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Al Martinez

Al Martinez

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Al Martinez

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  1. Al Martinez Al Martinez dedicated his life to helping others as a physician. He now spends his time visiting family and friends throughout Texas and Mexico. This is a leisure he most certainly deserves.

  2. Al was born in Mexico City in 1929. His family consisted of loving parents, and 2 older siblings (1 brother and 1 sister.) His childhood was difficult for him because his father passed away when he was only a teen. This hard coming provoked him to join the medical field. From a young age Al knew that he would want to indulge his career in the medical field. He always liked the idea of helping others and biology/ science.

  3. When Al was older he attended medical school in Mexico City. He put forth 8 total years of college schooling. Afterwards he married and moved to the United States.

  4. Once in the U.S Al then took over the practice from Doctor Bay. He then set up a new family practice in Dayton, KY. Al with Dr. Bay years after Al took over the practice.

  5. Al is used to make rounds at St. Luke Hospital ever morning and then see patients at the office. He works with doctors, nurses, patients at the hospital and his office.

  6. Many things have changed over the years in the medical field. There are now more larger practices with many doctors, not just one like Al’s. Patient and doctor relationships have also changed, because there are less patients to one doctor. Even though the medical field has changed Al is still the same person he was many years ago. Loving, kind, friendly, and always wanting to put others before himself.