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11-27 Amendments

11-27 Amendments. Amendment 11: Suits against states. 1795 Suits brought by U.S. citizens or a citizen of a foreign nation against a state must be tried in a state court. What is the purpose of the 11 th Amendment? This prevents small local courts from hearing major court cases

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11-27 Amendments

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  1. 11-27 Amendments

  2. Amendment 11: Suits against states 1795 Suits brought by U.S. citizens or a citizen of a foreign nation against a state must be tried in a state court.
  3. What is the purpose of the 11th Amendment? This prevents small local courts from hearing major court cases Prevents small courts from having serious power Why should suits between states and foreign governments be heard in State Courts? Makes sure that the Federal Government has supreme power over court cases
  4. Do you think the 11th Amendment is important? Should these cases be heard in small courts? Should these cases be heard in State courts?
  5. Twelfth Amendment: Election of President and Vice President 1804 Changes the procedure for electing the President and Vice President. The electors must cast separate ballots for the office of President and Vice President.
  6. Twelfth Amendment Before the 12th Amendment Electors voted for 2 Presidential Candidates This caused problems because the Vice President was the person with the second most electoral votes Presidents did not have running mates In 1796 John Adams won the Presidential Election for the Federalist Party, but the Vice President was Thomas Jefferson from the Democratic-Republican Party So with this election process it is possible for a President and Vice President to be from different parties
  7. Twelfth Amendment With the Twelfth Amendment Electors vote for separately for President and Vice President It is possible for an elector to vote for a different Vice President and President, but it rarely happens
  8. Homework You don’t have any Homework You should thank me for being so nice You better not forget the Amendments you have already learned Now lets try to think of a reminder for the 11th Amendment Any Ideas?
  9. Thirteenth Amendment: Abolition of Slavery 1865 Happened During the Civil War This amendment ended slavery in the United States of America.
  10. Thirteenth Amendment: Abolition of Slavery The Civil War was fought from 1861-1865 The main issues of the war was State Rights, and Slavery After the Civil War, Congress passed the 13th Amendment, this meant Slavery was no longer protected by the 10th Amendment
  11. Thirteenth Amendment Abraham Lincoln established the Emancipation Proclamation during the Civil war The Emancipation Proclamation set Slaves Free The Thirteenth Amendment Made it Law that all Slaves were to be free
  12. Thirteenth Amendment Why was the 113th Amendment Important? What would we not have if it were not for the 13th Amendment
  13. Fourteenth Amendment: Rights of Citizens 1868 This amendment granted the former slaves citizenship. Also, kept some Confederate leaders from holding public office, made the debt incurred by the Confederacy invalid and required that the U.S. government pay it’s debt incurred during the Civil War.
  14. Fourteenth Amendment The 13th Amendment Set Slaves Free The 14th Amendment gave slaves rights as citizens Slaves could now own property, get married, have constitutional rights When the slaves were freed and given rights the Government gave them 40 acres and a mule so they could start a new life Many slaves went back to Africa with the help of the U.S. Government The U.S. Government even established a nation in Africa to aid in their move, this is Where Liberia came from
  15. Fourteenth AmendmentDO NOT WRITE Why was the 14th Amendment important? It gave all people rights (No matter what Race) What did it do that the 13th Amendment did not? It gave African Americans the rights of the Constitution Why was this Amendment created? Why couldn’t it be added with the 13th? There isn’t a good reason, but it wasn’t added to the 13th because the country was still behind when it came to civil rights
  16. Homework What branch of Government does the 11th Amendment involve? How was the vice president selected before the 12th Amendment? What was the name of the Bill passed by President Lincoln that set Slaves Free before the 13th Amendment? The 13th Amendment was added after what War? What did the 13th & 14th Amendment do?
