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English Grammar

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English Grammar
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English Grammar

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  1. English Grammar 第十一章

  2. Practice 2 P.312 a an • mistake • abbreviation • dream • interesting dream • empty box • box • uniform • union • untrue story a an an a a a an

  3. an a • urgent message • universal problem • unhappy child • hour or two • hole in the ground • hill • handsome man • honest man • honor an an a a a an an

  4. Practice 4 P.313 • I bought one chair for my apartment. OK (no change) • I bought one furniture for my apartment. I bought some furniture for my apartment. • I bought four chairs for my apartment. OK (no change) • I bought four furnitures for my apartment. I bought four chairs / some furniture for my apartment.

  5. I bought a chair for my apartment. OK (no change) • I bought a furniture for my apartment. I bought some furniture / a chair for my apartment. • I bought some chair for my apartment. I bought a chair / some chairs / some furniture for my apartment. • I bought some furnitures for my apartment. I bought some furniture for my apartment.

  6. Practice 5 P.314 some (noncount) • I often have fruit for dessert. • I had banana for dessert. • I got letter today. • I got mail today. • Anna wears ring on her left hand. • Maria is wearing jewelry today. a (count) a (count) some (noncount) a (count) some (noncount)

  7. some (noncount) • I have homework to finish. • I have assignment to finish. • I needed information. • I asked question. a (count) some (noncount) a (count)

  8. Practice 6 P.315 / s • grammar • noun • traffic • automobile • scenery • mountain • information • fact • word / s / s / s s

  9. / s / • vocabulary • song • music • suggestion • advice • literature • novel • sand • beach s / / s / s

  10. Practice 7 P.316 s / • I made some mistake on my algebra test. • In winter in Alaska, there (is, are)snow on the ground. • Alaska has a lot of cold weather. • We have a lot of storm in the winter. • There (is, are) some chalk in this classroom. • Be sure to give the new couple my best wish. • I want to wish them good luck . / s / es /

  11. / / / s • Thunder and lightening can be scary for children and animals. • Gold(is, are) expensive. Diamond(is, are) expensive too. • I admire Prof. Yoo for her extensive knowledge of organic farming methods. • Prof. Yoo has a lot of good idea and strong opinion . • Teaching children to read requires patience . / s s /

  12. s • Doctors take care f patient . • Mr. Fernandez’s English is improving. He’s making a lot of progress. • Automobiles are the biggest source of pollution in most cities. • Engineers build bridge across river. and other body of water. / / s s / ies /

  13. Practice 8 P.316 D G F B E C A

  14. Practice 11 P.318 • Jack bought several furniture. Jack bought some furniture. • He bought several chairs. OK(no change) • Ted bought a lot of chairs. OK(no change) • Sue bought a lot of furniture, too. OK(no change) • Alice bought too much furniture. OK(no change)

  15. She bought too much chairs. She bought too many chairs. • Dr. Lee bought a few furniture for his new office. Dr. Lee bought a little furniture for his new office. • He bought a few chairs. OK (no change) • He has several new furnitures in his office. He has some new furnitures in his office.

  16. He has several new chairs in his office. OK (no change) • There is a lot of desk in this room. There are a lot of desks in this room. • There are a lot of furnitures in Dr. Lee’s office. There is a lot of furnitures in Dr. Lee’s office.

  17. Practice 12 P.319 many players are there • A: How on a soccer team? B: Eleven. (There are eleven players on a soccer team.) • A: How to do tonight? B: Just a little. (I have just a little homework to do tonight.) much homework do you have

  18. many apples are there • A: How in the baskets? B: A lot. (There are a lot of apples in the baskets.) • A: How in the baskets? B: A lot. (There is a lot of fruit in the baskets.) • A: How in Canada? B: Ten. (There are ten provinces in Canada.) much fruit is there many provinces are there

  19. Practice 15 P.322 time • time It took a lot to write my composition. • time I really like that movie. I saw it three . • paper Students in Prof. Young’s literature class have to write a lot of . • paper Students who take thorough lecture notes use a lot of . times papers paper

  20. paper • paperThe New York Times is (a, some) famous . • work Rodin’s stature of “The Thinker” is one of my favorite of art. • work I have a lot of to do tomorrow at my office. works work

  21. Practice 16 P.324 can/jar • a of olives • a of crackers • a of mineral water • a of jam or jelly • a of tuna fish • a of soup • a of sugar box bottle jar can can bag/box

  22. bottle • a of wine • a of corn • a of peas • a of flour • a of soda pop • a of paint • a of breakfast cereal can can bag bottle/can can box

  23. cup/glass • a of green tea • a of cereal • a of candy • a of bread • a of apple pie • a of orange juice • a of soup • a of cantaloupe bowl piece slice/piece slice/piece glass/cup bowl/cup slice/piece

  24. glass • a of beer • a of noodles • a of mineral water • a of popcorn • a of cheese • a of rice • a of strawberries and ice cream bowl/cup glass bowl slice/piece bowl/cup bowl

  25. Practice 18 P.328 • A:A dogmakes a good pet. B: I agree. 2.A: I saw adog in my yard. B: Oh? 3. A: Did you feed the dog? B: Yes.

