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The Converged Media Imperative - DMA/IBM Webinar PowerPoint Presentation
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The Converged Media Imperative - DMA/IBM Webinar

The Converged Media Imperative - DMA/IBM Webinar

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The Converged Media Imperative - DMA/IBM Webinar

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  1. September 12, 2012 IBM / DMA Webinar The Converged Media Imperative: Combining Paid, Owned & Earned Media Rebecca Lieb @lieblink Digital Advertising & Media Analyst

  2. As consumption habits shift, brands require media ubiquity The average consumer sees c. 3,000 brand impressions a day. Media is and will continue to converge as brands are challenged to intercept this elusive customer, regardless of medium, channel or time of day

  3. Converged Media Permutations 5 FACTORS 3 FACTORS 5 FACTORS 5X3X5=75 awareness consideration intent purchase support loyalty advocacy 5 factors 3 factors 5 factors 75X7=525

  4. Tesco customers scan and purchase goods in virtual subway supermarkets Customers scan QR codes to purchase products for same day delivery. More than 10K consumers visited the Home Plus mall using their smartphones. New members rose by 76% after the first implementation and online sales increased by 130%. This was deployed in Seoul.

  5. Tesco grew to #1 grocery retailer online and a close 2nd offline by adapting to dynamic customers’ needs Solution: Bring the store to the customer via interactive displays during commutes.

  6. Digital Paid, Owned, and Earned media corporate website Display, banner ads microsites Sponsored posts, ads corporate blog PPC ads Pay per post blogging

  7. Visualizing Paid, Owned, and Earned • Requires media buy • Owned or controlled, does not require media buy • User-generated or media content surrounding brand

  8. Investment in Earned & Owned increases in 2012 Source: Society of Digital Agencies (SoDA) via eMarketer, 2012

  9. A closer look into each media type Source: Society of Digital Agencies (SoDA) via eMarketer, 2012

  10. Now, let’s define Converged Media • Two or more channels of paid, earned, and owned media. • Consistent storyline, look, and feel. • All channels work in concert, enabling brands to reach customers throughout the customer journey © 2012 Altimeter Group

  11. Creating branded ‘surround sound’: how media types influence and enable each other • OWNED Informs innovation, creative Drives volume to brand Provides platform Provides platform • PAID • EARNED Instructs where to amplify Drives volume

  12. Question: Which media type are Facebook and Twitter? © 2012 Altimeter Group

  13. Answer: all three! Paid: Sponsored tweets, posts, engagement ads Owned: Branded Facebook or Twitter page Brand-curated content Branded Facebook apps Earned: Fan/user-generated content posted related to brand May be on brand’s page or elsewhere

  14. What does this look like on Twitter? Owned Paid Earned

  15. What does this look like on Facebook? Paid Owned Earned

  16. Converged Media Example: Earned + Paid Earned Paid Bazaarvoice deploys paid advertisements with user ratings and reviews. Microsoft advertises with transparency; shoppers click on the ads to learn more from their peers.

  17. How Successful Brands Deploy Converged Media © 2012 Altimeter Group

  18. Glidden Paint builds confidence by building experiences that resonate pre-purchase Overwhelmed by color choices and afraid of making a wrong decision, sometimes shoppers give up. Glidden facilitates decision-making by providing trusted voices, validating ideas, leading towards the brand in the process.

  19. Glidden launches branded microsite, MyColortopia as the hub for advice, blog, tools • Glidden invests heavily in “approachable” bloggers to be the voice of the experience– the consideration/ “inspiration” phase– not necessarily the brand. Content and tools aid in this process: • ‘Ask the Colortopia Team’ Q&A forum • Blog • Influencers as publishing partners and promoters • Color selection/ room visualization tool • Personalized “My Project” folder

  20. Glidden employs a wide palette of channels, converging mediafor a streamlined brand experience © 2012 Altimeter Group

  21. Results apparent after just 6 months • Based on campaign insights and focus groups, Glidden introduces Before & After feature mid-campaign– helping inspire shoppers based on others’ success stories • Engagement skyrockets: • 500m digital exposures; 800k offline exposures • 2k comments across properties • 100k+ tool interactions • 100m+ minutes spent interacting with content • Shoppers 70% more likely to consider Glidden for future projects © 2012 Altimeter Group

  22. P&G tells stories of Olympian… Moms? P&G launched a globally resonant campaign to support 150 athletes and their mothers across 34 brands. In just a few months, multiple video ads received +5M views. Thank You, Mom Facebook page has +750,000 likes in U.S. alone.

  23. P&G ties in product imagery with brand message and campaign story © 2012 Altimeter Group

  24. Brisk Tea combines old-school branding success with new-age tactics To promote new packaging, Brisk piggybacked on the release of Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace. They partnered to create a TV spot reviving Brisk’s mid-90s clay-animated ads, applying it to the likes of Yoda and Darth Maul. Brisk integrates online and offline throughout the campaign.

  25. Brisk ties TV commercial in with co-branded “Brisksaber” app Brisksaber allows fans to unlock new characters and objects based on codes found on Brisk Iced Tea bottles. Scores can be posted on Facebook and Twitter. High scorers make the leaderboard on © 2012 Altimeter Group

  26. Star Wars push only part of Brisk’s integrated “That’s Brisk, Baby” content strategy • PepsiCo’s largest multimedia advertising campaign yields results: • Facebook following jumped from 10k to 950,000 in ~18 months, 82% of whom are in their 20s or 30s • In-store sales up 12%* • Total sales more than double in 2 years • Over 500,000 app downloads

  27. ClearChannel integrates online and offline channels to ‘make the audience the media’ Converging media through digital billboards, gesture recognition, and social media interaction, ClearChannel combines offline media with online to drive attention, engagement, (advertiser interest), and a summer-long sweepstakes.

