connecxion series cx3 series concept series deno n.
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Connecxion Series CX3 Series Concept Series Deno II Series PowerPoint Presentation
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Connecxion Series CX3 Series Concept Series Deno II Series

Connecxion Series CX3 Series Concept Series Deno II Series

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Connecxion Series CX3 Series Concept Series Deno II Series

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  1. Connecxion Series • CX3 Series • Concept Series • Deno II Series Focus Series VX Series XR Series


  3. CONNEXCION INTERACTIVE CONNEXION – A system hat provides the best possible support for self organization, group sharing environment, and mobility in planning of workstation configurations. The traditional office concept in single-person and multi-person offices are based on supporting the individual needs of the senior management; with the lacking of parallel communication, CONNEXION is designed to eliminate such representative or hierarchical set-up, where efficiency is born of motivation, and forms the best possible ergonomic support of working process and sequences at the personal workplace

  4. CONNEXCION TEAMWORK Creating the workplaces that works with easy assemble base support, expansion elements and freedom attachment; CONNECXION provides desking solution for the basic cubical or modular office concept. Wide selections of panel finishing offering varies need, such as attaching additional trays for storage of document and stationery, to use as privacy screen or added panel to enhanced the aesthetic touch of office interior

  5. CONNEXCION EXECUTIVE CONNECXION Executive: featuring futuristic design, contrasting color combination and ergonomic work-surface to meet the demand of the dynamic senior office, where form, material and function determine the characteristic of the workplace. Well-design cable management provide easy accessible solution for the electronic wired office.

  6. CONNEXCION ACCESSORIES Conference table in simplistic design Sturdy round meeting table • Moulded metal document tray & pencil holder • Easy attached shelving for keeping books & files • The translucent polycarbonate panel • Floor to table “organic” cable cord • The versatile CPU holder Home

  7. ORGANIZE SYSTEMATIC A successful business is about believing in new ideas, innovations, and rapid adaptability of change. Likewise for CX3, a thin panel system designed with unprecedented technology and concept that offers constant change of layout and configurations. Connected and constructed with basic components, the CX3 responds to the demands of today’s dynamic work-force and fulfill every job function with efficient and practical configurations

  8. FLEXIBLE AESTHETIC CX3 provides the practical 90 and 120-degree angles for flexible panel connectivity. Semi transparent screen such as polycarbonate offers ideal space division and interaction as well aesthetic presentation.

  9. SIMPLE AESTHETIC CX3 allows easy connectivity – more flexibility, more aesthetic choices, more power access option, and more means that the system is responding to the demands of never-ending organizational change. Featuring clean and simple lines, CX3 provides durable, lasting value without compromising visual appeal

  10. INTERCONNECTIVITY CX3 thoughtfully integrates the application of freestanding and panel-mounted configurations, allowing you to configure private, semiprivate and high interactive area according to functional needs.

  11. WORK & INTERACT Designed as a series of interacting modular components that allow diverse, yet integrated solutions to be planed in a wide varieties of workstations. CX3 is easy to specify, install and reconfigure, thereby lengthening the product life cycle and providing long term cost savings.

  12. STYLISH DYNAMIC CX3 offers simple yet practical designs to enhance the maximum used of space. Ergonomics work surfaces, easy-to-reach storage and comprehensive cable solutions are some important features to create a dynamic for the multi-tasking managers. Home


  14. CONCEPT INDIVIDUAL SPACES Clear form, interesting combination of high-quality materials, CONCEPT is manufactured to meet stringent international standards. Enhanced by the multi-functional accessories such as paper tray and pencil holder, CONCEPT provides total solution in creating the environment that ensures efficiency of space utilization.

  15. CONCEPT GROUP SPACES CONCEPT is a series of modular desking designed to offer the freedom of configurations. Made for workplaces that instill creativity in office layout and space planning. CONCEPT combines both modern designs with functionality. Supported and connected by moulded parts that ensure stability and accuracy, installation is made easy to reduce set-up time hence speed up project delivery. Easy attached shelving for keeping books & files Moulded metal document tray & pencil holder Table-height pedestal for added storage

  16. CONCEPT EXECUTIVE CONCEPT CONCEPT Executive – Featuring the dynamic table designed to reflect the prominent role of senior management. With extended meeting table for added discussion area and accessories panel for convenient retrieval of documents. Available in multiple combinations of table shapes and colors, CONCEPT is desking system that fulfils the requirements of office planning with inexpensive prices to meet all budgets. Home

  17. DENO IIIn today's fast-changing business world, a productive and efficient working environment has since evolved into a must. Based on the Tile System concept, your office can be integrated for private, semi-private and combination of the panels, accommodating the needs of all levels from clerical to managerial workstation, the DENO II Series is ergonomically engineered to meet every specific requirement . The DENO II Series is the answer to the best working environment as it can easily respond to changes, enabling workstations to be upgraded frequently - maximum control in space and setting. It is an ultimate system that incorporates both aesthetic and functional values - versatile, space - saving and innovative. In a world of strained budgetsand unpredictable changes, it helps to reduce maintenance cost, management and updating - a wise long - term investment Home

  18. FOCUS FOCUS A truly modern and flexible modular desking system that evolved to suit today’s modern office requirements. Formed by sturdy freestanding table with unique ‘A shape’ steel leg and sleek low clip-on panels with choice of aluminium accessory channel or semi-transparent panel (polycarbonate), FOCUS workstations deliver simple yet futuristic appearance. The variety choice of vibrant colour is available to cater for personal taste and to create a cheerful and lively workplace.

  19. FOCUS FOCUS offers a range of flexible configurations to suit growing and corporate offices. The cluster of four ‘team’ workstations allow users to share resources and information thus increasing productivity and efficiency. The add-on extension table provides an instant area for small group activities or discussion.

  20. FOCUS In today’s ever-changing environment, users require to cope not only with their heavy work load but also to manage their technological devices effectively. Designed with the user in mind, FOCUS series has been incorporated with new innovative products to allow users to better organize their working area to avoid cluttered environment. The elegantly designed monitor folding arm is a unique solution that supports that increasing used of LCD flat screen monitor. It allow user to adjust the monitor’s height according to their visual comfort. The new cable box which nicely integrates in the worksurface also allows user to access to power supply conveniently.

  21. FOCUS FOCUS offers variety of ergonomic tables for manager. The ergonomic work surfaces, easy to reach storage and comprehensive cable solutions provide a dynamic workplace for the manager. Aluminum accessory channel allows manager to position useful items such as trays, pencil holder and thus maximizing the working space.

  22. FOCUS FOCUS A system is angled and contoured to effective comfort. Perfect sleek with clear lines design enhanced by ABS rear capping perfectly reflects its uniqueness. It is equipped. Home

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