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Presented at EDPMA Annual Business Meeting Aron P. Goldfeld, JD TEAMHealth, Inc. Vice Chair, EDPMA Board of Directors E PowerPoint Presentation
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Presented at EDPMA Annual Business Meeting Aron P. Goldfeld, JD TEAMHealth, Inc. Vice Chair, EDPMA Board of Directors E

Presented at EDPMA Annual Business Meeting Aron P. Goldfeld, JD TEAMHealth, Inc. Vice Chair, EDPMA Board of Directors E

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Presented at EDPMA Annual Business Meeting Aron P. Goldfeld, JD TEAMHealth, Inc. Vice Chair, EDPMA Board of Directors E

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  1. EDPMA’s 2013 Strategic Plan Presented at EDPMA Annual Business Meeting Aron P. Goldfeld, JD TEAMHealth, Inc. Vice Chair, EDPMA Board of Directors EDPMA Member Since 1999

  2. EDPMA’s CHARTER ADVOCACY EDPMA strives to be a visible, influential, respected, advocate for an efficient and fair legislative and regulatory environment for the effective delivery of high-quality and sustainable emergency department patient care. KNOWLEDGE and LEARNING EDPMA is committed to equipping its members with timely and pertinentknowledge, resources, and networkingto support sustainable, quality patient care through operational excellence and financial stability. MEMBERSHIP EDPMA recognizes its strength comes from its membership. It strives to increase its representative capacity to increase advocacy effectiveness. ORGANIZATIONAL VITALITY EDPMA establishes policies and procedures to ensure appropriate governance, strong leadership, financial stability, utilization of best association practices, and ethically sound practices for the purpose of ensuring a respected and balanced organization.

  3. ADVOCACY OBJECTIVES • We will keep our members apprised of critical developments in the state legislative and regulatory arenas and mobilize through outreach efforts. • We will monitor, communicate, and advocate for our members’ interests in the federal legislative and regulatory arenas. • We will ensure EDPMA's PAC advances our strategic legislative advocacy initiatives and works in concert with others to ensure successful outcomes. • We will work in tandem when common intererests align to weigh in on issues that affect EDPMA members, Emergency Medicine, the Health Care Industry and the patients we serve.

  4. ADVOCACY: FEDERAL POLICYACTIVITY IN 2013 (YTD) • CMS Comments filed for the appropriate factors and attributes of the ED to accurately design an ED Patient Satisfaction Survey Tool. • CMS Comments filed on concerns and recommendations for administering Cost-Sharing provisions care delivered in the ED deemed by CMS as non-emergent. • Partnered with ACEP’s EMAF in opposition to certain edits built into the McKesson Knowledge Base Payer Claims Edit tool resulting in Impermissible Bundling of certain ED procedures; commitment from McKesson to cease and desist actions.

  5. ADVOCACY: STATE POLICYACTIVITY IN 2013 • Established Task Force in Mississippi to fight Balance Billing Prohibitions Being Addressed by State Legislature • April 2013, letter to Mississippi’s Insurance Commissioner opposing balance billing restrictions in certain instances. • Member Guidance on Federal Rules and Activities Related to ACA’s Medicaid Expansion and Primary Care Incentive Program

  6. ADVOCACY: PROVIDER ENROLLMENTACTIVITY IN 2013 • April 25, 2013 … Meeting with CMS to Urge Improvements to Provider Enrollment, Especially in the area of Revalidation

  7. ADVOCACY: PACACTIVITY IN 2013 • April 27, 2013 … EDPMA PAC co-hosts a fundraiser immediately before the Solutions Summit for Rep. Burgess (R-TX). More than $20,000 was raised.

  8. ADVOCACY: OVERSIGHT • EDPMA’s FHPC chaired by incoming chair, Dr. Kolka and past chair, Dr. Pilgrim • EDPMA’s Federal Heath Policy Objectives are vetted and approved annually by EDPMA’s BOD.

  9. EDUCATION: OBJECTIVES (1 of 2) • We will offer online a full set of educational opportunities and knowledge resources • We will develop and produce annually the premier educational venue for emergency medicine practice management. • We will continue to develop a robust website with timely content and enhanced usability by members and non-members. • We will regularly conduct "Town Hall" calls. • We will develop and hold Regional Workshops or "Hot Topic”Sessions in addition to the Annual Summit. • We will inform and educate members on Proposed and Final Rules and Guidance on Medicare, Medicaid, and Essential Health Benefits.

  10. EDUCATION: OBJECTIVES (2 of 2) • We keep abreast of Coding and Documentation issue, including recent OIG inquiry into Facility Coding practices in the ED. • We will develop material, and update the website with information that is useful on pertinent coding and documentation issues. • We will develop Tool Kits and Talking Pointsfor EDPMA Leaders which will contain letters and templates. • We, the Board will develop a Board Charge and Directives with prioritization for Quality, Value & Performanceand assess the need for additional sub-committees such as Value-Based Reimbursement or a State Exchange Subcommittee. • We will educate our members on current and emerging quality measuresand requirements.

  11. EDUCATION: ACTIVITY IN 2013 • We have a Record Attendance here at Solutions Summit • We have procured early feedback reinforcing our view that we have delivered content and speakers at Solutions Summit • We have delivered new technology and access to our materials via the web and apps.

  12. MEMBERSHIP: OBJECTIVES • We will maintain a dynamic and strong organization by actively soliciting new members. • We will continue to endorse various membership categorieswhich will be equitable and supportive of EDPMA’s strategic mission and organizational vision. • We will strive for high levels of membership retention will be achieved by continuously delivering strong member value.

  13. MEMBERSHIP: ACTIVITY IN 2013 • We have 10 New Members: • 1)Thunder Bay Emergency Physicians • 2) AdvantEdgeHealthcare Solutions • 3) Greater San Antonio Emergency Physicians • 4) Integrated Billing Solutions Inc • 5) BlueWaterEmergency Partners • 6) OPYS Physician Services • 7) LindeTherapeutics Solutions • 8) Emergency Care and Health Organization • 9) HealthFront, P.C. • 10) Noah Management Group • New Membership Recruiting Material • New Member Breakfast

  14. ORGANIZATIONAL VITALITY: OBJECTIVES • We will ensure a strong financial future through a diversification of our revenue sources while simultaneously enhancing member value. • We will develop a strong Board and leadership base by providing opportunities for leadership training, development, and mentorship. • We will ensure for effective communication and outreach for all programs and services of EDPMA • We will ensure the future of EDPMA through concentrated marketing & promotionof the organization.

  15. ORGANIZATIONAL VITALITY: ACTIVITY IN 2013 • EDPMA’s Financial Status is Solid • New Executive Director – Elizabeth Mundinger • Achieved Revenue Goals for Solutions Summit • Join Us … Become an Active Member.