  28. National Car Rental listens to each campaign to instruct the next National invests in more campaigns tapping into both storytelling and fans’ competitive drive; sees 30% growth in Facebook fanbase, thousands of new FB and Twitter followers. Both below-target cost-per fan/ per engagement metrics, millions of impressions via earned PR placement. Learning: Fans share qualitative information about their travel habits in exchange for travel perks. Rapid entries in short timeframe reveal unforeseen fan competitiveness.

  29. The New York Giants bring social events to owned venues, generating earned buzz NY Giants were the first pro sports team to integrate live tweets into offline events (stadium, TV) and online (poll, Q&A, e-commerce tie-in). Tying in social content and voting with real-time events generated an increase in e-commerce sales, a 127% increase in Twitter followers, and huge brand amplification and awareness for related campaigns.

  30. Canon leverages owned microsite to drive tremendous earned response • Canon leveraged owned platform (Imagin8tion) for a contest in which winners’ photos (earned) inspire a Ron Howard short film. • 1.7 million YouTube channel views • 138,000 photo submissions • 21,000 votes cast • 23,000 posts • 192 press mentions, 415 blog mentions • 40% increase in positive sentiment © 2012 Altimeter Group

  31. ScottTrade hosts owned community platform to drive earned • ScottTrade utilizes multiple approaches to drive earned on their own platform: • Influencer advice • Featured blogs • Polling, community voting • Featured members • Community interaction features • Customizable experience

  32. Marketo shows B2B can drive earned And still be effective on owned (Facebook) While Marketo advertises with Facebook ads, they keep it fun, interactive, and in line with the brand message (rock-and-roll theme). Customers interact with brand directly on Facebook where they can expect an immediate response.

  33. Peets uses paid ads onmobilepromoting earned media to snag new customers The converged experience for customers: Airport retailers purchase location-aware advertising on GateGuru to drive users into stores.

  34. SAP integrates paid and owned media types to strategically push SMB offering Paid © 2012 Altimeter Group

  35. SAP monitors and compares all content performance across channels and optimizes Earned Facebook Top 10 Assets (clicks) StumbleUpon Campaign Performance Cross-channel monitoring reveals which ads perform well with whom and where. Leveraging this data across platforms, SAP has seen +55 million impressionssince late last year when the campaign launched.

  36. The Role of Data & The Digital Exhaust Trail © 2012 Altimeter Group

  37. Nearly half of digital marketers use no form of attribution Lacking (or basic) tracking methods: a testament to challenges marketers face in leveraging big data.

  38. Attribution analysis remains a challenge • Incomplete or Missing Data • Disparate devices, channels, platforms leave ‘blind spots’ when analyzing attribution • Complex Technology & Talent Requirements • Massive data sets require big data platforms as well as a specific level of talent/ skill to unlock full potential • Defining What Success Means • What defines success varies drastically by campaign; every attribution model must be unique to that campaign © 2012 Altimeter Group

  39. Most marketers conducting attribution analysis employ first/last event approach

  40. Using analytics to accurately reflect the dynamic customer journey Dynamic Attribution Model Traditional Attribution Model

  41. Marketers feel a growing necessity to manage large amounts of data from multiple media streams Challenges Numerous ‘permutations’ of the customer journey Myriad of devices Diverse social events Geo-targeting Behavioral targeting Structured vs. unstructured data Objectives • Identify high potential audiences and accurately target them • Enable the right message at the right time via the right content targeting • Maximize ad inventory by identifying high-value audiences across publisher properties • Optimize ad media purchase and understand the value of channels higher up in the funnel

  42. Create marketing effectiveness by capitalizing on big data Opportunities Implement rules-driven integration of disparate data Improve operating infrastructures Create a network of data-centric technology and partners Define marketing data governance Audience Optimization Content Optimization Yield Optimization Channel Optimization

  43. Big Data = Big Opportunity • Goal: Deliver the right message to the right person at the right time for the right price in the right channel

  44. Converged Media Success Criteria © 2012 Altimeter Group

  45. Brands that do not integrate paid, owned and earned media types are at a disadvantage Fragmented messaging, inconsistent branding Redundant efforts, no communication/ collaboration Departments competing for budget Low customer engagement/advocacy Convergence begins to occur in traditional media

  46. Altimeter identifies 11 criteria to successful converged media deployment

  47. Strategy: Understand Converged Media Brand marketers must first possess an understanding of the changing forces of converged media: Emerging practices Content types Technologies Channels News, media, current events Behavioral trends Other trends specific to audience © 2012 Altimeter Group

  48. The value of each media type depends on the business Source: Zuberance Paid, Owned, Earned Media Study, April 2011 Q: Which category has the biggest impact on your business in terms of generating sales, new customers, and revenue from marketing-related efforts? • Owned media such as your website or blog • Paid media such as search engines, banner ads or other advertising • Earned media such as reviews, online forums, other sources for peer advice

  49. Strategy: Plan a Stable Foundation Two legs (or media channels) may hold up the converged media strategy, but stability and balance is achieved when design incorporates all three. Deploy all three media type in harmony, integrating each to instruct the next The insights that come with analyzing earnedinstruct where to amplify using paid and where to innovate in owned Owned media provides the platform upon which earned and paid can exist and is foundational to the brand presence and messaging, which inspires earned Paidmedia helps drive volume to owned and earned channels, and ultimately what amplifies the brand message. © 2012 Altimeter Group