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The Planets

The Planets

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The Planets

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  1. The Planets By: Morgan Barbee

  2. Planets in Order From the Sun • Mercury • Venus • Earth • Mars • Jupiter • Saturn • Uranus • Neptune • Pluto

  3. Thought You Might Like To Know • Mercury: Has no moons, depending on what side of the sun is facing the planet it’s temperatures range from extremely hot to extremely cold • Venus: Named after the Roman Goddess of beauty this planet is very unpleasant with very high temperatures and winds that blow at hundreds of miles an hour. The planet also has volcanoes, mountains, and valleys. There are no moons here. • Mars: This is the red planet named after the Roman God of war. Mars has 2 moons and a surface much like Earths with mountains and canyons.

  4. Continued Knowledge • Earth: Your home sweet home. Our planet has 1 moon and is an oasis for life. Earth is also the largest planet in the inner solar system • Jupiter: This is the largest planet with 28 moons. On Jupiter there is a giant red spot that is actually a storm. There is no solid surface on this planet it is actually a large liquid ocean. Jupiter is also a planet with rings. • Saturn: Considered one of the most beautiful planets, Saturn has so many moons that its like its own solar system. This planet is also like a giant ocean of chemicals for its body.

  5. Couple Last Things • Uranus: One of the giant gas planets, Neptune has 21 moons. It is also a planet with rings but has the unusual trait of a rotation on its side. • Neptune: So far away this planet is difficult to know about but we do know that it has 8 moons. Also there is a giant storm on this planet called the “great dark spot”. • Pluto” This is the “dwarf planet” and is the farthest away. This planet has 3 moons one of which is almost as big as Pluto. There is still speculation if to consider Pluto a planet or a comet.

  6. How Much Did You Learn? • Which planet has the most moons? A: Earth B: Uranus C: Saturn D: Jupiter

  7. Very Good! • You did great Saturn is the correct answer!

  8. Did You Read? • Sorry that’s the wrong answer

  9. All About Me! • My name is Morgan Barbee and I attended Western Michigan University starting my sophomore year in 2005. My major is early elementary education. I hope to graduate spring 2009. • I have a terrific family that consists of my mom Terri, dad Todd, brother Bradley, and dog Mandie. • I love traveling, learning, art, and softball. • I have worked at Red Robin for four years in march. • Overall I am a positive person and hope to go far in life.