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Miguel Martinez

Miguel Martinez

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Miguel Martinez

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  1. Miguel Martinez Tractor Trailer Driving

  2. Load and unload cargo • Drive long distances • Report to a dispatcher any incidents encountered on the road • Follow all applicable traffic laws • Inspect their trailer before and after the trip, and record any defects they find • Keep a log of their activities • Report serious mechanical problems to the appropriate personnel • Keep their truck, and associated equipment, clean and in good working order What they do?

  3. Working as a long-haul truck driver is a major lifestyle choice, because these drivers can be away from home for days or weeks at a time. They spend much of this time alone. Truck driving can be a physically demanding job as well. Driving for many hours in a row can be tiring, and drivers must load and unload cargo. Work Environment

  4. All long-haul truck drivers must have a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL). Qualifications for obtaining a CDL vary by state but generally include passing both a knowledge and driving test. How to become one.

  5. rivers of heavy trucks and tractor-trailers are usually paid by how many miles they have driven, plus bonuses. The per-mile rate varies from employer to employer and may depend on the type of cargo. Some long-distance drivers, especially owner-operators, are paid a share of the revenue from shipping. Pay

  6. As the economy grows, the demand for goods will increase, and more truck drivers will be needed to keep supply chains moving. Trucks transport most of the freight in the United States, so as households and businesses increase their spending, the trucking industry will grow. Job Outlook

  7. Buss Driver • Delivery truck drivers • Hand laborers and material movers • Conductors and yardmasters • Taxi drivers and chauffeurs Similar Occupations

  8. Professional Truck Driver Institute • The Internal Brotherhood of Teamsters Who to Contact For More Information