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Job Analysis PowerPoint Presentation
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Job Analysis

Job Analysis

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Job Analysis

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  1. Job Analysis • Task oriented method should be the first method to be used. • Job incumbents should be interviewed to find the essential tasks involved with the job. • Consult O*NET for specific tasks. • The person oriented approach should then be conducted. • Using the tasks previously outlined, the person should be evaluated on their abilities to carry out those tasks.

  2. Performance Predictors • The results of the job analysis will allow job performance criteria and predictors of performance. • Multiple criteria and predictors must be specified, then tested for their validity, then cross validated.

  3. Multiple Hurdles Approach • The multiple hurdles approach should be used • The approach should have 2 sections • 1st section involves a personality test, and an emotional intelligence test. These tests will ensure that the candidate would fit the job well. • 2nd section involves a biodata evaluation, this will screen the most experienced candidates from the candidates that are best suited to the profession. • 3rd section involves a structured interview. • The interview should be conducted by an incumbent with interview training, no prior information about the candidates, and should rate the candidate on individual dimensions instead of global. • These steps lead to a legally defensible and valid interview.

  4. Making Final Selection • The best candidate should be hired, accurate records of the results of the selection tools must be kept to ensure defensibility. • Before the final decision is made, take time to interview the candidates and ask their opinion of the selection process. This will help improve the process. • The final selection should be based upon the competency model which the selection tools have built. • Any selection not based upon the KSAOs the competency model lays out will be subject to legal issues.

  5. Final Selection • Cafeteria style benefits would work best in being able to cater to the candidate’s needs and reduce turnover in the future. • Once the candidate has accepted the offer, send rejection letters after a brief period of time. • Encourage the rejectees to improve, explain why the candidate was rejected, talk about the winner, and reassure them that their resume will remain on file.