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  1. UPDATES FROM HQ • Updates To Chapter Administration Section – Posting an Event • Reminder of language change: Associates are now Basic Members • Review of Basic vs. Professional vs. Company benefits • New Members Only Page • Articles and Tools for Professional Membership Page 1

  2. AIIM WorldPaper Free Day October 28, 2010

  3. AIIM World Paper Free Day • For many years we have heard the mantra of going paperless. • Business organizations of all sizes and industries of all types have sought to minimize their paper use and reduce costs and carbon footprint while at the same time increasing operating efficiencies and profitability. • This is no small task and it requires not only the proper use of technology but also change. • Change in our Ways of Working (WoW) and change in our corporate culture. It requires change in the way we think. • This is perhaps the hardest CHALLENGE of all. Going paperless and the change required to get there, these are both areas where AIIM has proven expertise. Page 3

  4. AIIM World Paper Free Day • WHAT CAN AN AIIM CHAPTER DO? • Participate in the AIIM Paper Free Day on October 28th, 2010. • The more Chapters working on it at the same day, we may be able to get more press attention. • Together we can make a difference Page 4

  5. AIIM World Paper Free Day How do we participate? • Host a shred it day • Host a training on Scanning • Host a training on Print use and how to eliminate or reduce • Plan a marketing strategy with organizations to lead up to Oct 28th • Join the “Green Group” on LinkedIn and Information Zen use along with other Social Networking media to advertise the date Page 5

  6. AIIM World Paper Free Day Chicago Chapter Initiative • Got buy in from the Chicago of Chicago’s Center for Green Technology • Formed a committee of 10, including an AIIM Member from the City of Chiago’s Department of Innovation and Technology • Promoting and marketing “AIIM for the Green with ECM” an initiative of AIIM Paper Free Day to several large companies in Chicago such as AON, BCBS, Discover Card • In process of creating a Case Study Contest for the company that saved the most by going Paperless from June to October Page 6

  7. AIIM World Paper Free Day Chicago Chapter Initiative • Working with Macy’s to give a discount card for any box of shredding delivered to our Truck located at several Macy’s stores in the Chicagoland Area. • Committee is working to get an article in Crain’s Chicago Business • Working with Sponsors to advertise in Crain’s Chicago Business • Hosting a training session on basics of scanning and OCR at the City of Chicago’s location Page 7

  8. AIIM World Paper Free Day How can AIIM HQ help? • AIIM HQ can produce electronic background papers that chapters can use • Provide a logo • Joint Press Release sent out by AIIM to support the day and events • AIIM has produce the following Tips and Techniques that will be available electronically for you to use. Page 8

  9. AIIM World Paper Free Day • 10 Steps to Help You Go Paperless 1) Use document scanners to convert paper documents to electronic format through document scanning then shred them – if allowed by law and industry – and send the shredded paper for recycling 2) Do not print or copy any documents unless absolutely required. Send all documents via e-mail or electronic fax as the preferred method to your customers. 3) If you do have to print, be sure to spell/grammar check before you print to eliminate reprinting 4) Use Web 2.0 technologies like wikis and blogs for internal communication and collaboration Page 9

  10. AIIM World Paper Free Day 5) Use single source repositories and shared digital workspaces to develop, manage and refine documents like contracts, marketing materials and any other type requiring review and refinement 6) Use web interfaces and forms for online applications and order placement 7) Sign up for e-bill delivery or online billing from your suppliers rather than paper statements, and pay your bills electronically 8) Develop and deliver all promotional materials in electronic form rather than paper using links and downloads for online and thumb drives or CD media at tradeshows and seminars Page 10

  11. AIIM World Paper Free Day 9) Map, design and manage all business processes electronically. You can begin by mapping the processes and assessing how they can be improved as they are, then address process automation using what you currently own and/or may purchase 10) When a signature is required, use electronic signature tables similar to those used in retail; you can even get them sophisticated enough to capture the unique biometric characteristics of each individual for future comparison if the signature is questioned Page 11

  12. AIIM World Paper Free Day Let’s get started ! Page 12

  13. Coming Up June 10th – Tom Motzel from the Minnesota chapter will discuss their popular meeting platform for THIRSTY THURSDAYS & Jack Frost from the NCC chapter will discuss how you can bring training to your city by partnering with a local organization, while making a profit, too. Page 13