  17. Fifteenth Amendment: The Right to Vote 1870 This amendment allowed African Americans the right to vote.
  18. Fifteenth Amendment Slaves were free, had Constitutional Rights, but could not vote With the 15th Amendment, Slaves could now vote Voting has always been the biggest sign of Freedom in the United States because it gives you a voice in selecting leaders
  19. Fifteenth Amendment African American Civil Rights Time Line 1865-Slavery Ends 1868-African American gain constitutional Rights 1870-Right to Vote 1896-Plessy v. Ferguson: established separate but equal 1954-Brown v. Board of Education: ended separate but Equal 1964-Civil Rights Act of 1964: Ended discrimination based on race
  20. Sixteenth Amendment: Income Tax 1913 This amendment in-acted the federal income tax.
  21. Sixteenth Amendment Prior to the 16th Amendment, the U.S. Government did not have any effective way to collect taxes from the American People or Business Taxes use to be collected by states and local governments, thus making the Federal Government weak because it did not have direct funding The U.S. government received its funding from the States, so it was very difficult for the Federal Government to collect
  22. Sixteenth Amendment Why would the Federal Government need to collect taxes? The 16th Amendment doesn’t seem very necessary unless there is a Nation wide problem that the Federal Government needs to address Examples of what Federal Tax money is used for Social Security, Medicare, Food Stamps
  23. Seventeenth Amendment: Direct Election of Senators 1913 The people of each state were allowed to vote for their senators.
  24. Seventeenth Amendment Before this amendment, each state legislature elected the senators. This amendment reduced the corruption and made the election of senators more democratic. Being more democratic means what? People get to vote
  25. Seventeenth Amendment Why is this Amendment Important? Do we need to select our senators? Why or Why not?
  26. Homework Why has voting been seen as the Biggest sign of freedom What court case led to “Separate but Equal” Even though slavery ended with the 13th Amendment in, how long was it till Discrimination ended? (Use some math) Give 2 examples of what the 16th Amendment pays for? Before the 17th Amendment how were Senators elected?
  27. Eighteenth Amendment: Prohibition of Alcoholic Beverages 1919 Made it illegal to produce, sell, or transport alcohol.
  28. Eighteenth Amendment During the Early 1900’s the Government thought that a lot of the problems in the United States came from Men drinking too much. They thought men would spend all of their money on alcohol and not on their families
  29. Eighteenth Amendment The Government thought men were abusing their wives more because of drinking Alcohol So to end all of these problems the Government made alcohol Illegal
  30. Eighteenth Amendment The Problem with the Eighteenth Amendment was that it created more problems then it solved Bootlegging started due to the 18th Amendment Bootlegging was the illegal selling of Alcohol With Alcohol being sold illegally, the Government lost a lot of money in taxes
  31. Eighteenth Amendment In the long Run, the 18th Amendment was not very useful The Amendment could have been a basic law instead of an Amendment The Amendment is eventually repealed
  32. Nineteenth Amendment: Woman Suffrage 1920 Gave women the right to vote in all state and federal elections.
  33. Nineteenth Amendment Prior to this Amendment Women were not allowed to vote in the United States Women protested and rioted across the nation to try to gain their rights to vote World War 1 started the birth of Women’s equal rights because women took over the jobs of men while men were off to War
  34. Nineteenth Amendment Some states allowed Women to Vote Wyoming was the First state to allow Women to vote Wyoming Allowed women to vote so they could gain state status because States status depended on the number of voters a state had
  35. Nineteenth Amendment When women gained the right to vote several things changed in American Politics There were twice as many voters now Politicians started to include women’s rights in their campaigns This opened the doors for women to join politics and become Representatives and Senators
  36. Homework Why was the 18th Amendment created? (What was going on in the country?) What problem started because of the 18th Amendment What eventually happens to the 18th Amendment What started women’s equal rights What is the 1st state to give women the right to vote
  37. Twentieth Amendment: Lame-Duck Amendment 1933 Shortened the length of time between the election and the inauguration. Also, changed the time for the first meeting of the new Congress.
  38. Twentieth Amendment The 20th Amendment was established because Officials who were not elected for a following term after being in office were pushing legislation that should not be pushed because they were not going to be in office. Elections were too far apart from the inauguration (The time a Government official goes into office) so Government officials were abusing this and pushing legislation
  39. Twentieth Amendment With the distance between Inauguration and elections being so far apart, officials would also do nothing because they knew that they were not elected back into office. So they were just collecting money for doing nothing This amendment made the time from inauguration and elections shorter to prevent this (Changed inauguration date from March 4th to January 20th) Do you think this is something we need an amendment for, or should government officials know better to not cheat the system
  40. Twenty-first Amendment: Repeal of Prohibition 1933 Overturned the 18th Amendment Ended Prohibition
  41. Twenty-First Amendment After 14 years of the United States not allowing the sale of Alcohol the United States Congress passed the 21st Amendment to allow the sale of Alcohol once again This allowed the Government to collect money from alcohol taxes Also, the Government realized that the efforts given to stop the illegal selling of alcohol was useless because it was not working
  42. Twenty-Second Amendment: Limit on Presidential Terms 1951 Limits the number of terms to 2 for each President. Also, limits the terms to 1, if the President has served more than 2 years of another person’s term.
