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Digital Storybooks

Digital Storybooks. Working Together. Art & Technology Students Grades 5 -8. &. Working with…. 1 st Grade. If I had a Robot. By Jacob K. and Ryan W. If I had a robot I would have it give me everything I wanted. If I had a robot I would go to the park with it.

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Digital Storybooks

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  1. Digital Storybooks Working Together

  2. Art & Technology Students Grades 5 -8 & Working with… 1st Grade

  3. If I had a Robot By Jacob K. and Ryan W.

  4. If I had a robot I would have it give me everything I wanted.

  5. If I had a robot I would go to the park with it. We would play ball together . And at my baseball games he could be the pitcher.

  6. He could take me where I wanted to go and play with me.

  7. If I had a robot I would have it walk the dog for me when I’m playing.

  8. I like robots. If I had a robot I would have it do my chores. I would have it go to school for me and do my homework.

  9. The only problem is I don’t have a robot but when I get older I will build one and have it do all those things. TheEnd

  10. My Day At The Zoo

  11. One day when we went to the zoo. We saw penguins and they were swimming. We really liked one of them and we asked the zoo keeper if we could take it home. The zoo keeper said yes so we took it. We named it Snowball.

  12. When we took Snowball home we all went swimming in our pool. Then we all ate lunch.

  13. Then Snowball wanted to have a friend so we went back to the zoo and we asked the zoo keeper if we could get another one for Snowball to play with. The zoo keeper said yes! We named it Iceberg.

  14. After we got Snowball and Iceberg we went home and the two penguins played together. They were playing MARCO POLO and Snowball was the best at that game.

  15. When they were done swimming they were hungry again so Snowball, Iceberg and the two girls all went to Logan’s Road House.

  16. Then they all went to the Great Wolf Lodge!

  17. When Snowball and Iceberg were done having fun at the Great Wolf Lodge they all went home and took a very long nap.

  18. The End By: Krista Stockman & Ayla Krakowski

  19. TheOrangeand TheCherryBy Emily Gall and Ryan P-T

  20. One time there was an orange and a cherry.

  21. They lived on a table.

  22. But sometimes, they thought it was very boring, just sitting there.

  23. One day the orange and the cherry decided to find a way to get off the table and see the world.

  24. Just then, the family cat, Old Fluffers, came over to the table. ! ! Old Fluffers

  25. “AHHHHHH!!”, Orange screamed. Cherry also screamed. “Oh. Its just some fruit.” Said Old Fluffers. He walked away. “Lets just hope he doesn’t come back.” Cherry said. ?

  26. “Now that Old Fluffers is gone, maybe we can get off this table.” Orange told Cherry. “Yes!” Replied Cherry. Just as they were making their way off the table this happened:

  27. Orange and Cherry fell into a bowl of cereal (with strawberries and a spoon). “Lets try to push the bowl over.” Suggested Cherry. “Ok!” Agreed Orange.

  28. They pushed very hard and the bowl fell over. “YAY!” They both said.

  29. Then the orange and cherry saw a window. “Cherry, THIS is our way off the table.” Orange said.

  30. But then they both realized: there was no way to get out the window.

  31. Then they ran into a potato. “Hi!” Yelled the potato. “We’re trying to find a way out the window.” Cherry explained.

  32. Then Potato gave them a rope and connected it to the window. “Thanks!” Yelled the Orange and Cherry.

  33. Then they jumped onto the window and got out. They fell onto the ground.

  34. They went into the street. And they ran away, out off the street.

  35. Then they saw Old Fluffers come after them.

  36. Once they saw him they ran behind a bush. They hoped that he wouldn’t find them.

  37. After a while Old Fluffers gave up and went back inside the house. Orange and Cherry were glad he had finally left.

  38. Then Old Fluffers fell asleep.

  39. Then they decided to go back on the table.

  40. But then, he got up again.

  41. Then the Orange and Cherry ran away when they found out Old Fluffers woke up. Then they ran out the door.

  42. Then when they got outside they begin to play. THE END

  43. RiddlemySkittles By: Isabella De’Stefano and Ethan Sandoval

  44. All these skittles lived a part from each other and had nobody to play skittle tag with. : (

  45. The red skittle saw the yellow skittle and said, “hey want to play tag?” The yellow skittle said sure : ) so they played .

  46. Then while the red and yellow skittle where playing tag. A green skittle appeared and said, "can I play?”. So the yellow skittle said yes and they played.

  47. And then something happened! A big hand scooped them up and that person finally tasted the rainbow.

  48. The End

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