aligning the professional doctorate with professional practice n.
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Aligning the Professional Doctorate With Professional Practice PowerPoint Presentation
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Aligning the Professional Doctorate With Professional Practice

Aligning the Professional Doctorate With Professional Practice

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Aligning the Professional Doctorate With Professional Practice

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  1. Aligning the Professional DoctorateWith Professional Practice Christopher M. ClarkArizona State University College of Teacher Education and Leadership

  2. Doctor of EducationinLeadership and Innovation College of Teacher Education and Leadership h://

  3. PROGRAM GOAL INQUIRY DRIVEN LEADERSHIP:To guide leaders in education in developing deep understanding, dispositions and skills to lead, study, and manage educational change for a better world.

  4. SIGNATURE FEATURES Selective, Brief and Intense • Action Research at the Core Implementing change at your work place Learning research skills as you conduct research Learning through and with others

  5. Arizona State University College of Teacher Education and Leadership Ed.D. in Leadership and Innovation Program Outcome: Leaders in Arizona education who become more thoughtful, systematic and intentional as they assess organizational needs, select and implement innovations informed by scholarship, and systematically study the results of their work for the benefit of their schools and communities.

  6. LEADER-SCHOLAR COMMUNITIES (LSC) Form in Second Summer A new form of doctoral advising and peer support Proposal & dissertation support groups Linked to field-based studies Led by faculty scholars Face-to-face and online

  7. COMPREHENSIVE EXAM--DISSERTATION PROPOSAL: Spring Year 2 Students are examined on their: Description of the problem area in workplace The basis for choosing the intervention (connection to published literature) The plan for implementation The plan for evaluation (research methods)

  8. Year 3: DOCTORAL DISSERTATION Action research design informed by scholarship; Act to improve and document impact of change Presentation of lessons learned & better questions Implications for policy, practice, and further study Public presentation and oral defense Spring Year 3

  9. Develops high-level practitioners Develops high level researchers CTEL Ed.D. v. Usual Ph.D. Goal of dissertation is local impact and spirit of inquiry Goal of dissertation is generalizable theory or knowledge Mostly prescribed curriculum Mostly elective curriculum Several iterations of research with culminating presentation One big research project (do or die) Continuous support from courses and LSC Individual work with faculty advisor Most research skills learned just-in-time as needed Research classes first, then dissertation

  10. A New Conception of Doctoral Study REMEMBER: The goals of this doctoral program are to help you as a full-time professional and current leader in the field of education to: Increase your capacity to Learn from Experience Help your organization become a Learning Organization Make Applied Inquiry a habit of mind and practice This is not a career-change program; this is a career-deepening program.

  11. Design Imperatives I. Align Program Design with Needs of the Profession II. Merge Theory and Practice at the BeginningIII. Coherent Theory of Professional LearningIV. Design for Maximum Student and Faculty SuccessV. Start Before Your Are Completely Ready