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National four/Five PowerPoint Presentation
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National four/Five

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National four/Five
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National four/Five

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  1. National four/Five Drama Purpose Revision Created by L McCarry

  2. Drama Purpose Revision The purpose, or purposes, of a drama must be established in order to communicate meaning. Created by L McCarry

  3. Drama Purpose Revision A target audience is an identifiable group of people at whom a drama is aimed. This relates to both purpose and focus. Created by L McCarry

  4. Drama Purpose revision Focuswill identify key moments or scenes, key characters, key relationships and/or key events within a drama. Created by L McCarry

  5. Drama Purpose revision Look through the following slides to help you to understand the Many purposes of a piece of drama: Created by L McCarry

  6. Drama Purpose Revision communicate a message For example: ‘Don’t drink and drive’ or ‘live your life to the full’ Created by L McCarry

  7. Drama Purpose Revision Entertain Created by L McCarry

  8. Drama Purpose Revision tell a story Created by L McCarry

  9. Drama Purpose Revision Educate Created by L McCarry

  10. Drama Purpose Revsion explore a theme or issue Created by L McCarry

  11. Drama Purpose Revision explore and experience (e.g. through audience participation, forum/theatre) Created by L McCarry

  12. Drama Purpose Revision Questions On the next slide you will find revision questions on Drama purpose. Complete these on paper or in word and email to your teacher for marking. These questions are suitable for all levels. Created by L McCarry

  13. Drama purpose revision questionsSection 1 • Think of a recent stimulus drama that you have created. What was the purpose of this drama? Explain your answer. • Did your drama achieve this purpose? Give two reasons to justify your answer. • How did the plot of your drama help to communicate the purpose? • Identify the Main focus of this piece of drama (key moment, scene, character or relationship). Why was this the main focus of your drama? How did it help to communicate your purpose? • Who would you choose as a Target audience for this piece of drama? Give reasons for your choice. Created by L McCarry

  14. Drama purpose revision questions Section 2 Look at the Theatre Posters below then answer the questions on the next slide. a) b) C) Cinderella ‘Entertainment for all the family’ Bullying ‘Does anyone really understand?!’ Drugs ‘Say no to them’ Created by L McCarry

  15. Drama Purpose Revision Questions Section 2 • What do you think the drama purpose would be for each of the dramas on the posters? Explain your reasons. • Choose one of the posters on the previous slide and write a storyline for this drama, making your purpose for the drama clear throughout. 3. Think about the main focus of this drama. Which part would communicate the purpose most effectively? (a relationship, a scene, a particular character or an event that happens?) Give reasons. 4. Who would be your target audience for this piece of work? Give two reasons for your choice. 5. What do you think is the most difficult drama purpose to achieve? Give two reasons for your answer. Created by L McCarry

  16. Well Done You have now completed revision on Drama purpose. NOW evaluate your understanding: If you require more help inform your teacher and refer to your revision booklet. Red- still struggling Amber -understand some of this revision Green- fully understand Created by L McCarry