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Laboratory Safety

Instructions With the person sitting next to you identify as many improper lab behaviors as possible. The pair of students that identifies the most actual improper lab behaviors wins 5 points on the lab safety quiz!. Laboratory Safety.

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Laboratory Safety

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  1. InstructionsWith the person sitting next to you identify as many improper lab behaviors as possible. The pair of students that identifies the most actual improper lab behaviors wins 5 points on the lab safety quiz!

  2. Laboratory Safety

  3. Chemistry is a laboratory science. As part of your laboratory experience you will be required to handle many chemical substances, some of which may pose a health risk. It is your responsibility to always follow the proper procedures and guidelines for handling these chemicals.

  4. SAFETY CONTRACTS • You and your parents must agree to and sign the safety contract in order to participate in lab activities. • Failure to comply with safety guidelines may result in your removal from the class and loss of credit for the work that is done in your absence.

  5. Conduct in the Chemistry Lab • Food and drink are strictly prohibited in the laboratory. • When first entering the room, do not touch any chemicals or equipment until you are instructed to do so. • No unauthorized experiments are to be performed. If you are curious about trying a procedure not covered in the experimental procedure consult with your instructor.

  6. Conduct in the Chemistry Lab • Coats, backpacks, etc., should not be left on the lab benches and stools. Be aware that lab chemicals can destroy personal possessions. • Always wash your hands before leaving lab. 6. Always wear goggles.

  7. Goggles are uncomfortable, hot, and funny looking

  8. But the alternative is this...

  9. Or this…..

  10. So Wear Your Goggles!BE SAFE

  11. Conduct in the Chemistry Lab 7. No matter how small the accident may seem, always notify the instructor immediately in case of an accident. This includes cuts, scrapes, burns, and any kind of broken glass. 8. Learn where the safety and first aid equipment is located and how to use them.

  12. Safety Equipment Please note the location and proper use of the following lab safety equipment: • Eyewash Station: __________ • Safety Shower: __________ • Fire Safety Blanket: __________ • Fire Extinguisher: __________ • First Aid Kit: __________ • Fume Hood: __________

  13. How to Dress for Lab • You must wear the safety goggles provided by the chemistry department. at all times while in the lab. This rule must be followed whether you are working on an experiment or simply writing in your lab notebook. • Contact lenses are not recommended. Chemicals can accumulate under the lenses and cause serious injuries or blindness. Please note that if the eye wash is used and you are wearing contact lenses, you will lose your contacts.

  14. How to Dress for Lab • Closed toed shoes and long pants are suggested. Sandals and short are discouraged. • Long hair must be tied back when using Bunsen burners.

  15. Proper Handling of Chemicals and Equipment • Consider all chemicals to be hazardous unless you are instructed otherwise. Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) are available in lab for all chemicals which are in use. These will inform you of any hazards and precautions of which you should be aware. Your teacher will show you how to read these sheets. • Know the chemicals you are using. Carefully read the label twice before taking anything from the bottle. Chemicals in the lab are marked with a National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) hazardous materials diamond labels. Your teacher will show you how to interpret these labels.

  16. Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) • A MSDS is a document prepared by a chemical manufacturer describing the potential hazards, physical properties, and the procedures for safe use of a chemical substance. It is intended to tell what the hazards of the substance are, how to use the substance safely, what to expect if the recommendations are not followed, what to do if accidents occur, how to recognize symptoms of overexposure, and what to do if such incidents occur.

  17. NFPA Diamond

  18. Proper Handling of Chemicals and Equipment 3. If chemicals come into contact with your skin or eyes, flush immediately with copious amounts of water and consult your instructor. 4. Never directly smell the source of any vapor or gas; instead by means of a cupped hand, waft a small sample to your nose. Do not inhale these vapors, but only take in enough to detect if an odor exists. 5. Never point a test tube or any vessel that you are heating at yourself or a neighbor - it may erupt like a geyser.

  19. Proper Handling of Chemicals 6. Clean up all broken glassware immediately and dispose of the broken glass properly. 7. Never leave burners unattended. Turn them off whenever you leave your workstation. Be sure that the gas is shut off at the bench rack when you leave the lab. 8. Beware of hot glass- it looks exactly like cold glass. 9. When diluting an acid– you must always add the acid to the water while slowly stirring!!!

  20. Warning • You must bring back your signed safety contract NEXT BLOCK! • Without your signed contract you will not be able to take part in lab activities. • Without lab activities you will not receive credit for Chemistry!!!

  21. Write this into your notebook: Add Acid to Water!!!!! Anytime you mix acid and water, you always do it the way described above!

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