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Scarborough Athletics

Scarborough Athletics Program Information Night

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Scarborough Athletics

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  1. Scarborough Athletics Program Information Night

  2. Sports provide educational experiences which cannot be duplicated in the classroom. In any athletic activity we are thrown upon our resources to succeed in the face of a strong and immediate challenge. Sports resemble life in capsule form. Participants quickly learn that their performance depends on the development of strength, stamina, self-discipline, and a sure and steady judgment.” -Byron White United States Supreme Court Justice

  3. Keeping Our Priorities Straight • Family • Academics • Athletics

  4. High School PhilosophyPrograms will be: • Developmentally Sound • Success Oriented

  5. High School Philosophy:Students will be provided opportunities to: • Develop Skills • Gain Knowledge • Appreciate Others • Set Goals • Experience Competition

  6. High School Philosophy:Major Areas of Emphasis • Sportsmanship • Citizenship • Self-discipline • Commitment • Teamwork • Competition

  7. Game Conduct • It is an expectation that all athletes and coaches will represent SHS with the utmost dignity and respect at all events, whether at home or on the road. • It is our goal that all parents and fans will set a positive example for our athletes and the rest of the league by cheering positively for our team and refraining from negative comments toward other teams or officials.

  8. Oversees eligibility for high school athletes and coaches in Maine. Offers championship tournaments/meets in all interscholastic sports. Is the governing body of high school sports in Maine. Determines classification in the spring of each two year cycle : SHS is an “A” school in all sports. The Maine Principals’ Association

  9. A student who transfers from one school to another without a change of address will be ineligible to participate until both principals sign a waiver. Schools and their representatives are banned from enticing student-athletes to transfer from one school to another for the purpose of participating in interscholastic athletics. The Maine Principals’ Association Transfer and Recruitment

  10. Physical Exam administered by a licensed physician within the past two calendar years. Signed Emergency Card with Insurance Information and Parental Permission. BEFORE STEPPING ONTO THE PLAYING SURFACE. The Athletic ContractGeneral Requirements

  11. $25.00 Activity Fee per activity ($75.00 Individual maximum, $125. 00 family maximum.) Signed Athletic Contract Completed Physical Form PRIOR TO PARTICIPATION IN THE FIRST REGULARLY SCHEDULED COMPETITION. The Athletic ContractGeneral Requirements

  12. ACADEMIC ELIGIBILITY High School: Students must be passing five classes at the end of the most recent quarterly grading period.

  13. It is a privilege to play Athletes represent their school, community, and family Proper attire sets the tone. Emotions must be controlled Respect for all participants is an expectation Playing to win within the rules is demanded Be motivated to win, be willing to learn from losing. Sportsmanship

  14. Sportsmanship Athletes who receive technical fouls, yellow cards, misconduct penalties, or demonstrate other unsportsmanlike behaviors will meet with the Athletic Administrator to determine an appropriate course of corrective action.

  15. Training Rules • No tobacco or tobacco related products • No alcohol • No controlled substances • First Offense - Three Week Suspension • Second Offense – Suspension for a period of fourteen weeks not including vacation periods • Self Referral - Prior to Observation, participation in an action plan to include (JASAE).

  16. General Rules • Athletes are to travel with the team to and from all team events. • A student who chooses to quit the team should see the coach and turn in all gear. • Students must be in school the entire day in order to participate. • Athletes should report all injuries to the coach immediately.

  17. Athletic Trainer • Neil Carroll ATC • Present at all home varsity contests. • Present in the training room on a limited weekly basis for rehabilitation, injury consultation, referral, etc. • Serves as a link to Orthopedic Associates and other area physicians.

  18. Communication Parents should expect from Coaches: • Practice and Game Schedules • Philosophy of Coaching • Requirements to be a Team Member • Description of Injuries • Description of Disciplinary Actions

  19. Communication Coaches should expect from Parents: • Any Schedule Conflicts well in advance • Concerns about Physical, Emotional, or Mental treatment of their son/daughter • Questions regarding the development of the athlete’s skills and competitive maturity.

  20. Communication Coaches should not expect from Parents: • Comments about Team Strategy • Comments about Personnel Decisions (playing time of one athlete vs. another, etc.) • Comments about athletes other than your son or daughter

  21. Procedures to follow when you have concerns with a coach: • Do not confront the coach before, during, or immediately following a game. • Call the coach the following day to share concerns and/or set up an appointment. • If a satisfactory resolution is not reached, call the Athletic Director (730-5011) to request a meeting with the athlete, the AD, and the coach.

  22. Enjoying the Season • New Athletic Web page is on-line, with links to Heal Points (MPA), NCAA. • Call the Athletic Phone 730-5010 • Leagueminder.com (see hand-out) • Call the Athletic Director with any questions

  23. 730-5011

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