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english grammar n.
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  1. ENGLISH GRAMMAR Prepared by: R.Rajendran. M.A.,M.Sc.,M.Ed., Headmaster (IC) K.C.Sankaralinganadarhr.sec.school, Chennai-21.

  2. Active Voice – Passive Voice ACTIVE -PASSIVE

  3. Kannan likesapples. Apples are liked by Kannan He employsa servant. A servant is employed by him

  4. My mother washesmy clothes. My clothesare washed by my mother Kannan beatsRavi. Ravi is beaten by Kannan. We celebratethe Golden Jubilee of our school. The Golden Jubilee of our school is celebrated by us.

  5. Igreet the student. The student is greeted by me. The cat kills the rats. The rats are killed by the cat. He writes a letter. A letter is written by him.

  6. Ravi Varma teaches us grammar. Grammar is taught by Ravi Varma to us. She helps the poor. The poor are helped by her.

  7. They killed the enemies. by them The enemies were killed He wrote a letter. by him A letter was written

  8. Thomson discoveredthe electrons. were discovered by Thomson The electrons A car knocked downthe child The child was knocked down by a car. The people gave a grand welcome to the president. The presidentwas given a grand welcome by the people.

  9. Raja rajan builtthe Big temple of Tanjore. The Big temple of Tanjore was builtby Raja rajan My uncle painted this picture. This picturewas painted by my uncle.

  10. Kannan played the match skillfully. The match was played by Kannanskillfully. I saw a monkey on the roof. A monkey was seen by meon the roof. He taught me driving. Driving was taught by himto me.

  11. The people elected him. • I received the prize. • Ramu told many stories. • They enjoyed the tour very much. • She posted the letter yester day. • Every one appreciated him. • The director released the stamp. • Pieter saved Holland. • Rama killed Ravana. • The party missed the train.

  12. He was elected by the people. The prize was received by me. Many stories were told by Ramu. The tour was enjoyed by them very much. The letter was posted by her yester day. He was appreciated by every one. The stamp was released by the director. Holland was saved by Pieter. Ravana was killed by Rama. The train was missed by the party.

  13. Kannan willplay the match. The match will be played by Kannan My father willbuy a car. A car will be bought by my father

  14. We shallover comethe trouble. The troublewillbe over come by us. They willgive us some help. Some help will begivenby them to us. They will not teachhim swimming. He will not be taughtswimming by them.

  15. Flora will bake a cake. • He will write his examination tomorrow. • He will post the letters. • She will paint the bay of nables. • The police will catch the thief soon. ANSWERS A cake will be baked by Flora. The examination will be written by him tomorrow. The letters will be posted by him. The bay of nables will be painted by her The thief will be caught by the police soon.

  16. Thomson is writing the examination. The examination is being writtenby Thomson. They are building a new house. A new house is being built by them. Rani is singing a song. A song is being sung by Rani.

  17. He has completed the course. The course has been completed by him. She has posted the letters already. The letters have been posted by her already. They have released the result already. The result has been released by them already.

  18. They will discuss the matter tomorrow. The matter will be discussed by them tomorrow. Mrs. Elizabeth taught us grammar last year. Grammar was taught by Mrs. Elizabeth last year. The people beat the thief. The thief was beaten by the people.

  19. Mosquitoes cause malaria. Malaria is caused by mosquitoes. I have seen this movie already. This movie has been seen by me already. Don’t insult the poor man. Let not the poor man be insulted. The boy broke the window. The window was broken by the boy. They are playing cricket. Cricket is being played by them.

  20. We have bought a car. A car has been bought by us. Close the door. Let the door be closed. Call the police Let the police be called. Go in by this door Let you be gone in by this door.

  21. Ravi had won the prize. The prize had been won by Ravi. She types a letter. A letter is typed by her. You had washed the clothes. The clothes had been washed by you.

  22. _______ ______

  23. Identify sentence pattern. The babyis drinkingmilk S V O My motherboughtme some fruits S V IO DO The mastercalledthe servant a fool S V O C The captured soldierswere released S O

  24. Igave her a present S V IO DO Floodscause destruction S V O Trees give us fruits S V IO DO Muraliistall S V C The judgedeclared him innocent S V O C

  25. THE END