  26. 4. A: Dogs make good pets. B: I agree. 5. A: I saw some dogs in my yard. B: Oh? 6. A: Did you feed the dogs? B: Yes.

  27. 7. A: Fruit is good for you. B: I agree. 8. A: I atesome fruit. B: Oh? • A: The fruit in this bowl is ripe. B: Good.

  28. Practice 19 P.330 the • A: Did you have a good time at . party last night? B: Yes. A: So did I. I’m glad that you decided to go with me. • A: What did you do last night? B: I went to party. A: Oh? Where was it? a

  29. a a • A: Do you have car? B: No. But I have bicycle. • A: Do you need car today, honey? B: Yes. I have a lot of errands to do. Why don’t I drive you to work today? A: Okay. But be sure to fill car up with gas sometime today. • A: I bought table yesterday. B: Oh? I didn’t know you went shopping for furniture. the the a

  30. the the • A: Have you seen my keys? B: Yes. They’re on table next to . front door. • A: Is Mr. Jones graduate student? B: No. He’s professor. • A: Where’s professor? B: She’s absent today. • A: Would you like to go to zoo this afternoon? B: Sure. Why not? a a the the

  31. a • A: Does San Diego have zoo? B: Yes. It’s world famous. • A: Let’s listen to radio. B: Okay. I’ll turn it on. • A: Does your car have radio? B: Yes, and CD player. the a a

  32. the the • A: Did you lock door? B: Yes. A: Did you check stove? B: Yes. A: Did you close all windows downstairs? B: Yes. A: Did you set alarm? B: Yes. A: Then let’s turn out lights. B: Goodnight, dear. A: Goodnight, dear. the the the

  33. A: Where’s Dennis? B: He’s in kitchen. • A: Do you like your new apartment? B: Yes. It has big kitchen. the a

  34. Practice 22 P.333 ∅ Air The • air is free. • air is humid today. • A: windows are closed. Please open them. B: Okay. • windows are made of glass. • As every parent knows, children require a lot of time an attention. The ∅ Windows ∅

  35. the • A: Frank, where are children? B: Next door at the Jacksons’. • paper is made from . trees or other plants. • paper in my notebook is lined. ∅ Paper ∅ The

  36. Practice 23 P.333,334 a a The The • I have desk and bed in my room. desk is hard. bed is hard, too, even though it’s supposed to be soft. • I forgot to bring my things with me to class yesterday, so I borrowed pen and paper from Joe. I returned pen, but I used paper for my homework. a some the the

  37. A: What did you do last weekend? B: I went on picnic Saturday and saw movie Sunday. A: Did you have fun? B: picnic was fun, but . movie was boring. a a The the

  38. a a The the The • Yesterday I saw dog and cat. dog was chasing cat. cat was chasing mouse. mouse ran into hole, but hole was very small. cat couldn’t get into . hole, so it ran up tree. dog tried to climb tree too, but it couldn’t. a The a the The the a The the

  39. Practice 24 P.335 a ∅ • Kathy bought radio. She likes to listen to music when she studies. • A: Would you please turn radio down? music is too loud. B: No problem. • good book is friend for life. • Last week I read book about life of Gandhi. • A: Let’s go swimming in lake today. B: That sounds like good idea. the The a ∅ A a the the a

  40. Practice 25 P.337 the ∅ I would like to know more about… • Amazon River. • Korea. • Mexico City. • Indian Ocean. • Ural Mountains. • Australia. • Mississippi River. • Red Sea. • Lake Michigan. • Mount Fuji. ∅ the the ∅ the the ∅ ∅

  41. Practice 26 P.338 ∅ ∅ • Rome is in Italy. • Rhine River flows through . Germany. • Moscow is the capital of Russia. • Yangtze is a famous river. • Atlantic Ocean is smaller than Pacific. The ∅ ∅ ∅ The The the

  42. The ∅ the • Rocky Mountains are located in Canada and United States. • Doctor Anderson is a good physician. • Lake Victoria is located in Africa. ∅ ∅

  43. Practice 27 P.340 • Do you know richard smith? he is a professor at this university. Do you know Richard Smith? He is a professor at this university. • I know that professor smith teaches at the university of arizona. I know that Professor Smith teaches at the University of Arizona.

  44. The nile river flows into the mediterranean sea. The NileRiver flows into the MediterraneanSea. • John is a catholic. ali is a moslem. John is a Catholic. Ali is a Moslem. • Anna speaks french. she studied in france for two years. Anna speaks French. She studied in France for two years.