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Newspaper in Education

Newspaper in Education

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Newspaper in Education

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  1. Newspaper in Education Supporting Miami-Dade, Broward, and Monroe County Public Schools Since 1970 A 100% SPONSORED PROGRAM by The Miami Herald, its subscribers, local businesses, and organizations

  2. A Partnership in Education • Providing newspapers for classroom use since 1970 with the Newspaper in Education (NIE) program • Promoting literacy, learning and life long readership for students, educators and parents • The Miami Herald - Winner of 20 Pulitzer Prizes - providing the best journalism in South Florida • Adopted by educators to supplement lesson plans for all grade levels and subjects • For lessons in Spanish, teachers turn to the award winning el Nuevo Herald – one of our nation’s top Spanish language newspapers. • NIE - provides additional resources and curriculum both in print and online

  3. Newspapers – A New Digital Age • Today newspapers are making a dramatic shift to online with various websites and digital newspapers. • The Miami Herald converted NIE to 100% digital newspapers putting newspapers in classrooms in the most engaging format. • Today’s reader and especially younger readers seek out news and entertainment in digital format using computers and cell phones. • New technologies for accessing news and information are being embraced by the newspaper industry. • McClatchy Newspapers, owner of The Miami Herald, recently announced its new partnership with Kindle – a wireless reading device. • Newspapers are now well positioned to take advantage developing technologies, like e-paper, as they become available.

  4. Today’s Digital Newspaper The world is changing rapidly. The news media is changing rapidly. Consumers acquire news in ever- shrinking sound bites. Developing the skills and habits of consuming news has never been more important. The digital newspaper is well positioned to provide critical news and information in a familiar format, but with the superior navigation only found online.

  5. The Benefits of Digital Today digital Miami Herald has many advantages: • Improved Navigation – jump from the table of contents, search from anywhere, scan the headlines, or just “flip” the pages • Searchable Archive – the past 7-days of newspapers are available • Web 2.0 Web Ready Services - including translation, email, print, save or post articles • Enhanced Readability - read in single page, double page, full screen mode or in its own separate window

  6. Today’s Digital Miami Herald Click to navigate within the table of contents

  7. Today’s Digital Miami Herald Powerful Seven-Day Archive

  8. Today’s Digital Miami Herald Read in double page mode

  9. Today’s Digital Miami Herald Click and Zoom!

  10. Today’s Digital Miami Herald Open in a new window to email, print, save or even translate!

  11. Today’s el Nuevo Herald Digital For lessons in Spanish: Language Culture News

  12. Today digital newspaper has many advantages in the Classroom: An established quality brand Diversity of subject Online and fun to use Easy of use No paper mess Environmentally friendly Consistent to school technology goals: Integrates the use of technology in the classroom. Access it with a single computer Add a projector or SmartBoard for a powerful presentation Licenses for every student and teacher computer are available Access the digital newspaper anywhere there is an Internet connection: in class, in the computer lab or media center and at home New Age Classroom Use

  13. Plus - Free Access to our NIE Website Lesson plans for every grade level plus a wealth of fun activities, projects and exercises. “Geography in the News” “This Week in History” “Use the News” “This Week’s Word in the News” Quizzes, Projects, Special Supplements

  14. CONTACTS The Miami Herald – Newspaper in Education Karen A. Tynes Miami Herald - NIE Consultant 305.376.3282 Bernie Kosanke Miami Herald – Sales & Strategy Manager / NIE 305.376.4727