational players for business impact

  8. Inside a Brick House How we break the mold for executive search“Transformational player expertise” What does that mean? • Marketing and agency staff are not hired to maintain– they are hired to cause change and stimulate growth. The trick is whether or not they can activate and galvanize the organization in pursuit of those changes– positively and collaboratively while still stretching the team’s view of what is possible. • Our expertise is finding and expertly vetting candidates who combine the experience/skill set, right “circumstantial experience”, cultural fit and “personal effectiveness” in change management.

  9. Inside a Brick House How we break the mold for executive search The best experience is circumstantial. Finding people that have been through what lies ahead of your business is most important. • Category experience is over worked - look harder at the relevance in people’s careers • Hire people for what’s ahead versus the issue of now • Focus on what your company aspires to and dialogue with candidates who have “been there” • i.e. Customer service excellence

  10. Inside a Brick House How we break the mold for executive search • Excellent reputation and network within the marketing & advertising community– trusted beyond the space that search firms are allowed • Depth and subtle insight for marketing searches garnered from a well rounded marketing career perspective 1. CMO level client 2. Agency leader 3. Connected industry consultant 4. Recruiter • Fresh, new perspective and talent • Values • Create legacy in work quality and relationships -- Be contrary to “same old thing” • Do the right thing -- Be quick about things • Do what we said we’d do (DWWSWD) -- Demonstrate how to treat people • Approach • Fit is key • Relevant circumstantial experience is key • Develop organizational support for searches

  11. Inside a Brick House How We Work Defining fit - culture & role • Fast start immersion – internal dialogues with key influencers • We visit your office(s) and absorb the cost • The role, search and remit will be more fully supported by the organization • Bracketed views on role • Business issues ahead for the organization • Organization uniqueness and challenges for change • Overt and subtle insights will be garnered to influence BHP in securing transformational players • What is leveragable – our selling strategy • PsyMax Solutions success profile • PsyMax Solutions is our assessment resource partner www.psymaxsolutions.com • Profile is completed with client following internal dialogues

  12. Inside a Brick House How we work • Position Brief * • Company profile – snapshot, culture, direction and performance • Executive team profile • Job responsibilities • Priority experience and skills • Priority personal characteristics • Compensation, travel, relocation * BHP Deliverable

  13. Inside a Brick House How We Work Sourcing candidates – seeking candidates directly and finding best practices companies for targeting • BHP network (2,500+) focusing on relevant senior relationships in marketing community, financial services, agency community and media resources • Nets a 80-100 referral network for the search • New ground network development in best practice and aspired companies-- inside and outside of financial services • BHP candidate database • For good fit candidates • For best practices company experiences with relevant target companies • Syndicated databases

  14. Inside a Brick House How We Work Candidate interviews/assessment • BHP in-depth vetting interface with every candidate • Position brief and success profile serve as fit guide • Experience fit • Behavioral and cultural fit • Focus on building mutual trust • Assure genuine interest/intent for company, role, move, compensation, etc. • Dig for little “deal breakers” • On-line PsyMax Solutions assessment • Early phase references if needed • Understand “the person” and their relevant circumstantial experience

  15. Inside a Brick House How We Work Candidates recommendation • Target 3 high confidence candidates • Candidate brief* • BHP analysis and POV on each candidate • Assessment report • Resume/CV • Work examples * BHP Deliverable

  16. Inside a Brick House How We Work Initial client interviews • Followed immediately by BHP two-way downloads • Develop new or utilize current client feedback tool • Recommend a discreet, consistent client interview team • Review download summary with client and candidates • Address mutual issues

  17. Inside a Brick House How We Work 2nd Phase Client Interviews • Interviews with consistent interview team • Recommend some informal social time as part of this phase • Recommend that candidates be asked to prepare their initial thoughts on how they would approach the role based on initial phase visit. This point of view would be viewed as widely/narrowly as appropriate for the client

  18. Inside a Brick House How We Work Reference’s and reference brief* • Common themes • Assessment against 12 dimensions (i.e. leadership, relationship building, integrity, strategic skills) • Verbatims • Reference’s POV on candidates fit for company, culture and role * BHP Deliverable

  19. Inside a Brick House How We Work Early pre-qualification of offer parameters • Avoid a yes/no response situation to an unknown offer/letter • Create a “mutually acceptable” tone to the negotiation process • Discover the must haves and bendable issues in the compensation package • Provide early warning to engage back-up candidates or sourcing continuation

  20. Inside a Brick House How We Work Offer & negotiation • Advance resolution of professional & personal issues • Offer • Negotiation

  21. Inside a Brick House What To Expect From BHP • Immersion into a client’s business • Focus on fit • Focus on relevant circumstantial experience • Focus on fresh talent pools • Candor and points-of-view that carry value • Fast pacing and responsiveness • Ability to move forward with highly efficient interface • 24/7 work ethic and accessibility • Attention to detail • Excellent communication and updates • No surprises • Only “A” candidates • Only candidates that are truly interested, will relocate and who have the little deal breakers discussed • Everyone who is touched by this search will have respect for your company and how they were treated

  22. Inside a Brick House Pricing • Contained fee basis • Hybrid approach which clients appreciate for its ability to provide deep investment and strong service while containing the fee risk and building strong accountability for us to deliver • 1/3 of fee @ start of assignment • 2/3 of fee @ successful agreement with candidate • Negotiated % of first year compensation - competitive with contingent firms and below the larger retained firms • No other costs beyond travel to candidates • No administrative fees