  43. Twenty-Second Amendment Prior to the 22nd Amendment A President could be elected as many times as he wanted. President Franklin D. Roosevelt was elected for 4 terms He only completed 3 full terms however. Truman finished his 4th Term for him because of his death
  44. Twenty-Second Amendment The founding fathers did not see it necessary to make this one of the original amendments because they believed that Presidents should regulate themselves on their term limits By having term limits it assures that our country will not be ruled like a monarchy Do you think we should have term limits? Do you think 2 term limits is good or bad?
  45. Twenty-Third Amendment: Presidential Electors for the District of Columbia 1961 Allows the residents of the District of Columbia the right to vote for the President. Gives D. C. 3 electoral votes.
  46. Twenty-Third Amendment While the district of Columbia is not a State of the United States, they are citizens of the United States. Since we do not vote directly for the President, having electoral votes is an important thing. This amendment gave D.C. Electoral Votes so their votes for the president has meaning
  47. Twenty-Third Amendment Do you think the People who live in D.C. need Electoral Votes? What about people who live in Territories of the United States like Puerto Rico or the Virgin Islands? What do you think?
  48. Twenty-Fourth Amendment: Abolition of the Poll Tax 1964 Eliminated taxes imposed by some Southern states to vote in presidential or congressional elections.
  49. Twenty-fourth Amendment Prior to 1964 there was a tax collected to pay for voting This tax made it hard for a lot of poor people to vote This made it really hard for African Americans to vote, especially in the South where a lot of African Americans were still seen as unequal
  50. Twenty-Fourth Amendment This Amendment made elections more democratic because more people could vote since it did not cost people money Do you think this amendment is important? What would have happened if this amendment was never created?
  51. Twenty Fifth Amendment: Presidential Disability and Succession 1967 The Vice President becomes the President if the President dies, resigns, or is removed from office.
  52. Twenty Fifth Amendment Also, if the office of the Vice President becomes vacant, the President appoints a new Vice President with approval from Congress. Lastly, the President may inform the Congress if he/she cannot fulfill his/her duties and the Vice President becomes President or Congress can remove the President until he/she can fulfill the duties.
  53. Twenty Fifth Amendment Prior to this amendment there was no clear way of who took over if the President resigned or died There had been several President deaths and resignations before this amendment, but there was nothing making it a law Every time before the Vice President took over because of Congress, after this amendment, there was a law that made the succession of the President
  54. Twenty-Sixth Amendment: Eighteen-Year-Old Vote 1971 Anyone 18 or older is eligible to vote.
  55. Twenty Sixth Amendment This Amendment made a National Age for Voting Prior to this amendment the states chose how old voters had to be This caused problems because it gave some states more power because they had more voters only because of what the state’s voting age was
  56. Twenty Sixth Amendment If there wasn’t a national voting age what do you think would happen? Do you think we need a national voting age? Why or Why not?
  57. Twenty Seventh Amendment: Restraint on Congressional Salary 1992 An increase in salary will not take affect until the next session of Congress.
  58. Twenty Sixth Amendment Prior to this Amendment the Government was having a big problem with Government Officials and how they were raising their salaries. Before the 27th Amendment, a Government official could raise his own salary while he was in office. Every Senator and Representative was usually for this because they could receive more money as well
  59. Twenty Seventh Amendment By creating the 27th Amendment, the government made it to where Government officials can raise the salaries of their own position, but the raise will not go into effect until the next congressional session. By doing this, the government prevented officials from raising their salaries as much because politicians will not be reelected as much if they are raising their own salary. Plus they can not raise it for the current congressional session they are in
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