  23. Inside a Brick House Appendix

  24. Inside a Brick House Ralph Cutcher - Managing Partner In 2008, Ralph took his 20+ years of marketing and agency experience and invested them in his own executive search company, Brick House Partners, focused on marketing and advertising assignments. Ralph understands the dimensions of marketing and advertising and the challenges that go along with each role. He has done nearly all of them during his career and adds that valuable perspective to recruitment. Along the way, Ralph has helped some of the best agencies and companies build enduring brands and great teams. Ralph brings a reputation for results, energy, an instinctive sense for people and high ethics. Early in his career, Ralph spent nine years at Interpublic’s Lowe & Partners. As Senior Vice-President, he managed account groups in Cleveland and New York and worked with a variety of packaged-goods and retail clients. Moving client side, Ralph held senior marketing positions with Bob Evans Farms, Sherwin-Williams, and Newell Rubbermaid where he led new product resurgence and re-shaped marketing organizations. Ralph was principal of the Rojek Cutcher Group Inc., a nationally recognized agency review consultancy dedicated to helping companies, such as KeyCorp, National City Bank, Kemper Insurance, Lands’ End, Denny’s, UPS, White Castle, Delta Airlines and Alltel find and manage agency resources more effectively. Ralph was Managing Partner at Brokaw, a strong regional agency with a growing reputation for smart, outstanding creative work. At Brokaw he led the transition toward a better balanced agency staffed with deeper, broader talent and a healthier national client base. Ralph is a graduate of Bowling Green State University and has attended Wharton and Darden Schools Executive Development. Ralph has helped in the community during his career through Junior Achievement, high school entrepreneurship mentoring, Catholic Charities Board, coaching and parish leadership. He is an outdoors enthusiast.

  25. Inside a Brick House Megan Russo – Recruiting Coordinator Megan Russo joined Brick House Partners in early 2013. Prior to joining the team, Megan spent nine years in marketing and advertising as an account executive working with such companies as Lego, Hasbro, Lance Powersports, Harley Davidson, General Electric and multiple licensing agencies. Megan understands the importance of marketing and advertising as well as recruiting and development of organizations. Megan brings enthusiasm, energy and dedication to the team. She has experience in human resources, recruiting, marketing and advertising. During her career she has achieved numerous awards and recognition for consistently achieving above quotas as well as development of multiple departments within organizations. Megan graduated with a B.A. in Communication Studies and a minor in Psychology from Baldwin Wallace University. She also has a Master’s of Labor Relations and Human Resources from Cleveland State University with a focus in Organizational Development and is in the process of completing her MBA from Cleveland State University. Her experience in business, human resources and marketing help her to find the best available talent for her clients. Megan is an active volunteer for Family Promise of Lorain County, involved in her Parish and supports her alumni foundation. She participates in multiple sports, enjoys playing piano and improvisation.

  26. Inside a Brick House What People Say Jeff Tritt - Chief People Officer, Resource Interactive “It is rare to find an individual who’s technical expertise, leadership abilities and track record for building high performance teams comes together in one single package. As a marketer Ralph has impressive credentials innovating on both the client and agency side of the business. He has an exceptional eye for talent and the cultural instincts to understand ‘fit’ like few executives do. With a engaging personal style and natural curiosity about what makes people tick, Ralph brings a wealth of experience and strategic insight to the recruitment world. We have been consistently impressed by the quality of candidates we interview and hire from Brick House.” Kim Bartley - VP Marketing and Product Development, White Castle “When you work with resource partners it is especially valuable when they have walked in your shoes. Ralph understands how to build a great marketing or agency team, he understands how to build a brand and operationalize marketing. He also understands that all these things are best accomplished with people who have chemistry and fit with a company’s culture. Ralph’s view garnered from a wide experience base across marketing and advertising makes him a great resource partner in building a team.” Patricia Berns - EVP Worldwide Account Lead, McCann Worldgroup “Three words come to mind … integrity, vision and passion. From the beginning of my experience with BHP it was evident this was a firm unlike the normal Executive Recruiting organization…and I have interfaced with many over the years. Bottom line, if all Executive Recruiters operated like BHP and delivered the same caliber of results, no client would fill any key position without them. It was one of the most positive recruiting relationships I have had in my executive experience and I would recommend BHP to anyone who is looking for a strategically-driven, valuable partner.” Mark Goren - President, Point to Point, Inc. “Ralph is superior in every way to any recruiting professional I have ever worked with. The idea of putting recruiter next to Ralph's name is a misnomer and can't even begin to tell the whole story. Ralph goes deeper and provides insights and thinking that enhances the entire process. He brings the same level of advice that any excellent trusted advisor brings and he's not afraid to tell you what you need to hear. Need great legal advice, call your lawyer. Need accounting direction, try your CPA. Need people advice and the best skills to understand and find human capital in marketing and advertising, call Ralph Cutcher.” Tim Nicholls - President - Global Brands, Berlin Cameron & The United Network “When it comes to significant, potentially life-changing decisions, Ralph brings a professionalism, objectivity and honesty that is both refreshing and reassuring. I will always seek out his opinion.”

  27. Inside a Brick House How To Contact Us Ralph Cutcher Telephone: 440/256-3410 (O) 440/382-8283 (M) E-mail: rcutcher@brickhousepartners.net

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